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– What’s your favorite makeup tip that you’ve maybe learned from
me through the years? – I haven’t learned (beep) from you. (both laughing) (upbeat music) – Hi, I’m Mariah and today I have my fabulous guest star, Mr. Kristofer Buckle. (camera shutter) We are turning– – Turning the tables. – Turning the tables, darling. – You’re gonna be doing
my makeup for a change. – Yes, I am. This is the picture
that we’re referencing, which you did for me three years ago. – That’s right. – Maybe. The lambs know that I
went to beauty school. But they did not prepare me for this. – No. – We’ll give it a shot. Let me start with… The brows. We’re gonna go with the black. Go with the black. Oh no, no, no. – You’re gonna go home with this? – I mean, it’s Hollywood. Anything goes. (both laughing) – Look, let’s just begin
with an arched brow. – I think if you start low though because I only blacked out– – What are you thinking, that
I’m gonna start too high? – Look, you know the– Ow. No, I’m kidding. – No, you gotta say that brush is very… – That brush is very pokey. – Okay. Try again. – What was your favorite look that we’ve ever done for a music video? – I like Honey Remix. ♪ Ooo, now you can have
me when you want me. ♪ The Honey remix – That was the very first
video I ever did with you. – I know. – That was a big moment for me. – It was a big moment for me, too. – We did a long black eye. – And then, my hair kept
getting frizzy, though, because we were in that tunnel. – That water hole. – I’m not gonna discount
’cause we got Justice– Hashtag Justice for Glitter that you did some amazing looks in that. ♪ Things you make me do. ♪ ♪ I’m not so into you
and that’s forever… ♪ We had a good time. – That was good time. – So, these are looking good. They’re looking symmetric. I’m very proud of myself. – Really? Oh yeah. Yes! One thing I learned from
you is lighting, darling. – Lighting! We hate bleak lighting. – There’s nothing worse. – Oh my gosh. – Do I look pretty? – You look pretty darn good. I am a good makeup artist– – Do I look pretty? – I don’t care what you say. – What would you say is a makeup trend from the nineties, because the nineties is so big right now, would you never want to see again? – I would say, like, the bleaching. The bleached eyebrow look. – Yes. – And the whole, like, pencil– – We lightened your eyebrows, too. – You did lighten my eyebrows. – Sorry. – But other– I didn’t love it. I just went along with
it ’cause when you’re first starting, you think you have to go along with
everything everybody says. Sorry, close your eyes for a second. – Bianca. – Okay? – So, like, where’d she come from and… – Let’s see, Bianca. Doing the Heartbreaker video, but I started doing that
accent or something. Talking like this and I said, “Oh, I want to make a character. Her name is going to be Bianca.” – And Bianca was born in twenty minutes. – She was, but you– You totally transformed me. And I’d never done dark
hair before and you convinced me to really
go all the way with it. – ‘Scuse me, I just– (intense music) – [Kristofer] She’s
had a few incarnations. – She has. We had the long hair Bianca, we had the one we show on tour, we had the video, Heartbreaker. ♪ You got the best of me. ♪ ♪ But I just keep on coming… ♪ – Do you think she’ll ever come back? – I don’t know. Like, Bianca, I liked
to only deal with you. Look, take a look what’s happening. – Hey. – It’s not blended properly. – It’s okay, it looks all right. – This shows you why I
always get my makeup done. – Tap, tap. – It’s a little bit of sparkle. It’s extra, it’s a bonus. – Look, look, it’s a bonus. I’ve been around for a
lot of amazing moments. – Yes. – But what is your favorite moment? – This is my favorite moment. This is one of them, come on. When do I get a chance to do this? – You sang with Michael Jackson, you sang with Aretha Franklin, you sang with Patti Labelle. – Pavarotti. – Pavarotti. ♪ Then a hero comes along. ♪ ♪ With the strength to carry on. ♪ – You did my makeup for the
Pavarotti moment, did you? – Yes, yes. – That was so much fun. – You wore a pink, silk dress I believe. – I wore that pink dress like that. And then, for Pavarotti
and Friends, and then– – But I was very distracted,
also, that day because… – Your somebody was there, I remember. Do you wanna say who it was? – Ricky Martin was there. – ♪ Here we go! ♪ Ale, Ale, Ale! ♪ – And he came and said hi to you. – He did and I just put the very stinging eyedrops in my eyes ’cause
I heard he was coming to say hello to you and so, I was like, “Oh, I gotta look good for Ricky– This is my big moment.” – Didn’t he think you were crying? – He thought I was crying
and he goes, “Don’t cry.” And I was like, “Oh, God, I blew it.” – Now, my thing is I happen to like it without the line underneath, but… – Oh, really? – Yeah, but that’s cause
I did the line (mumbles). – Most punks wouldn’t even wash their makeup from one day to the next. They just kept piling it
on, like, Baby Jane Hudson. – I don’t know her. Look up. Darling, don’t you know how long it takes us to do the eyes? This is not a one, two, three Zhuzh. Okay. – Let me ask you, what is your favorite song you have ever written? – My personal favorite? – Yes. – I don’t know if I have a favorite because they’re all,
like, an extension of me. Certain ones are still,
like, favorites like Fantasy. The ODB remix. ♪ In Heaven. ♪ ♪ With my boyfriend… ♪ – Do you have a least favorite? – Yes, I have several. Usually, something I did early on because then I would just
do things to appease the record company and be,
like, “Okay, they want this kind of song, let
me just write that.” But that was then, this is now. So, look. Should you take a look at it
and see what’s your thinking? – Hey, honey. – Before we move onto the lip? – Okay. You did pretty good. – I mean… – With a little bit of a
disconnected asymmetrical moment over here, but
I have to say, though– – It was a creative choice. – It’s a fishtail. – Yeah. – You know, the wing is so yesterday. – So, you wanna quick lip? – Quick lip? Okay. – We’re not gonna do a mascara because I didn’t wanna torture you. I hate mascara. It’s a thing. You want a concealer? – Yeah, I’ll do it. – We’ll, like, erase my lip. – So, you see what I do
when I’m tryna talk and– – I know. I’m gonna go like this. You are really good at talking
without moving your mouth. – Smile. (squeals) – What was the most fun
video for you to make? – The most fun music video… – You say music video like there’s another kind of video that you
might’ve had fun making. – Well, darling, that’s not me. That will never be me. Honestly, the first time
I’ve ever really had fun making a video was Honey
because I was allowed to, like, wear what I wanted to
wear and do my own thing. ♪ Just like honey. ♪ ♪ When your love comes over me. ♪ Let me just get the top. – Okay. – That’s a little bit better. (chuckles) – You could give me aggressive contour. – Okay, let’s do that. – Here. – So, now, you’re gonna
just do the brush for me? – Oh, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. You see, I’m very controlling. What trend, that’s happening now, would wish would go away? – I just feel like that
whole baking thing and maybe some people like that. I’m not into baking unless we’re, like, baking in the kitchen. – Yeah, well, baking is for clowns. That is where that technique came from. – It literally came from
♪ send in the clowns. ♪ Yes. Kristofer, how are you
feeling about yourself? – I feel pretty. – Oh so pretty. And witty. – And Gay. – So, it’s been fun. I hope you enjoy your new look and your night out on the town. I can’t even do this, but… – Yes, you did it. Yay! – Okay, thanks for watching. Subscribe to Cosmo. (“Always Be My Baby”)

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  1. To meet mariah in person would be so cool just to have a ๐Ÿ’œ2๐Ÿ’œ with her very much be heaven cuz shes so angelic๐Ÿ’ฏ

  2. 12 billion years later, a video of Mariah thatโ€™s got me liking her! I donโ€™t know her! ๐Ÿคช

  3. Imagine if Mariah had her own Youtube channel (sort of like Naomi Campbells channel… vlogging, makeup, advice, day in the life stuff). The world probably doesn't deserve such a blessing if I'm honest, but Lord I want it!!

  4. She's so cute for being so shy at 3:30 when kristofer had a first look on his make up. It means she really knows how expert the guy is and shows mariah respects her team. No wonder from her band, make up artist and back up singers stay with her SINCE THE 90s. LEGEND.

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