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Hi, girls! Hi, girls! Hi, how are you doing? Today, I have a special guest. I’m so excited to introduce you to… Priscila. In case you don’t know her,
she has a channel, Heyitspriscila. She’s the famous Priscila… of the blogs. It’s a coincidence that we both are here
in Mexico working on a small thing. We’re so excited because we’ve known each other
for a long time via Twitter. But now we know each other in person. We were so excited about
meeting in person and we thought
we should record a video. We thought it would be a great idea
to record a blind fold -makeup challenge?
-Yes. I’m going to blindfold my eyes and put makeup on her face. It’s the mischievous laugh because she already put makeup on my face for her channel. It looked like an accident. You looked beautiful. She highlighted -my beautiful characteristics.
-Very natural. But now it’s my turn to perform magic on Priscila.
She’s very beautiful but I will put makeup on her face
with my eyes blindfolded. -Good luck. Careful with my eyes.
-Good luck. I’m so excited. We’re so nervous. We’ve never
done a collaboration. It’s a different thing
with our boyfriends. Let’s start. I have this, that I use when flying. So the other passengers let me sleep. -The other passengers.
-Prisci has already put her makeup on the bed. Yes. On my face, I only have foundation -and mascara.
-We cheated. Yes, because we went
for breakfast. Sorry. Oh my God. I can’t see a thing.
I didn’t believe you. -You don’t see a thing.
-No. You’re so cute. I’m going to begin with the foundation. Is this it? -Yes.
-Yes. -I was saying, “eh”.
-I need a brush for the foundation. -I have got a sponge.
-It’s fine. A sponge. I’ll pour just a little. Yes, just a little. That’s good. Otherwise, go figure. It’s awful
without looking. -Yes, I know.
-Ready. That’s my eye. I’m dabbing. That’s how you apply the foundation in order to blend it. The nose. Your nose is so tiny. I can’t find it. On my lips too. Yes, it’s a foundation… It’s a foundation for the lipstick. Don’t forget the neck and cover all the lines. I forgot to say that. No, no, no. No, no, no. Don’t spit. That way it looks more natural. It blends better with spit. Like that. Soft dabbing. Blending it. Now it’s time for the concealer. Oh, no… One here. Another here. -Oh my God.
-I’m going to blend it. Those are my eyelashes. -Perfect.
-I’m blending it so she doesn’t look like a raccoon. Beautiful. I hope you’ve still got eyes,
when we’re done. Once the foundation is applied. Do this. -It looks good.
-Now we apply powder. This one and the brush. Oh, my God. Something is in my eye. You blended the foundation in my eye. We apply it. The powder goes in the T zone. The T zone.
It looks like I’m painting a wall. Under the eyes. -Oh, my God.
-Should I open my eyes? I’m scared. You wanted to click it
but it didn’t make a sound. It was like… I’m going to risk it
and I’m going to apply contouring. Contouring. -Do you have a bronzer?
-Yes. -Here it is.
-Left is dark, right is fair? But if it isn’t, I don’t know. Yes. Okay. Then… I’m looking for Prisci’s contour. Your ears, wait… Like this. I’m making a fish face. The other ear. What is it with my ears? A little bit on your forehead. On your chin. This is better. And your nose. -Even though it’s tiny.
-And on my eyes. And… My nose looks perfect. I’m going to look for the blush. You’ve already seen it before. Yes. Here are Prisci’s cheeks. Let’s sweep them. I’m actually trying harder -because I don’t want it to look bad.
-I also tried. I’m a bit skilled. I’ll do one. She went up to my ears.
Never forget the ears. Nice. Now, it’s time for the eyes. Here’s the thing, I can’t open it. Calm down. I’m in a hurry. I don’t know if you can tell,
but Prisci is Mexican and I’m getting her accent. -I’m losing my Colombian accent.
-Yes, I feel I’m getting the Colombian accent. Where’s the brush? -I can’t decide.
-Which look? I’ll try to do the smoky eyes. I’m guessing the dark colors
are below. No. You said, “eh”. That means something. I cannot tell you anything. This is really hard.
This is your eyelash. Then, I’m applying a little bit of color over you eyelid, your moving eyelid. Oh, my God. You don’t know what you’re doing. No, I don’t. Am I hurting you? This is revenge. It’s a good thing
you wanted smoky eyes. If you’re pretty, you’re pretty. Here it is. Oh my God. Is it? Or isn’t it? Do you want to stick
the brush in my eye? -You’re digging.
-I’m applying it with strength. I’m using the same one, so I don’t have to use more colors. Oh, my God. You’re under. Blend it, blend it. That’s the key to great smoky eyes. I’m perfecting. Now… I’m picking this one.
I hope it’s a lighter color. I hope so too. -That’s what you said.
-Here are your eyebrows. Here. Below. -And blend it.
-I like the sound effects -you make.
-To make a smooth transition. -Yes.
-Here it is. -Is it up or down?
-Beautiful. What happened to me? Pau, what are you doing to me? I’m checking my ability
as a makeup artist. Now the eyeliner. This is my favorite part.
I was looking forward to it. Keep digging my eyes. Prisci told me that it’s a pen. I’m not cheating. I have to find the eye. That’s it. Not bad. I can’t see. A thin line. I want a look… Since I’ve already applied
darker colors, a thin line with the eyeliner. I think you deserve a nice mole. But you’ve already drawn
five moles on the other side. Mascara. Mascara. I think this one is called telescopic. -I can tell by its shape.
-It’s my favorite. It’s like I can feel them
and recognize the products. Apologies for coughing. Don’t forgive her. No! I’m feeling… What is this? It’s not… I’m going to have to change
my eyelashes. Very long. Perfect. And the other one… Here? Where are they? Here they are. Are you sure? Perfect. Yeah! Full eyelashes. What’s next? -Luminizer, I didn’t put any.
-Here it is. I use this one. It’s upside down. I do it like this. I like to apply luminizer here. On the cheeks. That’s how you say it in Colombia. Here we say “cachete”. “Cachete”. So it glows. And on the septum. Nasal septum. I’m learning new words. -Now what?
-Lipstick. Lipstick. We’re almost done. This is horrible. What? Does it taste good? It does not taste good. On one side. And a little bit… My lips are tiny. I’m not you. And we’re done.
Did I do everything? Eyes, blush, contouring.
Prisci will show you before I see it. You’ll be the first. Oh, my God. If it does not look good,
it’s the model’s fault. -Not the artist’s.
-Ready? -Ready. One…
-Oh, my God. Two. I have tons of moles.
I’m Marilyn Monroe. My eyelashes are stuck -because of the fold.
-It happened to me too. Check it! Do I look pretty? The smoky eyes are perfect. The eyeliner, the cat tail… The cat tail is not bad. Just imagine. Thank you. Let’s go eat. I challenge her to go
to the supermarket and then, to blog like this. That’s how Prisci looks. Her look makes us laugh. You look like Black Swan. Or something like it. But gone wrong. Gone very wrong. Thank you. It was fun recording this video. We hope you’ve enjoyed it
as much as we did. If you liked it, don’t forget
to click on like. -I’ll be very grateful.
-When I do this, my lip is twisted
but it’s the lipstick. -The mole looks great.
-Yes. -Perfect.
-It looks great. If you want to see how Prisci put
makeup on me, the link to Prisci’s channel
will be below. -She looked beautiful.
-Yes, divine. This was my beautiful revenge. I did it with great care. We both really tried. But I was desperate, I couldn’t see. We did our best. I’ll also leave all my
social media links below. See you next time. -Bye.

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  1. jajaja, fue muy divertido haber visto este video, me encanto la verdad me rei mucho, y pues si paula, hiciste lo mejor posible, pero bueno, fue muy chistoso, saludos a priscila, que tengan un feliz dia

  2. jajajajajajajajajajajajajajaja Por Dios, no paré de reír. Estuvo genial. Más videos juntas por favor! Son hermosas 😊

  3. Las dos son muy alegres 😂❤
    Y Pau nunca a cambiado, a tenido logros por sus propios méritos es natural que se sienta orgullosa de ellos, aparte es muy linda
    Y es una amor de persona igual que Pris 💜🌻

  4. estoy deacuerdo con kassandra anaya
    pau fue muy brusca creo que hasta yo lo haria mejor y no es por criticar pero es la verdae

  5. Ellas dos irradian belleza y muuuy buena energía, no sé porqué no había visto este vídeo antes. Me encantan!.

  6. La primera vez que veo este vídeo.. eso que soy fans de las dos. Omg no sabía que hicieron una colaboración las amo

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