hey bitches it’s me Steph redraw back with another makeup tutorial to teach you how to beat your ugly-ass faces into perfection so I’ve already added a light layer of moisturizer primer foundation cement bricks drywall wall paint and setting straight and now we’re gonna move on to baby cream this one has been tested on animals so now I know that because little bunnies were tortured I have the option to take this entire cream and shove it into my eyeball and know that I’m not gonna go blind when it comes to makeup it’s important to have options now eyes shadow so when it comes to eye shadow I always wanted to be decked out in glitter because I want the outside of my face to be as plastic as the inside of my face do not act surprised okay do you think this is what a normal 47 year old woman looks like know my secret sure as hell isn’t moisturizer honey moving on to highlight um so after I had my skin’s natural glow under 23 layers of products but not even a German person can pronounce I am now gonna highlight my face so bright that you can see me shining from space you get the maximum amount of glow from highlighters that contain makeup now is make a mostly mine by children yes do I care no no I don’t as a matter of fact I think if those kids saw how beautiful this mega looks all over my face I bet you they would even mine it for free time to finish by gluing a layer of eyelashes on top of my eyelashes and here’s a little secret that not many people know men actually are really attracted to women with thick eyelashes because instinctually when they see that they know that that woman at any moment and just bend over and start sweeping the floor just by blinking the kitchen counters clean the chandelier is dusted you know men really appreciate a woman that looks like she can keep a house clean hi kids welcome to my basement I mean science lab this is a legitimate science lab today we’ll be learning about the chemistry of beauty products parabens are commonly found in make body washes deodorants shampoos and facial cleansers parabens are a preservative with estrogen mimicking properties linked to breast cancer synthetic colors you’ll find them listed as D&C followed by a color and number and they are derived from petroleum or coal and they’re linked to cancer skin irritation and even ADHD in children which I know I don’t have because my mom had me tested since that it colors are bad in the EU fragrance is commonly found in perfume cologne conditioner shampoo body wash with moisturizers fragrances used as an ingredient title to protect the company’s secret formula and it can hide many unsafe and toxic ingredients linked to allergies dermatitis respiratory distress and reproductive issues which I know won’t be a problem for me because nobody wants to date me anyways I’m gonna die alone say lates they’re finding deodorants nail polish colognes and perfumes hair sprays and moisturizers they’re used to increase flexibility and softness of plastics and they are known endocrine disruptors linked to breast cancer early breast development and girls which means that clearly I was not exposed to enough phthalates when I was a little and reproductive birth defects sodium lauryl sulfate SLS or SLES found in 90% of personal care and cleaning products from shampoos to body wash cleansers mascara and even acne treatment they are a known skin lung and I irritants and are even carcinogenic when combined with other chemicals other ingredients include triclosan formaldehyde FRPs Halloweens propylene glycol and sunscreen chemicals now you may be thinking our cosmetics at least pre-market approved and regulated to ensure consumer safety and the answer to that is no no they are not not in the USA with the exception of color additives and not in the EU with the exception of color additives preservatives and sunscreens and would you like to know why kists let’s head to the European Commission to find out thank you so much for being here so how much jqt company spent lobbying for the European Commission the in 2018 L’Oreal spent three hundred thousand euros in lobbying Unilever also spent up to three hundred thousand euros in lobbying Estee Lauder spent up to two hundred thousand euros and then PNG spent up to seven hundred thousand euros in lobbying can you explain to the audience what lobbying is the lobbyists are paid by corporations to influence legislation and they achieve that by offering benefits like money gifts trips prostitutes ensuring the reelection etc is it beneficial to these companies to not be regulated the yes less regulation means more profit for them politics am i right I don’t understand them you know what I do understand science and you know what else I anticipate a industry they test cosmetics on animals so let’s head to our nearest animal representative to learn more about that hello puny humans your reign of terror will soon come to an end the world will become ours once again and you will return back to your place we’re shipping us like the Egyptians once did um what was your question again oh oh yes right although animal testing is banned in the EU and not required in the US the Chinese government requires animal testing on all cosmetics imported into the country so even if a product sold in the EU claims to not be tested on animals if the company exports it into China that means their products had to be tested on animals so how is the animal testing performed for skin or eye irritation tests chemicals are rubbed onto the shaved skin or dripped into the eyes of restrained rabbits without any pain relief at the end of the test the animals are killed usually by asphyxiation neck breaking or decapitation there’s animal testing useful not really different species respond differently when exposed to the same chemicals so results may not be relative to humans moreover because animal test results are still unreliable consumer safety can’t be guaranteed human cell based tests and sophisticated computer models deliver human relevant results and are more reliable overall but don’t worry we will soon get our revenge the streets will be drenched in human blood soon enough we shall turn your fat into bacon and feed your children to our children we will clothe ourselves with your skin and hair mark my words the revolution is coming hide your kids red let’s go back to the lab now that was very enlightening wasn’t it kid and there’s still so much more to learn about ingredients and cosmetics it’s gonna blow your mind another ingredient present in many makeup products are micro plastics once micro plastics enter our season oceans they start absorbing toxins and pollutants there afterwards consumed by micro organisms like playing tons and is afterwards consumed by sea life and other marine animals and who else eats marine life humans that is correct so next time you’re enjoying a plate of seafood don’t forget it comes with a side of micro plastics mica is a mineral phone to know most all make up products to give it that shimmery effect long-term inhalation of makeup poses health risks to workers moreover refinery29 posted a sensational video exposing the rampant child labor present in make a mining as a matter of fact I was so impressed with how productive and cost-effective child labour is I decided to try it for myself here in my lab you’ll notice all the exits are blocked and we can do this the easy way or the hard way kids but you work for me now I’ve seen how much money the beauty gurus are making and I want in the market price of cosmetics is up to 80% I need to think of a marketing strategy first we have to set beauty ideals that are so unreachable for most women they’re gonna spend their entire lives trying to reach them we need to make them feel and secure and heylia’s to the point where they start covering their entire body and our products from the top of their head to the tips of their nails we need to make their bosses and employers require them to wear our products to work that’s how we trap them for the rest of their lives yes I’m gonna be rich I’m gonna be so freakin orange so I don’t know what all of this was but hey it’s Kristin and Gigi and I hope you enjoyed watching this video if you didn’t at least I had a lot of fun making it but what I need from you now is to share this video with as many people as you possibly can to get the message out there with your friends your families your church group I don’t care and the other thing that’s really important that we all need to do in order to improve things in the beauty industry is to contact your favorite beauty product brands either by email message them on social media and let them know that you do not want child labor in the mining of Micka that you don’t want your products to be tested on animals and also in the description box I have a list of a bunch of different ingredients that you really don’t want in your makeup and you can copy/paste that on your messages or emails and just let them know that you want them to care more about your safety with the products that they make so yeah thank you so much for watching like this video subscribe comment below huge thank you to my patrons and I’ll see y’all next week bye lobbyists are paid by corporations by kapowee by copper by corporations other ingredients include up let’s wait for the elevator to move kids cuz it’s messing up the audio I’m staying in character cuz that’s the type of actor that I am I’m a method actor everyone now has to put up with me acting like this for the rest of the day

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