100 thoughts on “Makeup Won’t Stay On My Nose! HELP! | Jackie Aina

  1. You’d be surprised how a lot of these types of videos have a lot of crossover tips that apply to multiple areas of the face. Try them out everywhere! The forehead, the rest of the face, etc. find products that work for you and have fun

  2. i try the powder on the nose but before I reach my nose while I'm applying foundation the powder is already soaked with oil [I'm not kidding]. I'm tired

  3. Jackie is the truth. Period. I have been having issue with my nose. I keep getting shinny. I need to stop playing and listen. And thank you Jackie like why do I need contour so dang much. I go to the gym. Why are we running for miles and then spending two hours contouring that checks and nose hard. Love thy nose 👃🏼.

  4. My face is average but just the top of my nose is soooo oily to a point 2 mins after powdering and setting bares most of the makeup has came off then my nose stays like a shade lighter (coz obvs there’s no foundation on it)

  5. Would the same tips apply for make up separating at the laugh lines? I cant get my make up to stay there for ANYTHING

  6. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I love that you do videos like this that they're very in depth and how to help instead of briefly mentioning it thank you please keep making videos like this pu-lease this changed my makeup game❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. Jackie, have you ever considered hyping up ecofriendly brands or mainstream brands that follow ecofriendly practices, like less packaging and refillable products? I would love to see it since the environment is my main concern when I'm buying makeup(:

  8. Jackie, Do you have a video on your makeup, shoes, handbags, jewelry collection. Vanity Tour, I like your channel you inspire me and I'm 52 years old. God Bless 😘🙏

  9. Girl thaannnkkkk you!!! Bc this is my biggest problem like a sister be stressed out literally ruins my day. Thinking my makeup is lit then boom nose sweat 😩😩😩😩

  10. i feel like such a clown… this guy at sephora offered me the milk primer vs the smashbox one.. and i chose the smashbox one 😞 i didn’t know better

  11. Yeaaa us people with dry skin can’t really do that powder step before applying the rest of the products. I’ve tried and I use Laura Mercier setting powder. Makes my face super dry and cakey

  12. I really appreciate the helpful info on primers….but I really only clicked on the video for this blue hair! Gawjussss!!💙💎💙💎

  13. The way she said the forehead Rochester and cheeks are Harlem, I'm fucking crying 😂😂😂

    Thank you for these tips though Tia Jackie! 💜🧡

  14. Hi Aunty Jackie 🙋🏽
    Which powder did you use after the primer? I have the same completion as you.
    I've been using this technique since you shared it with us but with my Sascha buttercup powder.
    Thank you in advance 😊😁☺️🤗

  15. Am I wearing you dwn on the EMPTY PINK FRIDGE? Too faced peaches and cream. ❤️❤️❤️😜 Happy Thanksgiving!😍

  16. Hey Jackie quick question… if someone has smaller eyes should they put eyeliner on their waterline or will that just make their eyes look smaller?

  17. Sis your hair color is da bomb Sis
    What colors did you use to achieve this hair look
    The no foundation on the nose is lit Tanx for the info

  18. Literally can’t wait to do my makeup tomorrow using all these tips! Especially the foundation one on the nose. I always found that my nose looked cakey because I would put foundation directly on it. Love you Jackie! ❤️

  19. I tried this method today. It was hot as hell🔥I had to wipe my face a few times, but my foundation stayed in place. All hail Jackie Jackie Jackie🙌🏽

  20. I struggled with this mf nose problem for so long AND just got that Laura Mercier powder AND just found that somehow I was not subscribed to you, and now I have so many missed videos to binge…My existence is blessed 🥰

  21. Listen Jackie, I love you but don't let city people convince you Rochester is wack! we lit in the 585 lol pull up big sis!

  22. Dude she is hilarious. Smh. She is one of the BEST.. she goes I'm DEPTH. Not just doing makeup on her face with us watching and trying… yeah TRYING to follow along like a lot of others. Do I appreciate this? MAN WHATT. I sure do.
    Thank you

  23. Hahahahaha I love you girl, I always come to watch your videos when I’m down, and I leave the video extremely happy with a great mood!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  24. I struggle to contour my nose with powder and "baking" my face, it looks so dry. I will try your tips! Do you do the same thing for when you wear sunglasses?

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