Makeup with me !!! Biến hình thật nhanh với Quách Ánh 🎊

Hello everyone! Today, let’s create a makeup look which is simple but still beautiful together! After taking a bath, applying skincare, come here come here, let’s do the makeup with me First, I’m going to use the Lala Fox primer This product has opaque white color so that it will slightly tone up your skin I realize that this will be really suitable for those having normal skin because it is neither too oil control nor too moisturizing As my skin has already been moistured, it’s quite okay to use this product. The next step is applying foundation will pour the product on the palm of my hand and use the spongue to blend it out I choose the shade that is a bit lighter than my skin tone in order to make my face look ruddier and brighter This The Face Shop foundation has a naturally light and thin texture , which is highly ideal for people who only have a few flaws. Here is my favourite concealer This product is quite thick and moisturizing, therefore, we can cover almost all of our skin flaws with only a small amount of it This is an extremely effective creamy contour which I did show you guys It’s particularly convenient when we go on a trip The highlighter is really easy to blend out on the skin and the contour has a natural shade which matches Asian skin tone well I’m going to apply a thin layer of the Eglips Blur Powder Patch to set everything all in To me, I have a habit of applying just a little amount of powder in order to prevent my face from looking cakey To enhance the highlight effect, I’m going to use this rainbow highlighter My face will look really radiant in the sun When I was on my Korea trip I wore this highlighter and all of the Korean girls on the street couldn’t help looking at me I don’t know whether it is a good thing or a bad thing I just know the most important thing is that I like it! I’m going to use the nano eyebrow pencil from Pony Effect Do you notice that recently I have shaved my eyebrows to make them look thinner and keep them stay in place The reason is related to my job, but I still prefer my natural eyebrow shape Apply the eyebrow mascara to even out the color This is the eyeshadow products I’m using today They look strange, right? They are creamy eyeshadows I’m going to apply this light brownish pink shade to my entire eye lids and my lower lash lines Because of the creamy texture, they are already long lasting, then we don’t need to use the eye base anymore I’m adding this glitter yellow color to the center of my lids We can call this the highlighting step Adding a bit to the inner corners of my eyes Now, I’m going to buffing this orange blusher onto my creases so as to create more depth Then, I’m dipping into this redish brown shade and draw the eyeliners Recently, for the daily and going out makeup, I just do like this in order that I can create a natural look Curl up your eyelashes then put on some mascara After that, with this eyeliner pen I’m going to fill in the lash lines in order to make my lashes look thicker So I have done with the eye makeup. It is quite easy and simple, isn’t it? For today, I’m choosing this orange blusher and applying it on my cheeks in a horizontal direction adding a bit of it to my nose bridge There are many different ways to apply blush and this is one that you can choose. Finally, they are Lemonade lipsticks Of course, I will start with the lip filler first to smooth out my lips. Next, I’m going to apply Sugar fully on my lips, then adding a little bit of Tea to the center of my lips so as to create the ombre effect and make my lips look sweet and lovely Now, I’m going to dress up, put on accessories and go out! See you next week! Goodbye!

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