Makeup Tutorial: Winged Eyeliner

Hello I’m Boris Entrup and I’m an international
make-up artist and I want to introduce my new book to you, and here it is: Ten Minute
Make-up. It doesn’t matter what age you are or skin
tone or eye colour you have, this book empowers you to concentrate on your assets.
Above all have fun, get inspired and go for it.
Now I show you how to apply a sixties eyeliner. The eyeliner shouldn�t be longer than the
eyebrow, of course you can go and paint the eyebrows a little bit longer, but you should
end at the end of the eyebrow, you see it�s like one line. You can go a little bit further
out. Important for the sixties is that it is straight underneath, there�s not round
thing its really going up – this you can do with a cue tip.
Sharpening the underline of the eyeliner with make-up, no concealer just make-up.
Now you go with make-up and put another sharp line next to it, really close, it�s not
for repairing it�s just to make a line much sharper.
So just get your point there�s the end of the eyebrow going a little bit underneath
and then I�m just drawing this eyeliner and I�m filling up the end. Don�t push
it just paint it. Then you just go with the cue tip and clean it up so it�s really straight.
So I�m just pushing a little bit of the roots I�m not going to the length or to
the tips. Just put the focus on the roots not too much on the ends it�s really important
otherwise you will destroy the sharp line of the eyeliner.
For the sixties look you need to push the eyebrows just a little bit. You get amazing
eyebrows so I just use a gel in brown and then just come through. It�s like twenty
per cent pushing of the natural eyebrows and that�s really necessary for a sixties look.
It�s more of defining than like calming it.
Get inspired and go for it.

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