Makeup Tutorial for Hartalika Teej & Hariyali Teej

Hey all, wondering how I created this
look? In this video I’m going to walk you through the entire process. So make sure
to watch till the end of this video. if you are new to the channel consider
subscribing. Welcome back to my channel since teej is around the corner guys
I’ve decided to do a very quick and affordable teej makeup look. Let’s get
started. So the very first thing I’m applying is Nivea moisturizer cream all
over my face and the neck. Now I’m applying l’oreal paris glow lock primer. See
the description below for links of all the items i’m using in this video. Brushing eyebrows is must as it gives a
good shape. Now I’m applying eyebrow gel with mac angled brush. To give a very natural look I’m going to
add some eyebrow powder. to define my eyebrows I’m using
Maybelline concealer. I’m using Georgia Armani luminous silk
foundation. I’m in love with this product it’s so so so good. And now I’m applying NARS concealer. Then using my cream contour kit to
contour my nose. Now I’m going to blend my concealer. I’m
using my fingertip and the beauty sponge. Now it’s time for me to set my
foundation and this setting powder from Sephora
it’s so good guys, it’s a lifesaver. I’ll add the link in the description below. Oops. I’m applying my huda beauty
eyeshadow palette and I’m just blending it. As I’m trying to keep it very simple
I’m not using too many colors. Now I’m applying my all-time favorite
eyeliner Sonata. I’ve been using this product for I don’t know God knows how
long nine ten years. I’m applying my lashes which I got from
Shoppers Drug Mart. I’ve worn these cuties so many times so many times guys. Moving ahead using my eye pencil from
Sephora and applying Maybelline New York mascara. Then I’m going to apply my bronzer it’s
a Rimmel London bronzer. Then I’m going to add some highlighter
from Sephora. Now it’s time for lipstick guys I’m
gonna use this red lipstick from Sephora again. So guys I just got changed, now I’m
wearing sari. Now I’m just finishing it up with sindoor. and it’s all done guys. All set we’re
good to go. [singing a nepali song]. I hope you guys enjoyed watching this video if you guys did, don’t
forget to give it a big thumbs up, subscribe to my channel and also hit that
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ladies out there happy teej. Stay safe. I’ll see you all in my next video!!

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