Makeup Tutorial – Everything About Primers

Hi everyone. My name is Meghana Mukherjee.
I am a senior make-up artist with Kryolan City Delhi. Today we are going to talk about
very important part of any make-up which is primers. There is a whole range of primers
in the market today. But what primer is for? So primer is primarily for enhancing your
make-up protecting your skin and for even velvet finish of your base. So what today
we are going to start with something that I have over here which is called the ultra
under-base. This is something which you apply just before make-up. It gives smooth velvety
finish and really enhances the make-up and is excellent for the durability of the make-up.
This is perfect for any dry skin or regular skin. This is water based product and this
has Vitamin E so it really keeps your skin soft and supple and make your make-up last
for a very long time. Which is the main primary function of any primer. Also in primer we
have ultra under-base we also have ultra under-base plus which has SPF 15. So if you want to apply
make-up and step out in the sunshine you get full sun protection. Also what do you do when
you have oily ski? Or you tend to sweat a lot? Or there is lot of water on your face?
For that we have something called Perfect Matt. This is a complete gel based serum product.
This is a completely gel serum based product as you can see. It is excellent for photography.
It has Vitamin E. It gives you complete matte finish. This is excellent for oily skin and
the best part about this primer is you can use it before make-up and also after make-up
for touch-ups. So because result of that is that it is excellent for photography and any
kind of outdoor shoot. The next product that we are going to talk about is Invisible Matte
Plus. This is again a great primer for reducing any kind of greasiness or shine on the skin.
Say suppose you have a cut or a birth mark or a stitch mark like a old stitch mark and
it tends to shine a lot you can use this on the spot as a primer and then start with your
make-up. As you can see this is a product which is completely cream based and it tends
to get easily absorbed into the skin. Apply this it gives you smooth even finish and then
start the make-up. So Invisible Matte Plus gives you a very even non greasy finish. So
you can apply this before any make-up and especially if you want to control grease on
your skin go for Invisible Matte Plus. Also Invisible Matte Plus has SPF 15 so when you
step outdoors you have full sun protecting factor. So it will also protect your skin
while enhancing your make-up. Lot of people do high definition make-up at home or for
photography purpose. What is the primer we use for that? For that we have HD Micro Primer.
This is a silicone based primer which gives you a very very natural finish. If you have
any kind of fine pores or lines on your face this will completely even it out and will
give a appearance of a very natural finish. Also this is for all skin types. If you have
oily skin or if you have a dry skin or if you have a normal skin you can apply this.
The best part about this product is, not only that you can apply it under high definition
make-up but under any make-up. As you can see HD Primer completely gel serum based and
gets completely absorbed by the skin giving you a slightly matte finish. Because it gives
you a matte finish it is excellent for photography work for bridal or any occasion where you
are going to get photographed. The next product I am going to be talking about is called eye
shadow primer. This is one of personally my favourite products. Eye Shadow Primer is as
we all know eye make-up is very important part of any make-up all you need to do is
apply two tiny drops on top of your eyelids and then start your make-up. The best part
about eye shadow primer is that it has a smooth application on top of your eyelids and because
of that you can blend your eye make-up really well. Because you know blending for any kind
of eye make-up is very important. After blending your eye make-up it’s going to keep your eye
make-up going on from morning till night. When you take the Eye Shadow Primer on each
lid you do not need more than these two drops. That is all that is needed. With your finger
tips just blend it out. It’s very very smooth and it is completely invisible and gets absorbed
by the skin really fast. If you are stepping out for parties or if you are doing a bridal
make-up and you want your make-up not to budge but to stay the way it is this should be your
first option and choice for eyeshadow primer. When you apply eye shadow primer you might
think that you might get creases or it might not let your product stay. On the contrary
it gives you ceaseless application and even blendy and long lasting look. So now we know
how important primers are for any kind of make-up not only for even seamless finish,
for photo-finish but also durability of any make-up. To start with again which is going
to wrap up all our primers. If you have a dry skin or regular skin the primer to go
for is Ultra Underbase. It’s quick absorbing and really really hydrating for your skin.
The primer which is excellent for oily skin or for which is very very… tends to sweat
a lot or has too much moisture on the skin the perfect product for that is called Perfect
Matt. It will give you instant mattfying effect not only before make-up but also after make-up.
Invisible Matt Plus like I said it cuts down greasiness or any any kind of shine on your
face and it is an excellent primer with SPF 15 before any make-up. HD Micro Primer…
high definition micro primer… silicon based primer not only excellent for oily, dry or
regular skin or high definition make-up. You can use this primer before any kind of make-up.
Last but not the least eye shadow primer. It helps with the durability of your eyeshadow.
does not cause creases. It can go on any skin type by the way and also makes the durability
of eye make-up go for a very long time. Also I would like to emphasize on a very important
point about primers. Don’t try to apply too much primer. One pump usually works perfectly.
If you apply too much primer your make-up tends to slip a lot and it will not hang on
to the skin. So just one pump is enough. Apply it with a foundation brush or fingers if you
are comfortable with but don’t overdo primers. But at the same time you must apply primers
before any kind of make-up. If you have any query regarding primer, application or durability
of any primers of if you are having any make-up related issues when it comes to primers please
do not hesitate to get in touch with me. You can get in touch with me at [email protected]
or you can leave your comment at the comment box and I will definitely get back in touch
with you.

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