Makeup Tips with Bec Arnold MakeUp Artist & Realise Style

Hi it’s Mya from Realise Style and
today I’ve got a special guest with me: Bec Arnold. Bec is a makeup artist, she’s
been doing this professionally for the last seven odd years. She’s worked in with
photographers, she’s worked with short films, she does special effects makeup,
and she also did work with day spa parties and it sounds really exciting, and also she loves to work with cruelty
free products because she loves animals. So all you animal lovers, this is the person to go to, she can source cruelty free products for you, if you’re an animal lover too. So Bec…. How are you?
I’m good, thanks! Thanks for joining me today, and our viewers. I noticed you have some products here today. Yeah. Is there
anything special you wanted to share with people? Yes great, so one of the
things that I know just happens with a lot of people with, when they’re putting
on their makeup especially around summer time, is that they end up with,
big shiny patches or makeup kind of starts to melt off and there is one
product that I live by which is a primer. What it does is it helps like smooths
over the complexion and you know mattify your pores, it helps your makeup stay on
longer, it has it feel lighter as well rather than having you makeup feel like
really heavy and it just does provide like this really smooth flawless base
underneath your makeup, and sometimes like I’m just wear it
as a moisturiser in the day if I’m not wearing any other makeup as well, so it’s
kind of a multi-purpose. okay so is there a clear difference if you just
simply wear primer out(and about)? Without any foundation over the top? yeah because it
really does like it helps with eliminate redness as well
especially fair-skinned, I tend to get quite red and it also does just help
minimise the appearance of your pores as well and just kind of smooth over the complexion. So now, I’m curious, before primer, what did people do? How did we manage? I think
it’s just the evolution of things. We are finding ways to have it last longer.
I mean back in the 40’s, silver screen, it was like a thick
cake makeup and it was very very heavy on the skin it was you know flawless but
this is something that means you can wear on lighter coverage foundation. So your skin can still breathe? Yeah, I swear by it. I’ve got a sample scenario, if I’m in a rush but I know I
need to put on something besides my primer or foundation, yep,
what’s the go-to thing where I’ve got to go meet people and look alive? Probably mascara, so
something that’s going to actually open up your eyes, have you look more awake and alive and it’s pretty simple doesn’t take too long to do. When people walk away from the makeup experience that give them, whether you are doing a tutorial or doing special events or parties… What’s the experience that they walk away about themselves or how they project themselves in the world? yeah well it’s a great
question, so definitely I want them being able to walk away with, like that
they’ve learnt something. Whether that be okay like a great
lipstick colour for them, whether it be how to pick the right
foundation or conceal something or highlight something, they would have
walked away with something that they’ve now learnt that they can take when they
do their makeup next time, and also that they actually can really go out there
and just rock the look. Sometimes when people put on new makeup
they’re not really comfortable in it it’s likely their new item of clothing
especially if it’s not something you wear all the time,
it does take something to really rock it. So you help them really find ways to use
the makeup effectively according to what they’re out to achieve,
maybe sometimes I’m guessing you might show them that actually this colour might not
work for them. yeah. That’s right, So we’re all about self
love and self expression and personal communication and confidence and if we
have the opportunity to help you with that, please get in contact with us.
definitely. Ok well… Thanks and see you next time. bye. bye

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