Makeup Tips for the Summer : How to Apply Eyeliner for a Summer Makeup Look

Hi, I’m Michelle Renee here in Tampa, Florida
with the Michelle Renee Makeup Artist Group and on behalf of Expert Village I’m here to
demonstrate makeup for Summer. Our next step is liner. There are two ways that I like to
apply liner and I can use a combination of those two. The first way is a traditional
way, just use a pencil. Second way is to use an eye liner brush. Notice that it is angled
so you can start at the corner very easily. And just dip in your regular eye shadow. Now
because it’s Summer I don’t want to use anything too harsh around the eyes. I want to keep
everything light, vibrant, and young. So, for Leslie I’m gonna use a soft brown. I’m
gonna use a combination of the two. The first thing I’m gonna do is apply with pencil. Then
I’m gonna put a light powder on top of the pencil to blend. So, let’s start with a pencil.
“Close your eyes, perfect.” I’m gonna start from the inside corner and just drag it across.
I kind of like to make the eye taunt and that helps me get a straight line. Because it’s
Summer I don’t want to completely line her eyes. I think that close up the eyes, especially
if you have smaller eyes. Leslie is lucky enough to have nice big eyes. I just want
to put on top from the corner and about the middle. That’s a good standard for every type
of eye size. Once I’ve got the pencil on, I’m gonna use my handy little brush with the
angle, dip it in brown powder. Same that we used for eye shadow. Blow or tap off the excess,
“close your eyes, perfect” and start from the inside corner. By doing the pencil and
then the powder, that helps it last a little bit longer and it gives it a softer look.
If you want a more dramatic look, I would line it heavier on the top lid. Or if you
we’re going out at night, I would slightly push your eyes down and get the rim. This
just gives you a more dramatic look.

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