Makeup Tips for a Natural Look : Eye Makeup for a Natural Look

Now we’re going to move onto the eyes, which
is the fun part. Even though it’s natural, you can definitely use some funky colors,
something with a little iridescence. I’m going to use a base color that’s a champagne color,
but it’s got a glow to it. It’s got an iridescence to it, so it’s a really, really pretty color.
You can see it has a huge hole in it because I use it all the time. You can’t mess this
up. You want to take a nice thick brush and you want to put it all over the lid. All the
way up under the brow. Like I said, you can’t mess it up. You can put on too much. You can
put on too little though. I would advice to kind of pile it on. Blend it. Blend, blend,
blend to make sure it’s all over the entire lid. Then put a little more underneath the
brow because you want that highlighted. Then once it’s all spread evenly and blended on
the top, take a little on the bottom as well. Anything I do on the top, just to keep it
blended, I put a little bit on the bottom as well. Just a tiny bit. Even sometimes the
residue on the brush works out well. Just kind of make sure everything is even and blended.
This will help your next color to go on much nicer as well. It also creates a really nice
highlight under the brow and under the eye.

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