Makeup Tips for a 1980s Fashion Icon Look : Apply Eyeshadow for a 1980s Makeup Look

Now we’re moving on to the fun part, which
is the eyes. We’re going to use a frosty, white base color. That was kind of the in
color back then. Frosty white. It even went on to the 90s being kind of an in color to
use too. We’re going to use that as a base and a highlight. We’re going to use it pretty
neutrally. You want to be very careful because you want this to be 80s inspired, but we don’t
to look like drag queens. Just a little bit at a time. See how it’s pretty frosty and
white, so you want to blend really well. This is really going to be dramatic if you put
on too much. A little bit at a time. Just keep adding and adding. You want this all
over the entire lid. Under the brow. Just all over. Little by little, just keep adding
more and more and blend it out or blend it up. Put a little more underneath the brow
because you want to keep that highlighted. If you feel like you want more, if you want
it to be a little more dramatic, by all means just keep adding more and more. I recommend
you not to go that crazy with this color, but it’s all personal preference and it all
depends on your skin color also. The darker your skin, the more potent this is going to
go on, so be very careful with it. Look up for me. I’m also going to take a little bit
and go underneath the eyes just to keep it blended and just to give a highlight underneath
the eyes. Now our base color is on and we’re ready to move on to a lid color.

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