Makeup Tips: Eyeshadow for Beginners with Jade Kendle | COVERGIRL

Hey y’all, it’s Jade. I’m going to show you how to get
this easy, breezy eyeshadow look. Let’s get started. For step one, we’re going to use this
really pretty shimmery color on our lid first, and then get darker
as we go into our crease. For step two, we’re going
to use this mauve color to create the transition in our crease. And I’m using this half moon technique
to blend the color in my crease. This way that it very naturally
transitioning into my brow. The third step will be going on
with this darkest color here. And remember, when you’re using a darker
color, you want to go lightly with it. So when you’re getting
the product up, just tap it a little bit before you
actually apply it to your face. If you use a little bit first,
you can always build it up. If you want to learn more about
the products that I’m using, go ahead and click the
upper right hand corner. I’m using this darker color in the
corner to extend and elongate my eye. When you’re doing this, make sure that
you’re blending really, really well. This look really counts on you blending
nicely into the different colors. This is a great palette if
you’re an expert or a beginner, because it gives you an array of
colors that go from matte to shimmery. You can get so many great
looks from this palette, and you don’t even have to go
to a department store to get it. In the next step, I’ll be lining my
eyes with the COVERGIRL Perfect Point Eyeliner. I like to use the color Espresso,
because it’ll really define my eyes without being too intense. To finish off my look, I’ll be using
the Super Sizer Fibers Mascara, and I’m going to be adding it to
my top lashes and my bottom lashes. I really love this mascara because
I can have that false eyelash look without actually wearing them. So I’m just lightly brushing my
bottom lashes with the mascara. I want to, again, just use a little
bit and then build up to more, to create that really
intense eyelash look. And that’s it, that’s my
easy, breezy eyeshadow look. For more COVERGIRL
tutorials, click here.

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