MAKEUP SEX – Steam Room

dude you’re looking fresh you – get a good
night’s sleep? Oh Botox? chem Peel? Oh no well, yes to all the
above but no that’s not it ah, someone drove their baloney bus through the candy cave! Candy cave?! No no… Well then – what gives? why looking so
fresh? Man makeup! With just a little foundation to cover up the imperfections.
A little golden spray to Jack the tan up a bit and just a little eyeliner just
really make these baby blues pop! Hmm interesting.
Well, no not really. Movie star has been doing it for years that’s why it
looks so good on screen. Tom Cruise 55 bet he looks like Gollum when he wakes
up put a little man makeup on him, suddenly he’s one
of the sexiest men alive! Well, I don’t know if it looks like Gollum in the
morning but, I must admit I’d love to see what he looks like when he wakes up!
Okay calm down, I’m just saying a little man-makeup goes a long way in helping me
look my best. Okay. Well hello there! You’re looking f-i-n-e… FINE!
See?Thank you! It’s my man-makeup you like? Yeah! You’ve got
that just plucked freshness about you. you did say “Plucked”? Oh yeah,
mind if I indulge in some of your cosmetics? Oh, Sally Fay cosmetics, the
good stuff! Oh please. Hey guys I get that a little concealer
or an enhancer is a good thing but don’t you think you’re going a bit far with
this? He just doesn’t get it does he? No maybe you should explain it to him.
See – me and you’re but here we’re about to look up. Ah okay… and that has to do with
applying all the Rouge and blush and eyeliner how? Dude,
everybody knows the hottest sex is makeup sex! Am I right?
Oh yeah! You ready? You got it bro! I’m not sure it that’s what they meant by that… or was it? Trying for some makeup sex? Yeah. Hey me too. Pass me those eyelashes – oh here’s your some lip liner. Oh powder me – I’m your canvas you’re my Michelangelo! ha ha – I’m an artiste… Want to “powder our noses” in private? Let’s! What’s the disguise? It’s obvious isn’t
it? Since we’re now movie stars, we’re gonna have to travel incognito or we may
create a scene! Yikes you’re right! Steam Room Stories: The Movie is gonna be huge! I don’t want to cause a riot if someone notices
me in the street! Yup! lets you a disguise. Uhhhhh… where did this come from? I always keep a spare – it
smells like my Friday night. Dude. Nice! Oh hi boys, I was looking for the super sexy steam room guys. I’m a total star-fucker and quite frankly I would do
anything if I met a celebrity! Oh well guess they’re not here. Wait up!!! We are right here!

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