Makeup Revolution Shook Palette Tutorial

guys what’s up welcome back today we’re
gonna be going in and creating this I love using the new makeup revolution a
shook palette this is what the inside of the palette looks like right here it’s
so fucking beautiful guys I know it the only complaint that I have about this
palette is the size of the eyeshadow pans the eyeshadow pans are about the
size of a dime which is a little small well it’s really small but you do get a
really nice amount of eyeshadows in here and I actually really love pretty much
every single color that is in this palette I did pick up this palette when
it first launched and I got it for $15 I do believe the price now is up to $20
but it’s still not a bad price this is the eye look that I came up with today
as soon as I got the palette in my hands I knew exactly what I shadows I wanted
to play with so this is the look that I came up with and I really hope that you
enjoy it if you are new to my channel guys please consider subscribing I’d
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that I do upload you guys want to see how I create this look today using the
makeup revolution shook palette then please keep on watching alright guys so I did go in and prep my
live with my P Louise face as always and I’m gonna start off by going into the
shade vibe with AM or PM 4-3-3 and then I’m just gonna buff this in the crease
now that I kind of have that packed on it doesn’t look the best I know but I’m
gonna switch over to a makeup chat t56 I’m gonna go back into the shade vibe
that we just used and this t56 is just going to help me
get more of a precise application of how I want this shadow to smoke out in the
outer crease if that makes any sense I’m really bad at explaining things guys because this is a flatter shader brush
it just really helps me get a defined application on the outer part of the eye
it doesn’t have to look 100% right now because again we are going to be going
in and blending other shadows in so I’m going to switch over to cram deluxe
crease brush and we’re gonna go into the shade lust I’m going to pop this
directly in the crease as well and now I’m going to go in with a morphe
M 506 I’m going to go into the shade repost and then I’m going to buff this
directly in the crease as well and now that I basically have the
desired shape of how I want the outer part of the eye to look I’m gonna go
back in with my m4 33 I’m gonna go back in with my Crandall crease brush and
then I’m just gonna work on re intensifying all the shades in the
crease alright guys I did go re-intensify all those shadows and I did
go in and cut my crease off-camera you guys have seen me do my cut crease a
million times so I’m gonna go back into the shade vibe with my makeup Shakti 56
and I’m just buffing that shadow right on the outer part of the eye into the
base so that there’s no harsh lines when we go in with the lid shade then I’m
gonna go in with another makeup Shakti 56 brush and I’m gonna go into the shade
aquatic it’s a beautiful turquoise shimmery shade and I’m just gonna pack
that all over the lid I actually had to switch over to a more vm 210 I forgot I
switched to this brush this is definitely one of those shadows that
applies a lot better when you give it a spray with like your setting spray the
color payoff is phenomenal and then when you have that on I’m going to go back in
with my t56 I’m just going to buff the outer crease into that turquoise shade
then at this point I’m just going to go in and line my eye with my Maybelline
black gel liner alright guys I did hop off-camera and
did the rest of my face so I’m gonna move in underneath the lower lashline
and I’m gonna go in with the shade vibe again with my makeup check t56 and then
I’m just gonna buff this right underneath the lower lash line I’m also
gonna go back in with my Crandall luxe crease brush and I’m gonna go into the
shade lust again and I’m also gonna go in with my 506 into the shade repost and
basically just using the exact same shadows that are used in the crease on
the lower lash line as well okay so that is it for my makeup revolution shook
eyes shadow palette tutorial today I really hope that you enjoyed it I really
do think that this is a really nice palette aside from the pan size which I
do think is a little bit too small I do still think that this is an absolute
beautiful palette you do get a really nice array of colors in here and really
happy with how it performed and I mean for 20 bucks that’s not too bad either
that’s pretty inexpensive in my books so I’m really happy with it and I will
definitely continue to play with it and I do really love how the eye shadow look
turned out today as well let me know in the comments section below what you
thought of today’s look let me know what you want to see next on my channel and
with that being said thank you so much guys I love you and I will catch you in
my next video

12 thoughts on “Makeup Revolution Shook Palette Tutorial

  1. The pigmentation of that palette is stunning… beautiful color … that blue is so beautiful!!! love it!!!

  2. The pan size is definitely disappointing. But I think the colors appeared to apply/blend nicely. I was totally expecting you to use glitter somewhere in this look 😂 so I have a question, watching you do all these gorgeous colorful looks, how do you decide what you want to pair with what?? Do you have A method of some kind?? The more neutral colors or earth tones I have no issues pairing up but when it comes to the more colorful bright, dark, or bold, I'm just not sure where to go with them. I need a plan!!! 🤣 ❤

  3. Makeup Revolution have really good palettes, beautiful hun🥰🥰🥰🥰💕💕

  4. Brittany you look so lovely. The eyeshadow pans in this palette look really small. Is there a descent amount of product or is it worth it? Great video as always

  5. I have a hard time getting pink shadows to look good on me. Looks great on you but on my I just look sick! 😂😂😂

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