Makeup Master Class: Ageless Beauty

When it comes to makeup, what worked for you
when you were 20 probably won’t be the same after 50. But what can stay the same is how naturally
beautiful and glowing you can look. Here I’ll show you how to evolve your application
techniques as your skin changes. Beauty starts with a great base. Begin with our Beautiful Oil to moisturize
the skin and create a priming base that is healthy and glowing. Put about 5 drops on top of your hand and
dab a bit of the oil on top of each cheekbone, around the soft skin on the sides of the eyes,
and all over the face. Apply our super hydrating Lip Balm to the
lips. Moisture is very important as we get older,
whether that be drinking plenty of water or using the right hydrating products to keep
your skin healthy. For mature skin, we really want to keep the
foundation at a minimum. The more you apply the more it’ll show. So keep it light. Use the warmth of your fingers to make the
foundation become one with the skin. Blending it in so that it doesn’t sit on
top of the skin and cling to wrinkles. Apply with broad strokes in the areas that
don’t need full coverage – acting as a tinted moisturizer around your t-zone and
cheeks. You can also use our Blush-Foundation brush
to apply the foundation evenly and lightly across your skin. For dark spots and problem areas, like around
the nose and under the eyes, use a Concealer Brush to precisely add more of the foundation,
layering to cover only those small areas where you need it. Our buildable formula allows our foundation
to function both as a concealer and for light coverage. As we grow older, brows tend to thin out. So I like to start by using the spooly end
of our Brow Brush to shape the brows to their fullest. Then I like to use a light eyeshadow to fill
the brows instead of using a pencil, which often looks too heavy and waxy. We only need a bit of color to create a fuller
yet natural look. Using the angled end of the Brow Brush, we’ll
fill in the brow lightly and evenly. For the eyes use a Brown Eye Pencil on the
lash line, pulling the skin lightly and gently back, to apply the pencil up to the lashes. It doesn’t need to be perfect, since you
will be using an angled brush to smudge the color for a natural line. For a more defined eye, use a black color. As the focus here is enhancing your natural
features, I think it’s important to keep it soft. Gently smudging the liner adds beautifully
subtle definition. I recommend using an eyelash curler to really
open up the eye. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve really noticed
this step makes big difference. Then just add a gentle layer of Mascara to
define the look. Separating the lashes with the Brow Brush. For me a Cream Blush is the most beautiful
for a mature woman compared to a powder blush. The creamy texture adds a youthful, healthy,
coloring glow. Use your fingers to tap in the blush around
the apples of the cheeks. Working it in circles and tapping it into
the skin until you have that perfect natural flush. You’ll look like you just came back from
a vacation. As we grow older our lips tend to look thinner. But by using a nude Lip Pencil, we can build
the appearance of the lip to look naturally fuller. To do this, slightly over line the lip. Typically, I focus on the outer corner of
the lower lip and the full upper lip. With a Lip Brush, fill in your lips with a
Lip Tint that is only slightly darker than your natural lip color. Waking up the skin without looking overly
made-up. Finish the look with a very light brushing
of Powder over the face, avoiding the cheeks to let the skin have a natural, healthy sheen.

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  1. Michelle was always one of my favorite models, especially in Mademoiselle’s sporty features. She’s still as beautiful as ever! Love your makeup philosophy, Kirsten!

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