Makeup Lovers Try Kat Von D’s Basket Case Eyeliner

– Alright, so today we’re
gonna try Billie Joe’s Basket Case Eyeliner by Kat Von D. (upbeat guitar music) – I love eyeliner. Eyeliner is actually one of the few things that I feel
like I can just wear that and walk out and feel super feminine. – So everyday I have like
a very, very like cut uh, kat eye, eye line on, and I just I don’t know how to do a spongy one, and that’s kinda why I wanna try this, just to see if I can smudge it up. – I’m a huge makeup junkie and I love eyeliner, more so on
the bottom than on the top. – This is also involving Green
Day and Billy Joe Armstrong, which is my favorite thing on the planet. (bell dings) – Oh this packaging is nice. – It looks like Dookie, the album. – Vegan marker, super important. – So thick, it’s gettin’ all up in there. – Okay, but I expect to look just like Billie Joe when this is done. Like when he had the blue hair – I expect to look like Kat Von D. If I don’t look like Kat
Von D, I want my money back. – I mean it goes on nice, thick, but nice. – It’s not even like, following my, eye line. – I really wanted to try and
like have like a punk rock attitude towards this, which
is just like messy is good and you just kinda want
to black out the eyes. – This is very convenient
though having a sharpener at the bottom, like, I lose
my sharpeners all the time. – That’s what these are for ?!? – Yeah – I always see these on the
bottom of eye liner things and I’m like what is this, – Yeah, it’s a sharpener. – Okay, see I’m even trying to make a wing. – But, like this is like, – Why am I trying to do that? – Can I see? – I don’t know. – I’m assuming you
shouldn’t do a ‘kat’ eye because it’s anti-Brazilian. – Spreading out real nice. Oooh, look at this, we’ll
smoke it up, here we go. – You could probably use it
as lipstick too, knowing Kat. – Oooh, I’m about to try that. – It’s really creamy. Look at this bad boy. – I feel like a Basket Case. (camera flashing) – So, I feel like if you
know how to apply it, you’ll probably kill it with this thing. (camera flashing) – I’m mostly here because
I support Kat Von D and I’d buy anything with
Green Day’s name on it. (camera flashing) (upbeat synthesizer music)

100 thoughts on “Makeup Lovers Try Kat Von D’s Basket Case Eyeliner

  1. 😂😂😂😂😂 I'm a huge makeup junkie 😂😂😂 but I only wear eyeliner. Not buying this crayon eyeliner

  2. If they were “makeup lovers” they would know that you don’t use a chubby black eyeliner for a wing or even the top lid. It’s for the waterline or maybe an eyeshadow base for a Smokey eye.

  3. I love how that one girl basically admitted that she doesn’t know how to use eyeliner…but yet this is a make up review??

  4. Can we see more of Spencer in videos like this? I appreciate the fact she actually knows what she’s doing and her makeup looks good

  5. lmao at this "anti precision eye liner" IT'S A GLORIFIED CRAYON and it looks like it performs like the drug store ones too

  6. so i need this eyeliner. now.

    [update] – I just ordered it online impulsively because the words "limited edition" were next to it. So.. see ya on wednesday, billy (::

  7. I’m Obsessed with the girl with the blue/green hair. Love her vibe and energy. Let’s rock out 🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼

  8. I bought this eyeliner myself (I love Green Day as well so this is an A+ for me already) and other then the priceyness of it ($25 with shipping) it is a really really good eyeliner!

  9. I was so close to buying this just because it has Billie Joe's name on it, but omg it just doesn't look good on anyone :/

  10. The blonde gal has a very pink undertone and wears full on yellow foundation..sigh why dont people know their undertones maaaan

  11. Hey everyone ! I just started a Channel myself!! I would love if you could help a girl out and hit that red button for me. I would love it so much!!!!💗💗💗💗

  12. Spencer's makeup is on point, but did anyone else see that she's using a yellow undertone foundation, when she's clearly pink? The line of demarkation was screaming at me. I only mention it because I'm a yellow tone, and for many years I'd been using pink/neutral toned foundation and it made me look ridiculous. 🙁


  14. I like the ethics behind Kat Von D's make up company but I really don't like her actual make up. For examples last year italian Sephora finally started selling her famous eyeliner and I was reaaaaally excited about it because everybody on the planet loved it so I bought it as soon as I could (I also think that her products have honest prices) but than, when I started using it I was really disappointed because even if the applicator (the point of the eyeliner)is super cool and fine and precise, the actual color of the product is the worst. It's watery and grey and it smudges really quickly! I though I just bought a dud but then I found out that even my friends felt the same way about her eyeliner. I also bought other things from Sephora and everytime I felt disappointed after I used it so I just think that her make up line isn't for me which makes me sad because I love the sentiment that she puts in her work.

  15. I HAVE THIS EYELINER AND I DIDN’T KNOW IT HAD A SHARPENER ON THE END UNTIL I WATCHED THIS VIDEO! I legit got up and checked my eyeliner because I was so in disbelief.

  16. He can't find any I like to try some of your mascara and your cover up and your eyeliner but I never tried it before I wonder if it's any good can you text me and let me know how good it is cuz I cannot find a foundation that I like or eyeliner so can you please text me thank you

  17. BRUH! This kind of eyeliner is NOT meant to do a WING!! if you've ever seen billie Joe or ANYBODY in a rock bank with eyeliner, you would know they don't do "wings". I'm not trying to hate I'm just pointing out that it's not meant for wings.

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