MAKEUP LOOKS cho người mới bắt đầu (giống Chou)!

Bello bello bello!! I’m back!! And today I’m back with a brand new idea: MAKEUP!! Actually I’ve wanted to film this video since 2 years ago About a year ago, I don’t know how to makeup at all I only knew how to apply lipstick and do my eyebrows Today I’m gonna show you guys the 4 layouts that I use the most I’m gonna insert the 4 layouts here You can click on the one you like So that you guys don’t have to watch the whole video But if you want to watch the whole video then keep watching because I’ll be sharing many of my tips with you guys!! Without further ado, let’s get right into the video! Let’s start off with the 1st layout called: 5 minute everyday I often use this layout for days when I wake up late and need to get out of the house asap This is really suitable for students who don’t makeup really bold, just very natural but still looks pretty I have 2 parts that I don’t feel most confident in that’s my under eye so I have to cover it Ok Let’s start!! Make sure that you’ve used sunscreen before! For the 1st layout, I use concealer from Nars, this is the “vanilla” color I use the concealer to cover the parts that I don’t feel very confident with For example, I stay up late at night, I travel a lot so experienced jet lagged alot So I have to get rid of my dark circles under eye Remember just apply concealer softly You can also use this concealer for your nose highlight It’s one for many uses!! To me eyebrows are like the thing that makes your whole face shine Because I have to wear a lot of makeup, so I shave my eyebrows to give it a more structured shape I use eyebrow pencil from Shu Uemura

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