Makeup Lighting Setup — Best Beauty Video Lighting with ItsJudyTime

So in this video we do a tour of Judy Travis’
make up room and all her gear coming up hey what’s up guys Sean here with think media
tv helping you go further faster in media and im here with Judy Travis from
itsjudytime its judys time itsjudytime Sean No S no itsjudyslife and
itsmommyslife and we are in your studio and your make up room Yes this
is it this is where I film my first impressions reviews so hey we’ll put a full
list of the details and the model numbers and everything that Judy uses
in the YouTube description so you can check that out at anytime So Judy break down your gear from the cameras
to the lighting to the laptop I am a mayor macbook lover this is my macbook
air I love it I love how portable it is if I’m doing a review
on something I wanna have a little background on it so this is
where I research that while while I’m filming what do you edit on Final
Cut Pro X it is amazing and I know it is a little intimidating specially if you
are using what is it call iMovie right now but it actually makes your work
a lot easier and it’s faster too and I love how you can actually edit while
it is importing the footage that’s like a huge plus and then I edit with
a Sony a99 I’ve had this camera for a while now I love it it has amazing auto
focus although it does have that little like every time that’s focusing
so that’s probably the only downside to this camera I have a lens you
know I don’t even know Sean maybe you can help me out with the name of
this lens that lens is a 24 to 70 zoom lens what he said and this mic I you
know I just got this in the pass few months and I think it’s a little
more fancy that what I really need but it picks up audio wonderfully this is
called a Rode video mic X and then I also have a ring light from DVE store this
is my holy grail lighting if you want to invest in any light if you
are doing videos for YouTube or any video for that matter and if you are going
to be sitting down talking to the camera get a ring light seriously
the best thing ever if you are not going to be using natural light
actually that is the best thing ever natural light and then I have this monitor
I don’t know much about it Benji was the one that install it this
is great specially since I’m doing reviews on make up products you want to make sure
that you are on focus so let me just show you this in action so I like you see did you see
that focus let me do that again let’s do that again BAM! And then when you
go close up you can see and I need to see what you guys are seen so
this monitor is so helpful get a monitor if you are going to be doing
videos you have that adjusted so easily and you can see every single pore on my face
so that’s cool and what I like about it is that is so easy
to do that I don’t need anybody helping me behind the camera I can do it all by myself
and then I have two extra lighting which I don’t always use all the time but
if I wanted it to look like day light inside I’d turn these on and a trick is to
face it towards the wall or towards a white wall so that light bounces off and
its not too harsh on your face it doesn’t wash you out but these are great oh and a
handy dandy remote that controls it all this is so cool I don’t have to get down
there and unplug anything I can just literally turn everything off watch
Bam! And I’m out see you guys later bye So hey thanks so much for checking
out this video we just did an interview that’s over at video
influencers talking about your tips and your progression in over 8 years
on YouTube 2500 videos over 1 billion video views between Facebook
and YouTube is crazy yeah awesome and honestly I cant do it without
Sean’s help so you guys check out video influencers Sean knows his
stuff he’s been there from the beginning Thank you keep crushing it Judy
you are the bomb dot com dot com dot org Wow from here this is not which might not be connected
oh wait now watch watch watch where I film my first impression
reviews and aa way actually that’s it that’s about

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