Makeup for Older Women: Perfect Makeup with Grey or White Hair

Hi! To die or not to die was a question
that Hamlet posed himself but it’s one that a lot of older women think of when
their hair starts to change colour as they get older. My name is Tricia and I’m Founder and MD of Look Fabulous Forever and we make a range of makeup specifically formulated
for older faces, eyes and lips. In this video we’re going to show you great products to use both on your hair and your face so that if you decide to let nature take
its course you’ll end up looking really fabulous. This is Jane and Jane founded a company called White Hot Hair around the same time that I founded Look Fabulous Forever and we’re basically appealing to the same demographic so I
just want to ask Jane why did you think that products needed to be different if
you’ve got white or grey hair? Well the first thing about white and
grey hair is that is very porous so if you think about rubbing a grubby finger
down a white wall, that’s a little bit how it is with white and grey hair.
It picks up dirt and it can get very brassy and have a yellowy tone that you might have seen, so specialist products will help give that a super cleanse. And nothing’s worse than white and grey hair that looks on the yellowy side. OK so in fact like me you thought there’s no products out there that really fit the bill now that I’ve got white hair.
I felt the same about makeup. There’s no makeup out there that really fits the
bill now that I’m older so we both had the idea almost simultaneously and the
result has been the two companies that we founded. I actually use the white hot
hair ‘Shoosing Creme’ which is absolutely fantastic. My hair after I’ve washed it is
quite soft and it just puts some life and some body back. So what we’re going to do
now is to show the makeover using the White Hot products and also using the
Look Fabulous Forever products. So I really hope you enjoy it. So our model for this video is Yvonne and
as you can see Yvonne has absolutely beautiful white hair and the makeup artist
is Linda who’s going to be applying the makeup. So the first product that Linda is going
to use on Yvonne is our Look Fabulous Forever Base 03 and she’s actually mixed that with a very small
amount of primer. You can use primer two ways you can either put it on first, let
it dry and then apply the base over the top and the the effect of the primer is just
to seal any open pores or fine lines that you’ve got and it forms a wonderful base on which to put your foundation. Linda’s mixed the two together which is just a short
cut. It goes on equally well and still does its job but
mixed with a base it then becomes a lovely way to just smooth onto the skin
and create a very polished, finished effect. You can see that Linda’s using the
Look Fabulous Forever foundation brush, which is brush three and she’s buffing that product into the
skin and its into rather than onto the skin. The reason for using a foundation, we
call it base, is that it unifies the skin tone and just evens out any
irregularities that there are on the face. We’re actually using Look Fabulous Forever Base 03 on Yvonne. You can see that she has a slight tan, probably because she lives near the seaside and she’s got this lovely healthy glow about her and she’s also got really
pretty freckles so we’re not going to completely cover those up. So just working the product into the
areas that the face seems to need it most, you’re not creating a mask you’re just
putting it onto your skin and if you think about it people look at your face at the
centre of your face and that’s where you need to concentrate the foundation. After foundation comes concealer. This is
a more heavily pigmented and slightly denser cream than the base and the
purpose of this is always just to add any extra covering that you feel that
you need. So you can see that Linda is putting it around the base of the nose,
patting it in with her fingers, using Look Fabulous Forever concealer brush four and she’s kind of stippling it onto the skin which is really the best way to apply it. Underneath the eye and perhaps into the corner of the eyes as well. Yvonne actually has really beautiful skin so
she doesn’t really need very much in the way of concealer but that small amount
that Linda is applying is just enough. Everything about the base and the conceal
working together is about evening out skin tone that you’ve got. So next eye primer. So this is our second
primer and you can see it’s flesh coloured. This is very useful if you got any
discolouration on your eyelids. Linda’s applying it with the sponge applicator
and then just making sure that it’s perfectly absorbed using her fingers. What
the Prime is going to do, it’s going to allow any product that you put on top to
stay in place for longer. One of the problems that we have as we
get older is that makeup tends to disappear after about two or three hours
and that’s because our skin is extremely absorbent and dry and if your eyelids are
slightly crepey, again you have this problem that things don’t stay put and
obviously the Fabulous Eye Prime will really help to overcome it. So onto the brows using the brow brush. You can see the Yvonne has got brows
which match her hair, which is obviously a good thing, but they do lack definition
and they are quite short, so what Linda is doing with the Look Fabulous Forever Brow Shape, which is a liquid paint in a very dark brown. And that sounds a bit counter-intuitive if you think it’s going onto Yvonne’s greying brows but actually it will bring back some
definition to that area and Linda’s using it very lightly, using these light
feathery strokes, and you can see there that is absolutely perfect with Yvonne’s
colouring. So Linda’s just completing the other eyebrow. There is a certain amount of technique
involved in mastering the brow shape but I promise you. If you’ve used it two or three times you’ll see exactly what you have to do with it, isn’t difficult. And the effect is instant and makes a
huge difference. When you have white or grey hair, you’ve obviously lost quite a lot of colour
from what you had when you were younger so Yvonne was telling me earlier that she
used to have extremely dark hair so she’s gone from having quite dramatic hair to
having very, very light and this gorgeous white hair. Now clearly if you lose that
much definition and you lose that much colour, then you need to find ways to put
it back and one of the ways is putting the colour back into your eyebrows. And of
course the second way to do it is to start adding definition to your eyes. So
what Linda is using here she’s using our eye shade Aubergine. This is a really
pretty, through deep purpley colour and it’s absolutely perfect with Yvonne’s
white hair. So Linda is putting it over the eyelid. You can see with her eyes shut exactly where Linda has put it and
then she’s just doing that on the other eye. Using brush seven which is a perfect
size and shape just to get the right amount of colour onto the eyelids. So now using a finer brush, which is our Fabulous Forever brush 5, and the same shadow which, is Aubergine, Linda is putting a small amount of that
powder shadow underneath Yvonne’s eye, just in the corner, so about a third of
the way along and out to the outer edge. This is about creating a nice soft look.
If you put a very hard, black line underneath Yvonne’s eyes, it would be
really quite unattractive. It would close her eyes down and again balancing out the white hair that she’s got would be very, very much too heavy. So now on to our Look Fabulous Forever Silver Mist Lid Colour. This is a creamy product and it looks
quite scary in the container but it’s actually an incredibly pretty colour once
you’ve got it on. So Linda’s going to apply this, again with a brush and she’s going to put it
in the inner corner of Yvonne’s eyes. So outer corners with the Aubergine Eye Shade and the inner corners with the Silver Mist Lid Colour. And those two
together ,just creating the prettiest effect. These colours would work well if you were blonde or if you actually have dark hair. But if you have white hair like Yvonne’s,
these are just so pretty and really perfect. Yvonne has cool toned skin and that
means that she suits these kind of shades perfectly. So good colours on Yvonne would be bright pinks, fuchsia, purple. The colour that she’s wearing is
obviously perfect. And now Linda’s is just blending those colours to make sure there are no sharp edges and everything looks quite subtle and soft. So eyelash curling. Very, very carefully,
just making sure that you trap the eyelashes and not the eye lid – which is
extremely painful – and the effect of curling your eyelashes is quite dramatic.
Especially if they’ve become quite sparse. So curling the lashes back ready
for the mascara. So our mascara is black and Linda is going to start by putting it
onto the bottom lashes using the end of the mascara wand and just making sure
that each individual lash is well coated. And again if you don’t usually put mascara on your bottom lashes it’s quite a good tip do so and the reason for that
is that if you put the mascara on your upper and your lower lashes, it obviously makes your eyes look bigger. So our mascara will thicken your lashes.
You putting an extra coat on so you’re obviously going to thicken them but it
doesn’t have extra filaments in for the lengthening effect. Some of you might
like to use that kind of mascara which is fine, I personally think that that’s quite
difficult when you’re older. If you have very long spikey eyelashes it can look a
bit odd. Much better just to thicken them and then if you’ve curled them first, the
mascara will just add that extra layer that you need of definition and as I
said before just make your eyes look bigger. So I hope you can see there the effect of
the Silver Mist Lid Colour in the inner corners of Yvonne’s eyes. It’s just a really
pretty effect and then with the Aubergine on the outer edges, it’s really opened Yvonne’s eyes up. It’s also made her eye colour really pop – she’s got very pretty blue eyes. OK, so the next thing that we’re going to do
to Yvonne, we’re going to add some blush. And we’re going to use Look Fabulous Forever’s Rosy Glow, which is a really pretty pink blush this is going to be perfect with her colouring. If you’ve got
white hair or silver hair, grey hair, then using this very pinky blush is perfect. I always think with an older face blush is
absolutely critical and preferably a pink tone blush rather than a brown or
an orangey tone blush. You can see the effect on Yvonne’s face – pretty much
instant in terms of lighting it up. And you can see where Linda is putting it. Some
people think that blush should go on the apples of your cheeks but actually that will be
too low down so feeling for your cheekbones and patting the blush onto
the cheekbones and then pulling it out to the outer edges as well. And last but not least we’re going to use a lip primer and this is our third primer and again it’s going to do its job of making
sure that your lipstick stays on your lips and doesn’t go into the edges, in a sort of like a feathering and bleeding around the outer edges of your mouth. So you
apply it with a sponge applicator and let it dry. Make sure that you put it on
the very edges of your lips. This isn’t a lip balm it’s actually specifically to
seal the edges and as soon as it’s dry you can then apply your lip colour. And the
lip colour that we’ve chosen for Yvonne is our most vibrant for cool toned skins and
it’s called Cherry Red and this is going be particularly pretty on Yvonne.
It’s going to go beautifully with the eye makeup and the cheek colour where we’ve added the blush and also of course with her hair. Don’t be afraid of wearing a vibrant lip colour like this if you’ve got white hair.
I always think it’s just so beautiful because you’ve got this wonderful hair
colour and then a lovely red toned lipstick. Looks spectacular. Yvonne told me
earlier that she gets lots of compliments about her hair. I think older
women get really scared of letting the natural colour come through. They think
it’s going to make them look older. They think it’s going to make them just look, I suppose like their grannies used to look . And of course it doesn’t. If you’ve got it
beautifully cut, and we’re going to style Yvonne’s hair shortly, and you’ve got a gorgeous hairstyle, it looks wonderful. And people are often extremely jealous of somebody
like Yvonne and the colour that she’s got in her hair. Just beautiful. However, I would say that the hair does
have to be beautifully cut and the makeup does have to look right and using
the right colours and applying it in a nice subtle way, as Linda is doing, just
makes all the difference. And there we have it. I think you’ll
agree with me that that is an incredibly beautiful and pretty effect so what’s
going to happen now is we’re going to style Yvonne’s hair using all the lovely White
Hot Hair products and then she’s going to come back and we’re going to see how
she looks at the end.

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  1. I love this page and watch all the tutorials…BUT I wish you edited more.  The info is great but delivery is  far too slow.

  2. The makeup is fabulous but she looked better before the hairstyling. A short cut would be very flattering.

  3. I don't care for the fact that the makeup artist is taking the foundation from her hand, using the brush, then using her fingers, a lot. She even put the eyebrow makeup on her hand, then transferred it to the model's face.Every time the makeup artist dipped into her hand for the makeup I wanted to hurl. She added blush with her FINGERS. SHE DABBED THE LIP COLOR FROM HER HAND AND PUT IT ON THE MODEL'S MOUTH. That is very unprofessional. I would never have allowed her to transfer makeup from her skin to mine and her hand to my mouth. Gross.

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