Makeup for Older Women: How to Use Makeup Brushes

Hi. I want to talk to you about makeup brushes today. A makeup artist, if you’ve ever seen them at work, usually has 20 or 30 brushes, sometimes more. Well you don’t need 30 brushes! But I reckon somewhere around 8 is a good number. That’s the number that I use every day to put my makeup on. And I think they can be really helpful to blend and make sure that you achieve the best finished effect that you can. So let’s start with essential brush number 1 which is a powder brush, a nice fat brush like this. And what that allows you to do is big sweeping movements. So if you’re applying powder or bronzer, these are the kind of movements that you want to do. This is not about precision it’s about making sure that you kind of sweep the product onto your face in the best way. Our second brush is a blusher brush. A blusher brush is for, again, blending. We have a cream to powder formulation blush, so I tend to pat it on with my fingers and then take the brush and make sure that I’ve got it to the right density of colour and also nicely smooth and blended well. The
third brush in the range for us is Look Fabulous Forever is the angled brush and this is a foundation brush. The angle means that you can get it into the corners like this. Now with the foundation brush what you are doing is buffing the base, the foundation
into your skin. If you put your foundation on with your fingers it’s always on the surface. Where it should be is really, as I said, into that top layer of skin. That way it stays put for longer and of course it looks better. And this brush is perfect for achieving that effect. Our fourth face
brush is a concealer brush but I sometimes use this for eye makeup as well, it’s a useful brush. You can see there that it’s quite stiff so you can push it into the edges of your eyes here, around your nose, wherever you need a bit of extra help. I also like this becasue it’s absolutely perfect if I’m putting on my eye primer or my lid colour, just again to smooth it onto the eyelid. It looks better that way. Our next brush in the range, brush number 5, is a little one. I use this as a lip brush more or less all the time now and I find it gives me a nice sharp edge to my lipstick. And just generally makes it look better. Our brush number 6 is a spoolie. A spoolie brush for eyebrows. If you’ve got quite wiry and wild and untamed eyebrows then just using a spoolie brush on them can improve them immediately and of course if you do, you can see how they need to be shaped and any areas you need to tweeze out. We use that prior to putting on our Brow Shape and then after we’ve put on the Brow Shape so that again you’ve got a much more smooth looking and professional finished effect.
Brush number 7, this is another a bit of an all purpose brush but it’s very, very useful for things like
socket lines, for shadow, putting a little bit underneath and so on and I use two of these. So I keep one for the shadow and then I keep one that’s clean, so it hasn’t got any shadow on it and that way I can then use these circular movements with a clean brush just to make sure that my eye makeup, the eye shadow, is nicely blended. And finally our brush 8, which is a wedged ittle thin brush and this is perfect for pushing the eye shadow that you want to create the illusion of thickness around your eyelashes into place. So it’s a bit like you’re creating an eye
line really and this brillaint for it. I t’s quite a new brush for us and I realised it was missing from the range so I made sure that we added it. Just a final word about cleaning brushes. They must be cleaned regularly. We get a build up of all sorts of things on our
face and of course your brushes ultimately become affected by that, they don’t work
so well when they’re clogged with makeup either, so how to wash them? Lots and lots of clean, soapy water. I use shampoo on mine quite often, and make sure that you work it well in and rinse them really well and get rid of any residue of soap and then just dry them, preferably in the air but I
actually put mine on the radiator – that speeds up the drying process. But I wash mine maybe
two or three times a week just to make sure that I am keeping them fresh and they work
better. So I hope you enjoyed that and come and see all those brushes at
and happy brushing your makeup on. Thanks for listening. Bye…

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  1. I do love all my makeup brushes. I probably like more than 8 because I can go a little longer without having to wash brushes as I've got extras to use. LOL. Very good video and lovely tips on brushes. xo Donna

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