MakeUp for Older Women: Face Makeup for a Fresh and Youthful Look

Hi. If you are a woman of a certain age like
me, I’m sure there are times when you look in the mirror and bemoan the fact that you’ve
got a few wrinkles. In fact people notice your skin tone and whether its even or not
before they notice any wrinkles on your face. So the good news is, if you’ve got the right
makeup on, well they might not even notice the
odd wrinkle or two. My name is Tricia and I’m Founder and MD of
Look Fabulous Forever, which is a makeup line with specific products to bring benefit
to the more mature face. This video is going to
show you a five-step process, quite simple and straightforward, and how to use the products
so that you can end up with a much prettier, fresh-faced look. So today as our model we have Anne. Anne and
I go back quite a long way. We met when our kids were little, they’re now grown up with kids
of their own. They’re still good friends and so
are we. So I’m delighted that she’s able to come along today. And Linda, who is going
to be putting the makeup on and showing you how
the face products work together. And I’m sure making Anne look wonderful! The first product that we are going to use
on Anne is the primer, what primer does if you’re
older, is that it prepares your skin really beautifully for your foundation. Our primer
is lovely and smooth and silky and it leaves your skin
feeling like satin. It fills in any fine lines that you
might have or any open pores. And it also, vitally, helps makeup to last longer. Don’t
put it on your eyelids however, just cheeks, forehead,
nose, chin. And then, we’ve got a couple of other primers
that you can use which is one for your lids and one for your lips. Linda’s just putting
on the lip primer now, so just stroke it onto your
lips. And again, put it on now so that it can dry and be ready for your lip colour later
on. The lid primer is similarly in a wand with
a sponge applicator at the end. Just dab that onto
your eyelids, and that allows the eye makeup to go on really nicely, as I said later on,
when you need to apply it. Next we’re going to put on the base. We
call this Fabulous Base, it’s obviously a foundation.
If you really do want to even out your skin tone, then foundation is the key to getting
a flawless finish. Our foundation gives your
face warmth and depth. Now if you use a very heavy and caking foundation, it’s going
to look ageing, unattractive and basically will sit in
your wrinkles. Our foundation is quite light and creamy, its got a lovely moisturising
feel to it as it goes on. However, it has a good level
of coverage. So you want it to be covering but at
the same time look light and fresh and dewy. You can see that Linda is applying this using
the foundation brush, which is number three. And the idea here is to buff it into
the skin. It’s into and not onto the skin. So using
light strokes, starting from the centre of the face and working outwards, you just apply
the foundation in a nice even way, over the whole
face. Don’t worry if when you’ve finished you think there are one or two areas that
need a little bit of extra help. You’re not going for
a mask, your not going for something that looks un-natural, you’re going for a finish
that looks real but at the same time has actually
covered up any areas that you think need to be
covered. The other thing is how to choose the colour
of the foundation that you want to use. The best thing to do is to out a little bit along
your jaw line and match it to your neck, not your
face. The reason for that is that you neck might be slightly darker than your face, given
that it won’t have so many SPF creams on it during
the day. And what you want to do is to make sure that it matches your neck so your face
doesn’t appear to be floating somehow above your neck, sort of rather pale and ghostly! So that’s the way to choose the colour.
We have three colours in the range, we’ve just
called them, for simplicity’s sake, one, two and three. One is light. Two is a sort of
light/medium colour and then three is medium. So we’ve really started the process now
of evening out the skin tone and the next stage
is absolutely vital. As we get older, we have, unfortunately, the
odd age spot. We might have blemishes, we might have areas on our cheeks which have
got little broken veins on them and concealer is
absolutely brilliant for just covering those up. It’s kind of like a camouflage.
Our concealer is nicely pigmented, which means
that it will cover those areas but without again,
it looking false or in way caked on. There are two areas that you need to be very
aware of as you mature. That’s the inner corner of the eye, either side of the bridge
of the nose. And also the outer corner of the eye
which can often be quite blue. I think it’s to do with the skin there becoming quite thin.
So concealer is a wonderful way of just covering
that up and it really is an instant freshner. So
the concealer is applied using brush four, with a kind of stippling stroke, which pushes the
product into the skin again. So use that motion and then use your finger just to pat it
properly into the skin and make sure it’s fully blended. I think the rule for any makeup when you are
applying it is blending, blending, blending because you don’t want any edges, you dont
want any areas where the makeup stops and your skin underneath starts. That would look
strange to say the least! So the more that you
blend, the better. And you can see that what’s happening here is that the concealer is going
over those, in fact with very few with Anne, areas that she needs to cover up and doing
a great job of making the skin look very even
and quite perfect actually! So next product that Linda is going to use
is what we call Fabulous Light. This is a highlighter,
you’ll see that it is in a pen with an integrated brush and you just pump the fluid down onto
the brush and use it with light strokes onto some very specific areas. What you are doing
with this is your actually contouring the face, giving some shape to the face by highlighting
the cheek bones and the brow bone. So you are putting an arc of light around the eyes.
The effect of that is actually to define that
area and make it stand out. So your eyes, when
you’ve finished and you’ve applied your eye makeup, will look much bigger and really much
prettier. This really is a fantastic way of instantly looking younger and fresher. It
can be used as a further concealer. So you can see
that Linda is actually putting some underneath the eyes, where again we have quite thin skin
that can be quite blue. If you’ve got bags under your eyes, which of course Anne hasn’t,
and if you have had perhaps not had a good night and you’re tired, then get your highlighter
pen out and you will find that it will really help you to instantly brighten your face and
you’ll look a lot less tired as a result. So again
applying with the brush and just patting it into the skin to make sure that it’s fully
blended. Down into what’s called the nasal labial
folds which a very horrible expression for those
lines that we get running from our nose down to our mouth as we get older. But this is
a away to minimise those lines and to make you
look better. You can also use the highlighter pen as a stripe down the middle of your nose,
sounds a bit bizarre, but just a little tiny stripe, pat it in, and it can make your nose
look slimmer. Later on, when Linda does the lips,
she will use the highlighter pen again, to just put a little bit of colour around the
lips in order to help the lipstick to ‘pop’ and really
stand out. So our final product, and this is the coup
de gras, the thing that really makes the difference to how you look. The quickest and easiest
way to look younger and prettier is to apply a
blush. Now our blush is a cream to powder formulation. What that means is that it goes
on as a cream, which makes it lovely and easy
to apply, and to control where you put it, and
then you can just buff it in, using the blusher brush, which is brush two. Where you put it, let’s get clear about
that. You may wonder. You’ve probably heard apples of the cheeks, well I’m going to let Anne just illustrate something. If she
would just make apples of cheeks please by smiling, OK,
and then that’s there and then as soon as she
stops smiling, the whole area there has dropped and that’s not the right place for the
blusher. You need to put it underneath the highlighter, in an arc of colour, and around
a similar kind of area. So to the side of the
face and then round onto that top part of the cheeks, that’s the right place for it. Again, it’s a kind of contouring tool that you
can use to help to give structure and shape to your face. The
two colours that we have in the range are Rosy
Glow and Peach Cream. And you’ll probably need Rosy Glow if you’ve got blonde hair,
white hair, grey hair or pale brown hair. And if
you’ve got chestnut hair with reddish tints or very
dark hair then you’ll need Peach Cream. Although if you have blue eyes and dark hair,
you’ll probably suit the Rosy Glow better. So Linda is now going to finish the whole
look by using a little bit of translucent powder –
not much – very lightly applied. But this sets the makeup and makes it look perfect!
Now using the same brush, which is brush number
one, she’s just going to apply a little bit of
bronzer. And the bronzer will just bring some warmth to the face. Again you can use it to
contour the cheeks, just giving you structure and shape to your face by putting it
underneath the blusher and into that area on the cheeks that you can see there. A
little bit onto the top of her forehead, where the
sun would actually touch your skin if you were
lying in the sun which of course we never do, do we, because we know that that’s not good
for us! And that’s it. So five beautiful products and now Anne’s
skin is ready and prepped for her eye makeup and for her lip colour. But I think you’ll
agree that she now has a beautifully even skin tone
and her face looks fresh and very pretty.

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