Makeup Bag Essentials for Beginners!

What’s up everybody, my name is Duana aka
@glamazon102y and welcome to the Glam Room! Thank you so much for joining me if
you’re new here, thank you for coming back if your returning friend. Today I
would be doing something that I thought of a long time ago, but I forgot to film
forever and then I just remembered like randomly as I was like taking the dogs
out that I said like four months ago I was gonna film this video. Today what I’m
gonna be doing is stocking a beginners makeup bag with some goodies some
favorites that I think every beginning makeup enthusiast or even somebody who
just wants to start doing their makeup on a more regular basis and become more
comfortable with the techniques, I’m going to be giving you the products that
are going to make your job the easiest. So if you want to see my recommendations
for the things that I think that you should have in your bag
stay tuned! So as I was sketching my outline for this video, which is what I do with most of my
informative videos so I don’t ramble for 20 minutes, I realized that this is going to be a big undertaking and I don’t want this to be a video where people don’t
care about it anymore in the middle and stop watching so I’m going to break this
up into sections. I don’t know if it’s gonna be two or three sections, but we’re
going to do these sections and we’ll get it done that way so that we keep these
videos twelve minutes or less like I usually try to do. Today we’re just going
to stick with complexion stuff. A lot of the things that you’re gonna see me
talking about are things that I talk about all the time on my channel. I’m
gonna be picking the easiest ones for you to work with if you are a beginner.
First, we’re gonna start off with brows. And the easiest thing I think for
somebody especially if you have a lot of brows and just need them to be filled in
and you’re not like me who has to build a brow from scratch, I think one of the
easiest things you can do is purchase the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer.
I never had this until I got on PR because I didn’t think it was necessary
because I’ve always had Brow Wiz, but the Brow Definer
I reach for it way more than I do the Brow Wiz. It’s shaped kind of like a triangle.
It’s fat at the bottom and it comes to a point so it’ll be really easy
for you to fill in your brows with this starting from the bottom and going and
flicking it up if that’s what you want to do. I don’t have a Brow Definer dupe,
but I do have a Brow Wiz dupe we’ve talked about this before all the wording
is off on this but this is the LA Girl Shady Slim Pencil. This is also great if
you are a beginner will come in the spectrum for brows they are super easy
to use and they’re less than five dollars at the beauty supply store so
you can pick up more than one at a time just in case you run out. For concealer
you guys know I live and die by NARS I love the NARS soft matte concealer for
carving out eyebrows and I use the radiant creamy concealer all the time
for brightening my under eye and also for highlighting. I use this one as an
shadow base from time to time. I think these are great for beginners because
they come in a lot of shades so it’s kind of foolproof to get shade matched for
these concealers and then also they’re so blendable, you can use a little bit
or a lot and it will improve your makeup For less expensive alternatives, I would
go with either the ColourPop No Filter Concealer which comes in a lot of shades
and it’s very easily blended out. The LA Girl Pro Concealer, which also comes in
quite a bit amount in shades. This is kind of like an OG Holy Grail concealer
that a lot of people use. And then also I have the NYX Gotcha Covered. This one is
more for people who want to cover up things that are their skin tones. I
definitely think that this is something that you should add to your beginner
makeup kit. If you’ve been on my channel for any amount of time you know that my
favorite foundation is the NARS Natural Radiant Foundation. I love it because it
gives you a naturally radiant finish *duh* that’s in the name, but it gives you a dewy
finish without you looking like you’ve just run a marathon. I know I say that a
lot because I hate hate when you use a luminous foundation and you just
look wet. I don’t like that at all and this gives you a nice balance between
like super matte foundations and super dewy foundations this is like perfect
balance. When I first started using it I did not like it at all but it
photographed so nicely, I was like let me just wear it out and now it’s one of my
favorite finishes in foundations. Unfortunately I don’t have a drugstore
counterpart for the NARS foundation, however, I do really like the Maybelline
Superstay Foundation and this one is in a matte finish. It is full coverage, it
says it lasts up to 24 hours, I do think that Maybelline could do a little better
with their shade range selections but they did a few probably about six months
to a year ago they added more shades on the deeper end. So if you are looking for
a drugstore foundation that would be great and you makeup bag go on and get
this Maybelline foundation. I love color correcting because it just gives you a
nice base. You don’t have to use too much
foundation on top of your color corrector if you blend it out correctly,
and I think that the drugstore has really great color correcting options. I
have three of them here this one I got from the supply store this is the Nicka K
HD concealer, then I have a Black Radiance True Complexion HD Color Corrector, and then I
have the ELF Color Correcting Stick. These three are perfect and they come in
all of the color correcting shades: the purple, the green, and yellow, the
light peach, and then the darker peach that I have here. Those are three brands of
color correctors I 100% recommend for you to put in your beginners makeup kit.
Setting powder is the next thing we’re going to talk about and my holy grail at
the moment is the Milk Makeup Blur + Set matte loose finishing powder and this is
in the shade translucent medium. It is $24 I believe
or $29, I can’t remember, but this is a powder that you’ll never like you’ll
never want for another powder even though I have so many setting powders
like I always reach for this one first. Some cost effective powders you can use
are the Black Radiance True Complexion Loose Setting Powder and then the Black
Opal True Color Soft Velvet Finishing Powder in the shade neutral light and
banana. Next we’re going to be talking about contour palettes my absolute favorite is the Black Radiance True Complexion Contour Kit. It doesn’t matter–
drugstore, high-end, in between, this is it I’m always going to pick this up. This is
like my third or fourth palette that I have bought and I’m just unless somebody else
come out with a better thing you really can’t go wrong with this and it’s like
seven dollars. This will take you from egg to snatched super quickly. You really
don’t need that much product you just need a little bit on an angled brush and
just like buff it out into your cheekbones up into your ear and you’re
good. This is amazing. Get it and practice in the mirror, okay?
So guys that’s all I have for you today. I hope this really really
helps. I was approached by probably about like six people asking me what things
they think I should get if they are a beginner and trying to get their makeup
to try and start doing their makeup by themselves and I really just wanted to
make this video because it’d be easier than like going through and you know
listing all the things all the time this would be easy as a resource for those
who were asking if anybody asks me in the future. And for those who might just
be browsing and happen upon this video because makeup is something that you
really are beginning to like and you want to be able to do it for yourself. So
if you like this video please make sure you give me a thumbs up down below also
let me know if there’s anything that I mentioned today that you want me to go
more in depth about. Be sure to be on the lookout for parts two and possibly three
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  1. this hair and makeup 👀😍 i need to get my hands on the NARS and Colourpop concealers. you have my pics for both luxury and drugstore foundations 😂 i LOVE the BR Contour Palette, especially for the highlighter. great video!! what about primers and setting sprays? a beginner brush video would be awesome!

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