Makeup Artists Tell Their Most Horrifying Stories

– No no no no no no no you gon’ pay me. – I love my clients but sometimes you get someone that’s a total nightmare. This is the worst that
I’ve ever dealt with. A woman came in with her daughter. The daughter was going
to get her make-up done. She was going to like a huge event. And she was about between
the ages of like 16 to 18. And the mother I remember
asking the daughter if she ate something today, and the daughter said no. And I was starting to do her make-up and the mom looked angry at the daughter, so I kind of assumed that maybe she had low
blood sugar or maybe she wasn’t feeling well today. So the mom was kinda angry, she said she was going into the mall to go get her something to eat. I’m probably like 95% done at this point and the girl didn’t look so well. And all of a sudden, she throws up on me, on the floor, it touched my face. I didn’t even have time to
react before she passes out. Now she passes out and
she falls into my arms. And I feel like I’m in the twilight zone because nobody sees this. There’s nobody around, it’s crazy. So covered in vomit, I run into the mall. She said she was going
to one of the stores, so I run, I find her. And she’s on line grabbing
food for the girl. So I was like listen,
your daughter threw up, she’s not really feeling
well, she passed out. Doesn’t even look shocked. I’m like what? Girl? We walk back together to the counter, the girl starts eating. And I figure they’re
gonna leave at this point because obviously you’re
gonna go home and lay down, you’re not feeling well. The mom turns to me and says, can you do her make-up? Can you finish? I do her lashes, in vomit. It was the craziest story
of my make-up career. I hope she’s doin’ alright. – Who do I wanna start with? One time a bride booked me, it was for herself and
just a couple other people. I get there, I get one
person’s make-up done. She’s like oh this is
perfect, thank you so much. Out of the corner of my eye, I see pacing back and forth, and I’m like what, what is going on? The bride starts to have
a full on panic attack, but then she starts screaming I’m just gonna do my own make-up. I’m gonna do it myself. I don’t know, maybe I should just, I don’t know why I booked someone. I said to her, I’m like hey listen, I understand if you’re nervous, it’s just make-up. If there’s anything you don’t like, you know, we can take it off. She was not having it. She had this melt down for two hours. One of her family members came over to me and they said
can you please talk to her. I’m not Dr. Phil, I’m here
to put make-up on you. You wanna know how this one ends? I spent approximately three minutes doing this girl’s make-up. Three minutes. And I’m like fire in my soul, like I’ve never put this little
eye shadow on anyone, but I’m just doing it to
go through the motions. Boopity boop, you’re done. She walks over to the mirror, into the hotel room mirror and goes (sighing) it’s perfect. And I was just like. Okay. – I’m Naisha and I am a make-up artist. She was a bridal client, so we just love those bridezillas, right? She demanded that I be her make-up artist. Okay, yes, I get that a lot. I have skills a little bit. Three weeks before her wedding, I’m booked on that day, of course. Good thing I had someone who canceled, so I can squeeze her in. I called her, and I
let her know of my fees and my deposits. She didn’t wanna pay a deposit, she didn’t wanna pay any of these fees, she just wanted me to show up. No no no no no no you gon’ pay me. So now, we’re talking face to face. She says that I’m horrible,
I’m a fraud, I’m a fake. Who’s a fraud? Not me. She throws stuff in the room. She want me to take my earrings off. She’s in my space now, throwing stuff, screaming. Then she gets kicked out. She felt some type of way. She calls me and she’s like I’m so sorry. I just really freaked out,
my wedding’s coming up. But can you do my make-up? I’ll pay the deposit. (laughing) No. – So I go to this gig, it’s
for a medical practice. I don’t know what they were doing but they needed me to do hair
and make-up for a talent. She finally shows up,
whoever this lady is, I have no idea who she is. Doesn’t say hello. Doesn’t say anything. So I’m like cool, it’s
gonna be one of these days. We get in the door, and she was like first things first, I don’t really wear make-up, I’m sure I won’t like what you do. And I’m just like okay, cool. In my head I’m like okay, bitch, whatever. But in her face I’m like cool. No problem. She’s like, and another thing, I don’t know what make-up
you have in that bag but I use high end make-up. I’m talking the expensive stuff. And I’m like first of all, sweetheart, my kit’s not cheap, one. Two, how are you gonna assume
that I have cheap make-up? Three, why would you hire me
assuming I have cheap make-up and I don’t know what I’m doing? And I’m thinking she’s gonna whip out like some Burberry, some Tom
Ford, you know the big stuff, some Chanel. I’m thinking she’s gonna
whip out the works. She whips out a sandwich bag and it’s full of like used brushes, and like some Urban Decay
eye shadow pallette, and like some IT cosmetics BB cream. I’m lookin’ at her like. But I thought you, you said you had really expensive stuff in your kit, but that’s neither here nor there. So I have to like take a moment and step back to her and say sweetheart we can’t use
any of this for production. Like this is production, I need powders, I need foundations. She thought that she was this in her head this high
almighty expensive chic person and she wasn’t. And that I was just some girl with a make-up kit who
knew how to do make-up. I’m like no sweetheart, I’m not a person who
knows how to do make-up, I am a professional make-up artist. So that being said, I just did what I had to do. And I left. Took my little couple hundred dollars and ended up being late
for my next client. – Just like any other job, there’s gonna be crazy times, but usually things are pretty good. – If you’re lookin’ to
hire a make-up artist, do your research. Nine times out of 10, whatever we have in our kit, is more expensive than what you own. – If you have any crazy stories, I’m gonna want to read them as I’m falling asleep tonight, so drop them in the comments below. (ragtime music) – Hey, Unsolved is on a new channel. And now your part. – [Both] Subscribe here. – That was my part.

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  1. I dont know how things run there, but in my country, bridal makeup artist has packages that usually include Makeup trials done days before the actual wedding

  2. The day before my sisters wedding the hair stylist hurt her back. She was supposed to do the whole bridal party but was only able to dot he brides hair. She had a friend come in and help her but the poor girl had no idea what was going on. My oldest sister ended up doing three girls hair in the time it took the professional to do my hair. There was no hard feelings or anything, it was nobody's fault and it couldn't have been helped. But it was a little nerve wracking for a minute.

  3. A friend of mine is a makeup artist and she told me she once got a one-star review that said: "This lady doesn't know how to apply false lashes. It fell off just 2 days later!"

  4. I had to have my sister do my makeup for acting headshots (and we didn't know it wouldn't be until the next day anyway so thankfully the fiasco wasn't so bad) and I have never worn liquid foundation before, only powder, but we obviously wanted my skin to be really even, since I'm a teenaged ginger. She used a good primer and a foundation she'd been using herself but for some reason it was not reacting well to my face. It was cakey in some spots, separating in others (both being almost immediate), and oxidizing HORRIBLY. Safe to say, we took it all off and did powder and the photographer added some extra cream to cover up my acne, plus it was hot.

  5. I think in the first one, the girl was pregnant and the mom was pissed off with her? Idk tho, don't come for me lol

  6. I had 2 florist shops The best thing ever was closing them both. Brides are the worse and the rudest these days.

  7. Was so hard to be professional tonight and not quit my job…. Thank you ladies for showing me how a professional handles some shitz cause it is going to be hard to walk in there tonight and not tell someone off for the callous bullcrap I just got about taking my daughter to urgent care for first and second degree burns.

  8. I was embarrassingly rude to a makeup artist on accident once. My mother in law took me to this guy, super big name, did celebrity makeup. I didn't know him, but for some reason, she was like you have to get it done from him! So as he's doing my makeup he asks me, where are you going tonight? I'm like, oh no where big. He replies no, you are going some where now, where? I was like"oh! Because you're doing my makeup…ummmm… Church?" He was livid. I didn't mean to insult him, but I didn't think getting my makeup done entailed planning a special event. I was young… I realized later how rude I must have come across. But everyone at church loved my makeup. Lol

  9. This woman (4:39) exactly describes my makeup situation to a T. I’m not even embarrassed, just shocked.

  10. I had the most wonderfull make up artist for my wedding. She made me feel like a princess all day and I couldnt have been happier. I thanked her over and over.

  11. I was working on a bridal party and my first client wanted super heavy full instagram glam makeup, and The bridal party had 14 other ladies I had to get to in a few hours. So I start and she wants more and more and more, so much more it takes me an hour and a half to do her makeup and all the other girls wanted something natural and not as heavy. Finally finish the rest of the ladies’ faces and towards the end I do touch ups and add lipstick and the first chick comes back with the ENTIRE bottom half of her face just washed off. I asked what happened trying to contain my shocked expression and she says “oh I was eating and got some crumbs on my face so I just washed it off”
    I had to redo her whole face in less than 15 minutes, like who DOES that?? You had my apply like 30 layers of foundation and concealer and powder all just to wipe it away? Last time I worked on a wedding.

  12. I once headr an interesting story: so, this guy was driving a train or whatever, when he noticed someone got their car stuck in the train tracks. by the time the train hit the car all the people were out thank goodness, but one witness said that the train hadn't even tried to swerve out of the way.
    I mean whaaaaa?

  13. I'm a SFX makeup artist and the amount of people who don't understand why we need a deposit is insane legit don't get mad at me I loose money if you cancel

  14. I’m extremely sorry for what happened to Frances that’s absolutely horrible and so gross but I don’t blame the girl for not being able to control her sickness.

  15. Can we take a moment and appreciate the beautiful shade of lipstick shanee is wearing… Girl you look fine!

  16. Not a make up artist but a gentlemen's barber…so can empathise!
    I was lucky enough to have a great rapour with my regulars and had a fantastic clientele. But we all have nightmares from time to time……
    So I was very newly qualified and still classed as a junior stylist, so my boss used to pick my clients for me, until I built up confidence and speed.
    So this particular day, my boss tells me that I have a client waiting in reception, so I go through and gown up my client.
    Asking him what he wanted was like pulling teeth; I could literally only get yes and no answers out of him and just knew this was going to be a challenge.
    I started cutting away but this chap would not sit still and no matter how much I asked, he kept moving.
    Walking round the side of him, I soon realised that the cause of him moving, was due to the rapid hand movements coming from under the gown.
    My face turned scarlet and I was getting closer and closer to tears; in complete despair because my client is having a "Thomas Tank" under the gown.
    I had no idea what to do, so I downed tools, burst into tears and ran off into the staff room, hysterically squealing about my 'disgusting client ' who was 'playing with himself' under the gown.
    My boss appeared by now, looking horrified too, so I felt somewhat relieved…..until she explained to me that my client infact….. had Parkinson's disease!! 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  17. I got my makeup done for prom this year and whew I cried. She complained that my eyebrows were different and that even makeup couldn’t even them out so I had to go home and fix it.. the foundation was way too light and she said I was difficult because I wanted color correcting.. she also bronzed only the tip of my nose with a cool blue brown shade.. worst time of my life..

  18. I modeled when I was a teenager and I was in a really big show, where of course they had hair and makeup. I got my hair done but the guy doing makeup was a pretentious perfectionist. He knew he had twenty models to do and yet in three and a half hours had only done five. So I did my own makeup because it had to be done. He had the gall to tell me my makeup looked trashy. /sigh some people’s kids.

  19. Could you do a “Servers tells their horror stories?” I would looooovvvvve to be apart of that segment

  20. Last time I had my makeup done by a “professional” they make my skin 2 shades paper and gave me Oscar the grouch eyebrows. Never again.

  21. The second bride might have had anxiety. I dealt with severe anxiety during college without realizing and was often so stressed to the point of tears that I’d throw fits without meaning to. I hated acting that way (and confused as I never had before the condition) but was in so much pain that I literally couldn’t control it. Wouldn’t wish that feeling on anybody.
    Some people lack the mental/emotional resources to cope with distress, especially under time pressure—while it’s not a service provider’s job to pacify them, a reassuring word can go a LONG way.

  22. When I was in primary school I was doing a play and I played a goblin and my face had to be painted green. During the performance I started feeling very itchy but still continued to act. Basically what happened was my face swelled up without me knowing and straight after that my parents took me to hospital. My great memories of theatre makeup.

  23. I just thought that someone should say this Shanae the makeup artist eyes are beautiful like they're so shiny and pretty I just thought I had to say it

  24. My step mom is applying to cosmetology school and she loves doing people’s makeup Bc she was a model and she loved getting her makeup done and she used to help people with their makeup just like three months ago we went to a birthday 8 hours away just to do a girls makeup I thought it was fun but she doesn’t know Bc they’ve told her about it I think they would call her this month or next month

  25. First story sounds like the girl may have Crohn’s disease and took meds on an empty stomach even thought her mom told her not to. Throwing up and passing out is almost normal for some of us lol

  26. I do make up and ice to do Halloween make up all the time in my high school and when Halloween is coming around people were calling me and asking me to do their make up I had a lot of people who wanted to be Harley Quinn a zombie and I would do their make up and they will give me money usually charge between five to $25 depending on the look I had one girl who asked me to do her make up she said she would pay me more than what I asked for the only thing she wanted was to look like Rihanna when Chris Brown beat the crap out of her and I’m like are you sure you want to do this because we are in high school and that’s very inappropriate especially the topic she’s like no just put bruises on my face I’ll just tell people I’m a person who got beat up and it’s like but you just told me you wanted to look like Rihanna when she got beat up and it’s like yeah I want to do those kind of bruises on me but I’m gonna just tell people i got beat up. And because I was only 16 at the time I agreed to do it because she paid me $35 and she went throughout the day telling people that this is Rihanna when she got beat up and I was so disappointed in myself and felt so disgusted and I wish I said no

  27. I work in a law firm, I’m a paralegal. I deal with people’s personal LIFE. Boy do I have stories! Just today we had two crazies. Common sense isn’t so common. I seriously need to write a book because no one ever believes me when I tell them about my clients lol 🤦🏻‍♀️

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