Makeup Artist Vs. Drag Queen Makeup Challenge

oh there are definitely aliens out there like because we’ve found life in places that we never thought we’d find it you know in the depths of the ocean and and in my heart yeah yeah hi guys I’m Alex faction and I am a professional makeup artist my name is Johnny Reinhardt and I am a drag performer and today oh yeah unisons cute and today we’re doing a makeup ciao oh we got this and today only bad thing is and today we’re doing a makeup challenge rushed it well you crushed it I think it was right I led the way came with me so I’ve been doing drag for about six years I’ve learned makeup through sort of friends have taught me friends that are more qualified than me and a lot of YouTube tutorials and just a lot of practicing I’m a little nervous I mean Alex came in here very legit he’s got the gorgeous makeup kit and I’m like the ziploc bag Queen over here I got my like 99 cents store cosmetic bags I’m the underdog in this one but I’m gonna I’m gonna go for it so I’ve been a professional makeup artist for about six years and I also have a YouTube channel where I like to tutorial eyes kind of what I’ve learned and I also do like a little bit of like special effects and like body painting and all that kind of stuff and I’m nervous queens don’t play we don’t know what we’re doing today I brought damn near every palette that I have everything that I have there is a theme there is a theme which we don’t know what is the theme thank God I did not write well I can I’ll share with you thank you are you ready I mean ready as I’ll ever be four three two one blast off some of the things that have popped into my head are alien popstar David Bowie Jem and the Holograms meets you know intergalactic fantasy Michael should the color purple the fun thing is like I just kind of jump in and then I kinda I see like like before the wind takes me well I’m starting the way that I always start which is by covering my eyebrows that’s just my go-to and drag and especially would it look like this it really works I always kind of feel like an alien when I have no eyebrows on I’m just sort of starting with this one shape and kind of seeing where it goes my brow coverage is a little bit questionable at this moment but we are gonna make it work honey if I lose a few brow hairs in the process it’s the name of the game honey no I didn’t say that I’m totally making this up [Music] as a drag queen I think one of the hallmarks of drag makeup is using products unconventionally eyeshadows his lip liner lipstick is blush you know whatever things are designed a certain way but I think it’s up to you as the artist to take it to the next level so I started off with like a little bit of water activated face paint to do the highlights first and now I’m going in with some purple eye shadow it’s easier to blend shadow than it is to blend paint okay I haven’t actually looked at your chickadee oh my god oh my god you look cool oh cool I did see your cheekbone um it looks like Alex is kind of going for a galactic star you know exploded star and smoke a some nebula I feel like you’re giving me space cleaned or like they got like a moon princess [Music] it depends like if I’m like really inspired to do something I’m like in my face is just here I’m like so stoked and was so in it but I also like really like to get creative around someone else’s idea to be a part of a project to like be a part of it in a way of like translating like their vision and to make it visual and like you can see it like that’s always been so fun for me alright I’m going in with the glitter it’s happening I love Halloween time and I just love a good old classic drag glam like I mean that’s definitely my go-to I always make a joke that I make costume every year as I go as a tired makeup artist girl because I’m usually working or filming tutorials for my youtube channel so I just like it’s like I love Halloween so much it made a career out of it and then it took it away from me bro I feel the exact same way [Applause] I’m somebody that I am very much a storyteller very much an actor and so when I’m bringing a look to life I really do like to think about who it is what who they are what time period it is so yeah this is very much like galactic pop star I’m winging it it’s kind of almost like how I explained it is like when you learn how to play piano by sound is like how I learned how to do makeup like if it feels right it feels right [Music] usually when I grab like black sheep that’s well that’s usually when I’m like I’m getting there you know like I’m a ground this like I’m like black for the grounds it or can ruin the whole thing yeah that’s the bets the teeth you’re absolutely right but also I feel like with drag makeup you could truly just sit for hours like you could just always keep blending a little more keep adding a little more you know but eventually you have to just step away you know they say that art is never finished the painter just puts down his brush I’m feeling pretty good close to being done I sort of took it the approach of like more as more like I said I already have so many gemstones on but I have this big one that I might just put right there I mean more is more yeah okay here we go I’m getting there I’ve got to put like 10,000 stars on my face and then we done get two glowing baby I am pretty much done I’m just adding kind of a couple little finishing touches but I’m pretty good we did it we did do it amazing look amazing yeah we were in completely different direction oh but I went laughs honey I like it pretty good about it I think now we’re gonna get judged yeah I’m a favorite thing in the world do you love it I mean we’re already being judged right now millions of viewers on YouTube do love it yeah judge me yes please we’ve tons of hate coming please do okay so I am the judge I guess can you guess the theme feels a little bit cosmic mmm like very galaxy yes going off of your face I feel like I see elements of the cosmos within you mm-hmm we’ve got we’ve got like a my therapist told me the same my guest for the theme is like galaxy or cosmos out of space I can’t do this oh listen you have to choose one Nina that’s hard I stand far away and I like I still get it I could probably guess it was a cosmos from beyond where as I look at you and I feel like I wouldn’t get it from far away but like I come up close to you and I feel like I can really appreciate like the details but like a painting like I think no nobody took my hands I want to say that I appreciate both of your work that you have done today and you were both actually winners to me I’m being forced against my will to pick but I think I have to go with Alex I love you and appreciate what you did it’s like a matter of like a hair of difference and a hair of preference because I feel like you could bring somebody else in here and they pick you sooner this is a very fair and diplomatic judge yeah thank you tribe would you say that these looks are out of this world I’m into job ready did you you won let me have that [Music]

100 thoughts on “Makeup Artist Vs. Drag Queen Makeup Challenge

  1. me: omg that looks so easy i can totally do that
    me:*does the make up look*
    me: dangg i look GOOD
    mom: comes to my room
    mom: omg who hit you?!?😱😱

  2. Honestly their looks kinda work together in a way like the drag queen lives within the make up artist’s face and its this intergalactic vibe like I love it. But def as an artist I do admire the drag queen’s creativity a lot more. Both are amazing tho ofc

  3. OMG BEAUTIFUL!!!! I can already see a story forming between the two, not only is your makeup tells but your personality also adds to a story.

  4. Both are so talented! I personally don't think you should pick a winner with this stuff, because both are amazing pieces of art in their own way!

  5. I think they both did a wonderful job but the mua was so literal, like the theme was to do ‘outer space’ and he literally painted space on his face

  6. I love how both did it but the drag queen did really good with the theme. The makeup artist to me looked like he got punched in the face because of the purple. But the drag queen you can tell it’s something like outer space the way he did it.

  7. Drag queen: "Okay, it seriously took 4 hours, oof!"
    Me: "Okay, 3 hours have gone and I'm doing my foundation, this is a goal".

  8. I would never judge. Both are so amazing and it's great that they both found makeup to confide in. It's tough with it being a new thing

  9. I LOVE how supportive and encouraging they are of each other! That’s what our community should always be about 😄❤️💜💛💙💚🧡🖤

  10. They both looked great! I think I’d give it to the drag queen just for the rhinestones and straight fierceness.

  11. I love how one made his face into space art and the other put space art on his face! Two totally different approaches but they work really well

  12. I love the different aesthetics! Alex is such an amazing artist and Jonnie an amazing performer. I have a thing for ears and Jonnie's are giving me life…he's such a cutie! ❤

  13. This was pretty cool to watch. The Drag Queen feels like a still life sculpturer and the artist feels like VanGoh painting. Both needs skill but it's the artist that feels creative.

  14. They're literally in a competition against each other but they are so supportive and polite. Come through positively 😊

  15. "I would like to say that I'm being forced to choose against my will", Nina is just too precious. I can totally understand though, they both did an amazing job My personal preference is Jonnie's make up though. Can't resist the glitteeeeeeeeeeeeeer xD

  16. Some purple and white eyeshadow against a full face of Star Wars Princess galore? Girl… I’ll go with the drag queen.

  17. I can totally relate! I used to go to Pride as a spectator, now I haven't seen the parade in over 5 years because I'm in it! Which is totally fine and worthwhile but every once in awhile I want to sit down and watch the parade go by instead of walking in it!

  18. They both aced it in my both! I loved that they both had two vastly different but both gorgeous interpretations of the galactic concept.

  19. I actually enjoyed Jonnie’s makeup!! If I was the judge you would be the winner ♥️♥️ no hard feeling Alex

  20. I'm sorry but the drag queen DID NOT look like he was doing a space theme🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

  21. I absolutely love both of these and the fact they went in completely different directions.
    It fascinates me, how differently people can interpret a word and bring it to life.
    They're both artists in my eyes 👏🛸🚀👨‍🚀👨‍🚀

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