Makeup Artist Recreates A Pennywise-Inspired Makeup Look

oh I look terrifying hello everyone my name is Sarah and I’m a makeup artist today we’re gonna be turning Chloe into a inspired makeup so clowns are really having a good time we’re having their moment right now because at the latest it movie and yeah I’m really excited so let’s go and turn in Chloe into a clown [Music] so right now I’m going to be putting her hair into pigtails I wanted to give it a little bit more of a clowny look we’re gonna go ahead and get started with the eyebrows are we using glue stick and so I go in the reverse direction to get all the glue in and then I go back with a spoolie and comment in the direction of the hair so we’re going to use my wrong white setting powder so then I’m going to go to yeah okay and then we use a brush to brush off the excess and do a little bit of color correction because as you can see if you look closely they still see some of the gray of the eyebrows so left over let me go ahead and using a color corrector wheel I’m gonna take buff it out a little bit on the brush this is some color in there I’m this girl lightly but somehow aggregate put some cream on top of that we go ahead and powder that again okay here we go and then we’re gonna brush off the excess this is a very white like cream body paint like makeup okay we’re gonna start making the base of her face white I’m just gonna go stipple it it on a little bit now with makeups like these especially if you’re doing something scary it’s okay if things are not perfect because you want that roughness you want that grand eNOS of the character so if you do this at home have fun doesn’t have to be perfect honestly they look good so because we’re gonna be applying a lot of powder on our face which is give you the same white powder we used earlier I decided to put a cape on as well as pinch some of her hair back so it’s easy easier for makeup application press that in and this helps seal the base so now we’re gonna get started on some painting so we’re gonna do the eyes first I’m going to start applying it over the lid I feel like my face doesn’t move hopefully anymore we’re not going we’re not going completely for Beauty here we’re going for a little bit more on the scary side yeah I’m gonna take that a little bit we’re gonna go over the lid and then we’re gonna be using a black powder black eye shadow powder I’m just going to be blending up with the body paint edges into the rest of the eye and I do a little bit dark eye shadow here and then I’m kind of bring it down where I’m gonna put the line and I’m gonna go ahead and use a mascara I want a bloody more bloody resume go into this darker right here so his lines go all up here I’m just marking where I need to put my lines yes I can see where I’m marked everything and then we’re gonna start putting in lines so I’m going with the grey and putting in some little wrinkles here and there making a little bit more dirty looking at some shade to the news I’m gonna dab it on just Dabba Dabba Dabba Dabba Dabba [Music] [Music] oh my god oh I look terrifying oh my god you that’s so good Wow it’s confusing because it’s like a horrifying look but like the glare is so pretty I love it [Applause] okay children [Applause] [Music]

9 thoughts on “Makeup Artist Recreates A Pennywise-Inspired Makeup Look

  1. This isn't an "inspired" look, its straight up recreating pennywise
    I would've preferred an actual inspired look, something kind of everyday or maybe a night look

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