Makeup Artist Pro Kit | Primers, Powders, Setting Sprays

Good morning! I look a little different
today. Today is the first part of “what’s in my pro kit”. If you want to see how I
created this look, I will link that here, somewhere. I’m supposed to be Wednesday
Addams, I don’t know if you can tell. Just got a message and got distracted.
Alright, let’s do this again uh, nevermind, let’s just get started! So I’m
gonna show you the Züca I have as a whole and then I’m going to do the first
little insert, which is going to be primers and powders and setting sprays.
So if you’re interested in knowing what I carry in my kit on a, not daily basis unfortunately, but when I go to a job, then just stay tuned; and I’m going to do this
in a multi-part series, so it doesn’t get too long or too boring. Ok, so here I have
the Pro Artist Case from Züca. This is actually a seat, that can hold up to it
think it’s like 250 kilograms or something like that, you pull this out
here and you can pull it uh pull it, this is a suitcase with two large wheels. It’s
very important that it has large wheels, so you can really go over any terrain,
some really cheaper ones have small wheels like this and it doesn’t work as
well. Also, you can get spare parts for this, so you can get new wheels, you can
get… I got this new bag because mine was already ripped and you can get only the
case as well. So this is… the pro artist… this is the best investment I’ve ever made, since
I’ve become a makeup artist. I promise you, there’s so much that fits inside and
you have pockets on this side here. I will show you accordingly to the area of
the face, there’s pockets here as well and then you open up this front pocket
here and it comes with four large inserts and one a small one. This is the
one we’re going to do today. This is primers and setting sprays and stuff
like that. This one is the smaller one and then
here, for example, you have eyes. This is a larger one.
It has a little handle on here, so you can pull it out and you can also label
it, so you know which one you’re pulling out and they’re clear on the top you, can
see the slight difference here, actually, you can’t see it very well, but there is
a size difference um and it’s clear on the top, so it’s great to see what is
actually inside. You can lay these out on a table, or on the car or wherever you
are and yeah, then you have more storage space right in here. I have my hair clips
here, I have some sponges, I have some straws, because especially models, they
have to wait a long time until the photoshoot or the Fashion Show and if
you have put lipstick on them you don’t want to have to reapply that, so you need
straws for them to drink something, you don’t want them to, you know, collapse.
This is just like safety pins, a sewing kit, some band-aids and a nail file. Then
I have some blotting paper right here. These ones are from NYX with tea tree
and I have some pain medication, some more blotting papers and then I also
have some blister band-aids. These are all kind of things you just like learn
when you go along, that people will need those kind of things. So the
inserts I have here, the one I pulled out here, is primers, setting sprays and powder.
Then this is my eye insert. I also put a brush kind of holder in there, a brush cup.
See you open it like this, I put this on the table and I put my used brushes in
here, especially if I have two people to do that day, then I put one set of
brushes in there and one on there and so I don’t get confused which ones I used
on which face. The next one here, I labeled this contouring, conceal, but it has
changed since then. This is like highlighters, cream blushes or blushes in
general and bronzers and stuff like that. Contour as well. This is the lip insert
and the last one is the face. Foundation, foundation mixers and concealers. This is
the back of the Züca, so you can put a business card
right here and there’s also a little more space in here. You can actually take
this complete inside bit off and clean it and wash it, if you like. It’s so
sturdy, really, I’ve had this for I think two and a half years now and the only
thing I had to change, let me show you, was this, because I packed it so full
that the zipper was pulling here and this threading came apart. I could have sewn it,
but I really didn’t want to. So I just got a new one, because it was kind
of dirty as well, so two and a half years, that’s the only thing I exchanged. The
wheels look damaged, but they still work really, really well, so yeah, let’s move on.
I will… over the next few weeks we will do the inserts and next up is primers,
setting sprays and powders. Here I have the first insert and this is primers,
powders and setting sprays, I believe. Maybe we’ll find something else as well
and these plastic things tend to get pretty dirty, so you have to clean them. I
have to clean this regularly, it should not look like that. That is not good. All
right, let’s start and what I have here, the setting spray, so I always have the
All Nighter setting spray from Urban Decay. I think this is really great
for… just if you’re doing like an everyday kind of makeup or even an
evening makeup, but something that doesn’t agree with… this one right here.
This is the Mehron Barrier spray, which is really a theater setting spray
um it doesn’t agree with some foundations though, so you really have to
experiment with it, but this is amazing for weddings, for theater, for any of that,
all that kind of thing. Then here I have the NYX Dewy Finish, what’s it called? Fini Velouté long-lasting setting spray. This is just my version to have something a
little more dewy. I think I’m going to want to get the Catrice one though, to
try that one out and I also have the essence glow to go illuminating setting
spray. The spritzer on this is terrible, terrible. It makes big droplets, but if
you put it in with a sponge, this gives a really, really
beautiful glow. As a base ,I have the Embryolisse Lait Crème Cocontré.
This is like a… every makeup artist has heard of this and probably owns it. This is
just a great moisturizer that works well with so many skin types. Another cream I
carry, is the MAC Strobe Cream. This one is in silver, I think. I mean this just
means silver. This is just a regular one. This is a great moisturizer as well, but
it just gives a really nice glow. As a cruelty-free alternative, I have the
Make-up Studio, but I want to use this one up. Another cream is the Elizabeth Arden
8 hour cream. I do not use this as a moisturizer though, this is like a secret
tip that I got from a photographer called Felix Rachor, to get that
really dewy kind of skin and not highlight but on
the cheekbone and all of that. This is basically like Vaseline um if you just
use this on…. on there, see, look at that shine that you get! So photography…
photography when you want a really dewy look, this is a great thing to use. this
is the MAC Oil Control Cream. I use this when I can see that a client has super
large pores and tells me that they have very, very problematic, oily skin or not
problematic, but just oily and I just put this on as a base, so the oil is
controlled a little more. As primers, here I have the Hourglass Veil mineral
primer. This is a great silicone primer. It just… you don’t need a lot, it has a
high price point, but I think it’s justified. It just really smoothes
out things and it’s super nice on the skin and it just feels luxurious, if you
know what I mean. Here I have the Smashbox Photo Finish foundation primer.
This is in radiance with hyaluronic acid. This is great, because it minimizes pores
and it also hydrates at the same time and it also gives a really, really nice
glow. Let me swatch that for you there. See? Oh you can’t see any of that!
It just gives this really, kind of underneath glow and as I said, if
it’s someone who has skin that is not super hydrated, this is a great option.
Then as a water-based primer alternative, for certain foundations, or if a client
doesn’t do well with silicone, this is the Too Faced Hangover Replenishing Face
primer. I haven’t tried this out too much yet, but when I’ve tried it out, I do like
the way it smells, it does smell like coconut and I like that, but some people
might not like the fragrance. I haven’t had any complaints. I think this is a
great water-based primer. As a pore minimizer,
I have the Smashbox Photo Finish foundation primer in pore minimizing.
This, if you’re looking for a cruelty free dupe for the Benefit Porefessional,
this is it. This is a little harder in consistency, oh this is still closed, I
haven’t used this, it’s a new one. Let me open that. Um I can’t open it. It’s not quite as
smooth as the Porefessional, but it’s pretty smooth and it just really does
wonders for the pores. Here I have the Merohn Skin Prep Pro, this was
originally known as No Sweat. This is pretty much just like pure alcohol, that
is not very good for the skin, but if you have a very hot day or you’re doing
theater makeup or something like that, this is a great toner to use, so people
don’t sweat as much. This also kind of sometimes reacts weird with foundations,
so watch out for that, but this is a great trick for weddings as well, in the
summer. As a setting spray (*powder), I always… I used to use the Laura Mercier
translucent setting spray. I used… I used that up fortunately, because it’s not
cruelty free, so now I went back to the Ben Nye Neutral Set colorless powder,
because it’s just a great all-around colorless powder. If you’re doing special
effects, or a normal makeup or any beauty makeup, just… this just works really,
really well. It doesn’t have too much of a color to it. It does leave a little
bit of a white veil sometimes, if you use it on very deep skin tones, but this is a
great powder. Then I have the Kat Von D Lock-it powder or setting powder in here.
I don’t use Kat Von D products on my channel anymore, because of very known
controversies of hers. I do want to finish this though, because it’s a good
powder and yeah, so I’m gonna finish it on people that pay me to do that.
And the last ones is, that I have, these MAC Mineralize Skinfinishes, in four
different colors. This is just to me a great setting powder, if I need a
little bit more coverage, so for example for photography, when I really need like
a super, super flawless finish, this is great to put on after your foundation, or
even to balance out some of that foundation color. You can also… this is a
great tip if you have pimples, that you just popped and that are wet, you can
take a q-tip and rub it in here and then put it on the pimple and it will take
some of that color. It’s probably not very hygienic and good for the pimple,
but it does the trick to cover it. I have this in the colors Light, Light Plus,
Medium and Medium Dark. Um Medium Dark is really not very dark, but yeah, I have to
get this in a darker color as well, so I can really cater to all skin tones. And
that’s it, that is all that is in that, okay, now that is open, I can just go
ahead and clean it. So that is the first insert of my Pro Züca, I hope that you
liked this video, if you did you can always subscribe, I would really
appreciate it and if not I can see you every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
at 7:30 p.m. Austrian time, 1:30 p.m. Eastern Time and
I really hope I’ll see you next video! Next part is gonna be probably the eye
drawer, so if you’re interested in that, I will be sure to upload that next week!

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  1. Thank you for making this video!! So helpful! I have noticed your scars in your videos and just wanted to say that I have a history of self harm and other issues as well – makeup helped me too!! So good to see you are successful 😀 i love all of your instagram photos and am so glad i found your channel!! ♡x♡x♡x♡

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