Makeup Artist Essentials | Non-makeup Items

Hey my little artists! So today I want to
talk to you a little bit about essential items you should pack in your pro kit,
that are not makeup. I carry quite a lot with me. Of course,
you don’t have to carry all of these, I just like to be prepared
for most things, you know, I’m German and I over-prepare. So here is one, for
example, one bag that I actually put into my Züca, that is completely filled
and there are a lot of things that you should consider, especially if you’re
starting out. If you’re a beginner and you want to become a makeup artist, maybe
I can help you a little bit with what you should pack and bring with you.
So the first very important thing as a makeup artist, is disposables. So I
always bring with me a lip wands, disposable mascara wands and sponge
applicators. The things I have seen from other makeup artists. It’s pretty gross.
Don’t get into a habit of not being hygienic, you have to have enough time to
be hygienic, otherwise there’s no point in doing it at all. Um mascara wands,
obviously you don’t want to use the same mascara wand on every client, so you dip
in the mascara wand, you use it on the eye and if there’s no product left, you
throw it away. You do not double dip. You always take a new wand. Then lip
wands come in handy, especially for things like lip balm and stuff like that,
or even lip gloss, but I do carry lip brushes as well, but these are just, you
know, I… particularly I use them for lip balm or if I have a lot of people in a
very, very short amount of time and then I use these. The sponge applicators. I
hate using these. I just filmed a video, you would have seen this on Monday, if
you want to see that, I try out the tutorials in the Kevyn Aucoin Making
Faces book and he uses sponge applicators. I carry these, because if
somebody has pink eye or something like a stye or something that is very… not
good if you get that on your brushes or anything else for that matter.
If you want to see a video about, you know, how hygiene for makeup artists and
of course I can do one of those as well. So I carry these in that kind of case. If
I have a client with pinkeye, I use sponge tip applicators. Then of course
I carry q-tips. I prefer these, that have a very sharp top and then this kind
of flat top. These are not a lot more expensive than normal ones. I find them
in my in my normal drugstore. If you’re in Austria, I find… they do have these
at Bipa as well as DM and this is just really great for cleaning up and doing
precise kind of cleaning up work and this is good for smudging and things
like that. Then I always carry chewing gum, as well as mints. Chewing gum is not
always at the best, because you don’t want, you know… you can use chewing gum
like on the way there and then you have fresh smelling breath. You’re very up into
faces when you do makeup, you know, you’re very close to your client, you do not
want to have a bad breath. A lot of times clients have bad breath. I
am a nonsmoker, a lot of my clients smoke and I hate it but you know, obviously I don’t say
anything but I can make sure that my breath doesn’t smell. Mints are better if
you’re having them while you’re doing the job, so you’re not there like chewing.
Of course hand disinfectant is extremely important. Make sure you use enough of
this. Don’t only use like a pea-sized amount. Your hands have to be absolutely
immersed in this for it to work properly; and while we’re at disinfecting, I carry
70% alcohol. This is isopropyl alcohol. You can use
normal ethanol. 70 percent for disinfecting. The reason being… I know a lot of people
don’t know this, they think the higher percentage of the alcohol the better it
will disinfect. This is not the case. 70 percent um doesn’t evaporate as quickly
as 99% or 90%, which evaporates too quickly to actually act on anything, so I
use this to cleanse my powder products, to cleanse the back of my brushes, for
example, anything. But you want to make sure, you use enough and you let it sit
there and do it work…it’s work. Then I do actually also carry a 99% alcohol, but
mostly in my set bag, depending on what I do. I… that… the only reason I carry that,
is to activate alcohol paints for that. If you don’t know what that is, that
it’s just paint makeup activated by alcohol, that really goes into the skin
very, very nicely and a lot of times it’s used on movie sets. Then I carry a water
bottle, you never know what you need water for. If you’re not anywhere where you
have running water or anything like that, you can use a to wet your Beauty
Blender with or other sponges with. You might use… need it for hair or anything
like that. Then of course you’re gonna need tissues. What I like to do, if I…
because I use them as like a resting um… some people use a powder puff, I like to
use tissues for this, but I don’t want to waste a whole tissue. Also it feels nicer
if you have a single ply. So what I do, I actually sit there like about once a
week… Excuse me! Coughing. Still sick. I actually
take apart the tissues and fold them into little squares like that. I just
prefer it that way. Of course, you do not have to do that. Then I bring paper
towels and disinfectant wipes. The paper towels I can either use to lay
flat on the surface, where I’m going to put my product and my brushes and all of
that. It’s just more hygienic that way. Before I do that though, I like to wipe
it down with a disinfectant wipe. Sometimes I bring a towel to do that. So
I bring two towels usually with me on a job. Just in case somebody needs to wash their hands and there’s no towels or anything like that; and you know, just to
lay it flat. Your clients will feel safer with this, especially if you’re in an
environment where it’s not as clean you know;
and it’s just good to, you know, keep everything hygienic overall. Then what I
bring with me is this little cape and I actually just have a short one and then
you just place it like this. You… you probably know this from the
hairdresser’s, where they use long ones. If you do hair as well and you cut hair, of
course you need the long one, but this one I feel is sufficient, just to protect
the clothing from… from makeup. From like powder that falls or anything like that.
I always bring at least two mixing palettes with me. This one I think I
just got of Amazon, but I like that it has that little hole in there and then I
bring a smaller one as well. This is just to, you know… some people use the back
of their hand pretty much only. I like to use a mixing palette and the back of
my hand. For foundation, I pretty much exclusively use mixing palettes. This
will just aid you to take out things hygienically with a spatula and place it
on there. So of course you’re going to need spatulas as well. Stainless steel is
best. Also for palettes, if you have a plastic
one or something like that, I would highly recommend that you get a
stainless steel one. It is much more hygienic. I also pack an… a little
emergency bag is what I call it, so what do I have in here? I have painkillers, I
have a toothbrush with a little toothpaste,
I have blister plasters, you know, like things you put over blisters just in
case. I have a razor, I have some tampons, some, what do you call it? Dental floss. Is
that what you call it? A nail file, some hair ties and some anti diarrhea
medication. You know, all of the things. Some normal band-aids. So all of the
things that you… AH dropped it! All of the things you can think of, that might go
wrong on a day, where somebody does not want it to go wrong, you know. Um also, I
bring with me an emergency mask that’s very hydrating and a you know, under eye
kind of… what do you call those? You know, like those patches you put under
eyes, for people with very dry under eyes. Those work wonders
if you need to have perfect looking skin, like… or on a wedding day or something
like that. Then I have this little smaller bag, where I carry tape. I use
this. I just use this normal tape to… if I want to do a sharp edge or something like
that. I know people use like extra face tape for that. I don’t think that’s
necessary, because this one is not very sticky, so it doesn’t actually, you know,
it works fine. That is what I’m trying to say. Then I have an eyelash curler. This
one is from Shu Uemura. I really love it! What I don’t like, is
that Shu Uemura is actually quite an expensive eyelid curler and it does not
sell replacement pads, which you need to replace sometimes, so I am going to
switch from that probably. I carry two eyelash glues, one dark tone one clear.
These are just the DUO ones. Then… wow, I think my sharpener exploded and now
everything is dirty. Excellent. Gotta clean that. This is the
NYX glitter primer. Really like this one. A double ended sharpener. You don’t
need anything fancy for that. I have some rounded scissors for lashes and stuff
like that. These ones are from MAC, but you absolutely do not need that. Some
tweezers, you know, you need tweezers for everything. You need it for lash
application, if there’s like a stray, a little eyelash. What do you call them?
Eyebrow hairs. I do not do full tweezing of eyebrows. That is not my job. I do not
get paid for that. I’m not even allowed to do that.
But if there’s like a little stray one, of course I can pluck… pluck it out
from there. This is the tweezerman one. I really, really like these. They’re very
sharp and they’re very easy to use. Then I just have some Mastix. This is just
skin glue. You never know when you’re gonna need that. I have some eye drops. I
carry eye drops for getting the eyes very white and also normal ones. The
ones that are, you know, make your eyes very white, are usually not suitable for
people that wear contacts, hard or soft. So I usually carry some for that
specific purpose as well. And of course some Duraline. I did a
video about this ages ago, on my other channel and loved Duraline. You
can use it for so many things. So I have that with me.
Then I always have a few rubbish bags with me. You never know where you’re
gonna do the makeup, so you don’t know if there’s….is this like ASMR? Or is that bothering you? Probably more
bothering you. You never know where you’re gonna do your makeup. You don’t know if
you have a rubbish bag and then where are you gonna put all your tissues and all of
that, you know, so that is important. Then I always carry with me a sewing kit,
especially for fashion shoots. So this has been very, very important. You don’t know
if you’re gonna have a stylist with… with you, you know, most of the time you
do, but when I started out of course there wasn’t a stylist; and so I always
carry a sewing kit with me or you don’t know when like a bride needs it or
somewhere for an event or whatever. A little sewing kit comes
very handy. Then I carry straws with me. Straws… when I see someone pack straws
I’m like, you know… you know what’s up. Because you spend a lot of time
perfecting lips and putting on lipstick and then the model or your client or
someone gets thirsty and ruins it all. You can bypass this by using straws. I have a
million plastic straws, so I’m going to use these up, but continuing from that,
I’m only going to buy paper ones; and the last thing I carry with me, is brush
cleaner. I don’t have it here right now. So you know, of course you can clean your
brushes with 70% alcohol, it works just the same way, except that the 70% alcohol
doesn’t have any, you know, properties that make your brushes, you know, not dry
out so fast. So the brush cleaner is advisable, but I would suggest that you
only use it, if you have back-to-back clients. Apart from that, it would be much
more beneficial for your brushes, if you just deep clean them every single time.
And that’s it! That’s my list. I’m sure I forgot something,
but I think this is a good, you know, starting point. So I hope that
you enjoyed this video! If you did, you can leave me a thumbs up, you can
subscribe, you can do both of those, you can do neither of those. It doesn’t
really matter. I just hope that you enjoyed watching this and I hope I’ll
see you next video! Bye bye!

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