Makeup Artist Daniel Martin Shows Us How to Fix Creased Concealer & Overdone Bronzer | InStyle

Hey guys, I’m Daniel Martin,
Honest Beauty’s Creative Color Consultant. I’m gonna show you a hack that
Jessica Alba has taught me. So I’m going to show you this trick
that Jessica Alba taught me. Sometimes if you put too much
concealer on it gets a bit crepey. It looks too heavy. What she does is, she takes the Magic Balm and diffuses it. So what it does, is it kind of breaks the pigment down a bit and just really makes the
emollient work it’s magic so it looks like skin. So I’m going to take our Magic Balm. I’m gonna just lightly tap around the eye, and then you’re gonna see that it
just really brightens up that area and breaks down any kind of cakiness from
the concealer or foundation that you’ve done. Boom! From Jessica Alba. If you put too much bronzer on — like this (laughs). and you feel like you have
so much on and you need to take it down you could always go over it with foundation. The foundation will cut a lot of that streakiness, it’ll cut a lot of the pigment,
but it also let it still come through. And what this does is it
kind of diffuses a lot of those edges, it cuts down a lot of that warmth. But then you see that it really does blend it and make it a little bit more seamless. And I am using a buffing brush all over the face with it and what this does is this
circular motion breaks down the streakiness, but also applies a bit of foundation so it looks seamless on the skin. If you feel the need to apply more
bronzer on you can, but I feel like this just kind of cuts enough out that you still have your bronzer coming through. And that’s it!

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