Magnetic nail polish review : marble nails & cute designs

Hi everyone ! In this new video, I will introduce the collection of magnetic nail polish, Magnetic Force by Color Club. They are magnetized nail polish and I will show you the colors and the different designs that can be done with it. And even a marble nail art. Here are the different colors of the collection. They are quite original compared to other collections that we have already seen until now. I have chosen three colors to apply on my nails. I apply one thin layer first and let it dry. Even if one thick layer is enough, you might want to apply two thin layers. I hence apply the second layer and without allowing it to dry I use the magnet located in the nail polish’s bottle cap. As you might see, there is an edge that prevents you from touching your nail, which is very convenient. Leave it for approximately 10 seconds and you will see the pattern that will be designed on the nail. All magnetized nail polish bottle caps have the wave pattern, this is standardized. Here, I will twist the cap at 90 degrees to be able to get the wave pattern throughout the length of the nail as you will see here. And for the last finger, I put the magnet just a little bit in the corner of my nail to obtain a gradient effect on the side of it. You now see how I tilt it; this will leave the pattern only on one side of the nail. This is what the magnetic nail polish effect turns out like. This kind of nail polish dries very quickly and is recommended. Before ending this video, there’s another nail art design. We will create a mottled with two different magnetic nail polishes. With a dotting tool, I mix the colors to create the marble. Do not forget to fill the side lines and to round the cuticles. Do not leave the varnish to dry because if it does, the magnet will not work. So as it is not yet dry, I will put on the magnet for about 10 seconds to allow the magnetic pattern to set. Here is the final result of the marble magnetized pattern. This is the end of our review, I hope that you have enjoyed it and don’t forget to download the “Tartofraises” application on your mobile phone. To access it anytime and anywhere! See you soon! Bye!

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  1. I love the French application of nail polish- here in the U.S. we paint up to the very cuticle… I will try you technique next time:) Merci ma belle

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