Luggage Organisers AMAZON LAVIEVERT

hi guys Welcome to Vihana’s Fun World today we have this Lavievert travelling bag and there is 4 bags you can get inside this so let’s open and see the bags It’s toiletries bag you can put your makeup your face wash and all other thing Anything toiletries you can put it inside here This bag you can put all your you can store all your clothes your tee shirts and pants jackets and all the things you liked to put in here you can put your shoes and you can put your t shirt and clean shoes inside this bag because its clothes bag for all your clothes inside there A Charger Bag you put this for your chargers and you can open this zip and you can put all your chargers you want there is other spaces to put anything inside you can put your power banks in there if you have lots of power banks put the power banks in this spots and then you can put your phones in there like your tab you can put it in what this for ?? this is the passport one for your pasports this bag is for your passports that’s strap you can put it around here(shoulder) so you don’t need to carry it like this if you tired of carry it like this you’re just put the strap around you so you don’t need to carry it you can put money or cards inside here there is front pocket in here and you can put cards in there NOT CARDS PAPERS put your papers inside this one when you travelling you can take this bag with you so you don’t need to take other bags with you Like, Share and Subscribe if you like this video Bye Guys

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