LIVEstream – Is It Time for a Makeup, Hair & Beauty Perspective Overhaul?

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for our if you can hear me please give me a thumbs up sound yes okay Beauty
perspective is it time for an overhaul is today’s is today’s issue now I’m
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check that out sound is fab okay great so round two let’s get back at it
okay propaganda you’ll hear from a lot of people for those who are going gray
unless it comes from a bottle that it’s it’s no good so you want to just you
know ignore it ignore it coming from a bottle it’s not the answer because you
never it’ll never be as natural or good-looking as what you get from my
nature number two propaganda from family
friends colleagues you look old before your time well who are they qualified to
say that do they really know I mean I’m looking old you can look old when you’re
when you’re thirty if you don’t have your act together you can look old at
any time you can look young you know I don’t hate I hate to say younger because
I’m trying to get you can look fresher more
vibrant more compelling when you when when you put your whole act together
the third one propaganda encourages you to worry about the wrong things and
almost nothing about the right things so as long as you paying attention to
buying products and and and going to the salon and getting coloring and all that
sorts and buying clothes here here you’re shopping you know retail therapy
that’s certainly as long as you’re doing that then you know all will be well with
the world propaganda encourages a concern over
your lines and your wrinkles and your pores
oh my rather than the bigger fuller picture all right you okay we’re back
propaganda how you look is more important than how you live and how you
love wrong and and how you forgive to how you look is important but when it’s
leading the way it should be a cover it should be like the wrapping that your
heart and soul comes in you know the cardboard box and the vet and the velvet
covered box routine okay propaganda light lips on older women
will make them look fuller au contraire there’s been a lot of
discussion about that and and I have to say that behind the curtain you know
I’ve taken some pretty pretty bad blows about I don’t know what I’m talking
about light lips erm are much better on older women that that that I thought
that I the trick is getting the right tones doing it on a corrected lip and
having a gradient look that’s what’s gonna do it and there’s propaganda you
see with a lot of youtubers these days that they have an over-the-top approach
to makeup like it takes about an hour or a drag queen approach for the vintage
femme fatale as far as I’m concerned that’s a gist and it’s disrespectful and
it looks you can fill in the blank so you know that that’s that’s that’s a
real problem as far as I’m concerned perspective management we waste our time
trying to figure out why others do and say the things that hurt us we wisely
spend our time when we focus on improving ourselves in a healthy way if
everybody concentrated on cleaning off their own front stoop rather than
worrying about what their neighbor’s front stoop was doing see when you’re
worrying about your neighbors whatever whether it’s their stoop their hair
their eyebrows their partner their whatever when you’re worrying and
concerned and all that stuff about your neighbor
you’re using up your own energy your own mental capacity that could be better
spent on improving yourself in the ways that you need to in a healthy way and I
mean it’s as far as I’m concerned throughout our lives we’re quite well at
least in my opinion improving yourself is something to to aim for because we
stop trying to improve or better ourselves that’s what makes us get old
before our time we don’t bother we can’t be bothered and if we can’t be bothered
in one area of our lives sure shooting is we can’t be bothered in
in lots of other areas so to summarise remember that you are which you focus on
you don’t have to have poreless wrinkly skin and compete with other women in
their teens and 20s to be absolutely amazing whatever age
you’re at in all the ways that truly count because it’s not just about that
lotion potion that mascara or that you know that hair product it’s not just
about that if they help us and service as a tool that’s one thing but when they
become what we focus on we are completely out of balance all right so
far I think we still have sound ah let me go back here I wanted to talk about
this showing oh and take that off when this picture in particular the trick is
packaging yourself simply and effectively it doesn’t have to be
expensive it doesn’t have to be a lot of time it doesn’t have to be a lot of
product or tools or anything it does have to have some know-how and how do
you get know-how by knowing what it is you have to do and then practicing take
a look at two sides of this same face who is it that you would automatically
want to spend some time with or talk to who what what side of that face compels
you I’m using myself once again because of you know copyright here’s that same
person with and without the one that doesn’t bother
with the egg shade hem head and the other who puts the act together and it’s
uh it’s um it’s it’s who are you going to be drawn to and studies have shown
that within the first seven seconds of meeting anybody people make a decision
about what they think you are how how intelligent you are how much fun you are
to be with how any number of things you’re judged within the first seven
seconds well wouldn’t you want to make a good impression now here is somebody who
is a beautiful person look at her blue eyes lovely bone
structure all kinds of things but look what happens when we step up the ante a
little bit reshaping her brows strengthening her lash line not with a
whole whack of you know eyeshadows and colors and stuff and taking that same
lipstick and just strengthening it removing some of the sheen but meeting
enough in the center and you know our augmented her lower lip line do you see
the difference who would you be compelled to walk up to or want to talk
to in both these pictures I mean she’s lovely in both but just
stepping it up a wee bit makes a difference okay I think the sound is
still on it appears to be so I’m going to go back up here yes sound yes yes yes
sound is fab check with us again when you put up the slide Kelly yes i can
hear sound good okay good and i think it still is working yes I can hear you yes
okay good good good good good all right let’s bring up Kat Kat says light nips
on Mia’s gastly my lips are normally a rosy color yes I totally agree with you
those of us that are that are you know on the other side of where we’re more
awesome know that to be true for sure okay hello
spiritual light for Evelyn Weber let’s see spiritually for
love this on perspective management yes you know I used to teach courses in this
in this stuff guys so on you know again everything that I’ve been involved in
I’m sharing with you okay Kathy Bruner good morning Sharon love your banks ah
yes thank you okay well Kathy these are these are a this is
a topper this is a topper and it’s got let me see yeah this is part of it here
so it just sits over top I cut these bangs out and I use them for
well when I’m wearing my hair up are using them for treasure we had a lot of
talk about this on on the the the going gray Facebook page the other day and and
you know and especially for women whose hair is becoming fine and thin on top
cutting bangs is not the answer because those bangs could be added into the
length of your hair better to wear a topper instead if you like this I can
show you what I did and how I wear it and the various ways and the thing I
like about a top or two is that you can wear your hair up and your whole hair
line is all free so so it you you just simply can’t tell okay
Patsy makeup should enhance not covered divert the eye to our assets and stop
trying to camouflage everything I agree only camouflage whit needs it you know
if you have rosacea example asthma vitiligo if things of this nature or
chemo burns or it that’s when you bring in the camouflage yeah but otherwise
it’s not necessary okay sue silver I now never thought of it that way the first
seven seconds and all that GameChanger oh yeah it’s a well-known fact sue that people do you do make an impression
within the first seven seconds there’s lots of studies and documentation on
this lots maiya love going white but eyebrow color
problem well man there’s there’s lots of ways to deal with that
let me see my brows are almost non-existent but I use a print eyeshadow
too – let me see now I’ve messed up my bangs
oh well that’s okay umm I use an eyeshadow and an ax and a flat edged
angled brush you depending on your brows as when you grow when your hair goes
grayish or those who embrace their gray or white hair some maintain their dark
eyebrow color and that’s that’s great just leave it that color adjust correct
and fill in where you need to in a complementary in the same color only
maybe a shade or two lighter for those like myself and others which is the
majority who have brows that are oh how shall I say they’re they’ve lost their
their color their depth and they’re they’re just they’re just like really
dull looking that’s where the eyeshadow works really well too now for those who
have completely white brows i I haven’t seen many I haven’t seen many but I am
working on it trying to think of ways to how to address that do you you could
color it anyway I’m thinking about that but that what’s more important is the
shape and you could use a color like Omega and or maybe print or or seen
Omega and seen with white eyebrows and you could feel and give them a little
bit more umph or depth to them mixed it together and again it would take a
little bit of experimenting but that’s how you could handle white brows because
it’s your shape that’s more important it’s your shape and then there’s also
the help to with micro bleeding but you want to make sure you have good
guidelines to take to your technician and and and get the right shaping let me
see okay Colleen I still struggle with
hiding the toupee clips in my fine hair hmm well the the toupee clips shouldn’t
show the toupee clips are underneath so you you you you open the toupee clip you
go in down your hair and then you close it and that false hair sits over top of
that toupee clip so I would suggest calling that you go to my my hair
extensions playlist and I’ll show you where to get it in a few minutes and and
and take a look at that I’ve got something in my eye here yes my bangs
take a look through there because I show how how to put them in and things of
that nature there I find that make foundation make Mac a foundation makes
my skin look creepy like well are you talking about the powder or about the
liquid I’m going to assume you’re talking about the powder it’s essential
that you moisturize your face first with the dual finished powder foundations
it’s essential and and let it give it a minute or two while a couple of minutes
to three minutes to soak in and and then it shouldn’t be a problem and when it’s
all done you can it usually within 15 minutes it works together now you can
always spritz your face with water only no need for any of these sealers believe
me so just spritz it with water only take bring out a face cloth nice and
tight and then Pat your face just press some Pat that will take care
of it as well hope that helps and let’s see Vicki Hill hello from
South Africa love you Shaw Thank You Vicki welcome nice to see you here what
else have we got here Patsy says what brand are you referring
to when you speak of using eyeshadow on white eyebrows Mac Omega and scene scene
is a is a lighter version of the gray eye shadows I like print but if you use
the light hand you can use prints too believe me you can you can put it on
very light or very hairy I don’t remember you just dip in once and then
spread and keep spraying till there’s nothing left on the brush but if you
want it darker yeah a couple of dips and apply it and then a couple more dips and
you can do it lighter heavy so those would be the colors that I would
recommend how how far down this side do you bring your eyebrows does that make
sense yes it does Marilyn not too far if you think about let me get a pencil here
you know you know the lines that they show you that this is where this is
where you should you should go I say not forget to know is it in line with the
tear duct and your arch should be somewhere between your eyeball and your
and the end of your eye generally speaking now if you put
normally they used to say hold your your pencil here and go straight up to the
edge of your eye I say when we’re older to move it may be more in line with the
edge of your lip why is that because when we’re older and we we are our
eyebrows come down too far they drag our eye down does that make sense so
experiment with that you know instead of instead of it being in
with your nose make it in line with the edge of your lip see try that take a
selfie and assess okay hope that helps Kathy Brunner Sharon how do you know
what size false lashes to purchase I have a pair but I noticed in my pictures
they look too heavy yours look natural kiss number 0-2 or sultry are the best
because they work for most people’s eyes and you don’t have to you don’t have to
trim off the ends and they’re not too long or too thick I that’s why I love
kiss and what I also love about the kiss is that they they last so much longer
this pair of lashes that I’m wearing I’ve think the last time I said it was a
couple of months or three months or whatever I get I get on average three
months out of a pair of lashes with the kiss brand because they just wear so
well if you remove the glue and clean it off with alcohol you know any excess
glue when that happens sometimes and store them store them in that little
container then they should last a long long time and Evelyn Weber by the way
good evening from Germany wonderful nice to see you here Evelyn Kelley Cooksey
lotion prior to do a finish powder Olay Total Effects that’s what I use Kelley
and I don’t put anything else on now some people put on a primer some people
put on another foundation like a liquid foundation I can tell you that when you
do that you spoil the effect of the longevity of the dual finish powder why
is that because when you and and I’m not I mean if you want to wear primers great
I’m just saying what I find works now isn’t it interesting I’m noticing I’m
I’m I’m bothering I’m playing around with my bangs a lot just trying to get
them out of my eyes I think I put them down too low wait a second watch this what there I raised them a bit I haven’t worn
them in a while but I wore them because I was we were talking about it on the
page the other day and you know how to think I know how fix this get a damn
mirror that I can I’m not having to work backwards in okay now back to our show
when you have a liquid underneath the powders it isn’t that isn’t absorbable
like the the oil of olay or something similar Aveeno works well too what
happens is especially when you get into the humid weather it starts to separate
and what it does is it separates and it you can see it underneath the powder and
it helps separate the powder to so eliminate expense eliminate an extra
step or two and get better and results okay thank you Kelly patty patsy thank you you’re welcome I just got on here Sharon what is your
favorite moisturizer that you think works best for me as I just said I like
the oil of olay total seven effects and Aveeno now on one of my other live
streams I have a video that I show you what I how I cleanse my face in the
morning and in the afternoon what I use not in the afternoon cleanse my face at
night and freshen it up in the morning and what products I use so that should
answer all your questions for that I have very impairments as I have very
very dry skin no matter what I put on my face okay well there’s there’s a few
things that that might be part of that problem a health issue so it’s something
to check with your doctor okay to hydrating yourself how much water are
you drinking every day most people should drink 1 to 2 liters a day that’s
what they say yeah I know and that’s not scotch and soda or scotch and water or
fizzy drinks or or any of that stuff it’s actual
water okay that’s the difference so that’s that was one thing in your diet
are you eating complex carbohydrates enough of them with a balance of healthy
proteins and healthy fats so you want to make sure that you’re having you’re
eating more high water content foods take a look at those two issues check
with your doctor and see if there’s any medical reasons for it and and then
third moisturize your skin you know for those with like dry lips etc using
Vaseline at night on your lips and on your fingers Huff’s and use more of an
emollient moisturizer for your skin see if that makes a difference for you and
when you wash your hands which we all should be doing regularly you know use a
moisturizing lotion on them on and put it on the backs of your hands not on
your palms you want it on the backs of your hands and your forearms do that for
a week and see if you notice the difference pay real attention to how you
cleanse and how you moisturize your skin and what your diet is like and see if
that helps let me know okay serene thank you great eyebrow length tip good glad
you like serene yeah I I did something that I’ve noticed and I’ve been playing
around with in it and I think that it does make a difference Patsy
Pamela Prescott have you tried vitamin C serum I just discovered it and it works
smear it’s working miracles well again it can but it’s not the only answer okay
all those other things here’s something that that in again on perspective
management and thank you for bringing that up Patsy we often look to a fast
way to fix something you buy this lotion or potion it’s gonna it’s gonna fix your
problems when we don’t pay attention to all the other things that need to be a
paid attention to we are taught and here’s where the perspective comes in
we’re taught that if oh we have a problem like like like lipo
as an example I can remember a male friend of mine saying once well if I if
I get if I I’m starting to get a muffin top I think I’ll just get it liposuction
and I thought this is a perfect example perfect example of not attending to the
problem with all the other things that are important and then if you’ve got a
problem then okay go buy what you need to buy to help it but with just going to
buy this it’s like it’s like um it’s like mascaras right they come out you
know we’ll just take mascaras like they come up with all these different kinds
on lash blast and longer and thicker and they you know they show them on a 20
year old with false lashes that sort of thing you know that that yeah but
because it’s got high quality video production lighting everything that goes
with to making making something compelling and these people know how to
do it they’re very good at it you’re compounding oh if I just get that that’s
my answer is that mascara and how many of you have bought a product because you
were compelled to do so because of the advertising whether it’s lipstick
mascara eyeshadows whatever it is and then you find out it doesn’t work so
well or it goes in the drawer it’s the same thing with skincare now I’ve said
this before I am NOT a skincare expert that’s not where I chose to put my focus
but I do know enough given my age you know and how my skin has has worn pretty
well and what I’ve seen other people use I’m not an expert but I’m I’m I’m I’ve
been around the block with it using something that does also work is an A H
a and a retinol used alternatively that you can get at the drugstore or you can
get at polished choice go to polished choice for skin problems really if
you’re doing if you’re eating right sleeping your stress management you’re
taking care of and you’re well hydrated then go to Paula’s Choice and and speak
to the experts that they have on the page they’re quite helpful and they can
help you with that sort of thing so I hope I hope that that that that
helps pamela prescott thank you so much for that eyebrow tip i have never heard
that we’ll try it great you’re welcome okay got it Oh to kiss or sultry that’s
it both made by both made by kiss and also if you want to step it up a little
the O threes are give you a little bit more if you’re you know if you need that
but you know I I think that it’s not necessary okay
Pamela no I haven’t tried vitamin C Patsy but I will start trying okay did
that years ago use some vitamin C capsules but only for a short time don’t
need to go there and see hi where did you get your bangs it’s hard to match
the whitish gray I got mine from Yoona wigs that’s right that’s where I got
mine but they’re there now coming out with a lot more bangs and toppers and
things this is a topper like it’s gotten longer hair we’re gonna let me see if I
can grab something I think I think this is yeah this is part of the topper okay
now what you can buy is it that’s some some are selling is just the bangs just
just get the bangs alone that are go from about they but they’re just like
they just sit here for thin hair but I I’m I’m I I wasn’t happy with the way
the topper was because I takes a lot of explaining a topper if you’re gonna not
have bangs it needs to be worn back about a quarter to a half an inch from
your hairline okay for it to look right it was too heavy and too much hair for
my natural hair state it’s like when I wear extensions I only
wear one maybe two wefts just that one row to make it look thicker and fuller
when you go overboard then it starts to look unnatural so I cut the bangs out of
this topper and took off a whole bunch of other hair so that it was just more
it just the the fullness of the topper matched more the fullness of my own hair
does that make sense I hope that helps that looks a lot better sure oh yeah
lifting the the oh I have to tell you it is it is so hard being in front of a
mirror not a mirror a video camera and and and and and trying to fix my bangs
because when I see myself I see a reversed image so I’m working backwards
boy way and then trying to talk backwards from a different perspective
or mind it you don’t care and I and I don’t blame you okay
Palladio 747 Pamela having a humidifier in the bedroom overnight makes a huge
difference he did air is so dry that’s a very good point thank you thank you for
that and watching this with my mom serene she is 60 she wants to know if
retin-a is a must for looking good she loves a a chase which her skin loves
she’s wearing red then if her skin looks don’t do it don’t do it I’m just doing
it for me just because you know I can t remember why I started doing it but I
like the end results and I only use a tiny bit of this stuff guys girls so if
she loves her age and her skin looks great
let let it be okay there’s you we just because some things
out there doesn’t mean we have to use it Sharon Pam from Pamela I drink plenty of
water but it is probably my diet yes yes it can be and very much so
as as we age it you know we we really need to watch what we eat well our whole
lives and you know little things little things like reducing your red meat maybe
only once a week if for those who are carnivores which I am but I mostly eat
chicken and fish and I only eat it three maybe four days a week the rest of the
time it’s vegetables and and stuff and spiritual light for stress is a horrible
thing for overall well-being yes it is and that’s why I highly recommend
journaling for those of you follow me stress management also greatly affects
your hair it causes hair loss as well as any kind of trauma will cause hair loss
like surgeries or things of that nature but but definitely stress will do that
stress management one of the best tools is a journal write down what you’re
feeling write down all your anger or your fear or whatever it is you’re
feeling read it try to figure out how exactly what your part is in any of it
that you can control then what can you do about it start listing looking for
solutions and I guarantee you that even just doing the exercise you will implant
it into your brain and it will make a difference remember you are the boss of
you nobody else don’t let anybody else fears let their fears infiltrate you
don’t buy into what doesn’t belong to you be in charge of how you live your
life whether that’s with makeup with relationships with work or with whatever
it is okay let’s see any Lee my mascara ends up under my eyes how can I stop the
run the rocky raccoon eyes well Annie this is
why I really recommend the tube mascara l’oreal infallible tube it comes in a
kind of a purpley pinky purple bottom and white top it’s a two-step process
you put on the primer first and then you you add the mascara I like that and I’ve
had good reports back from a number of people because it has it had it’s a tube
technology now yes it all mascaras come in a tube except the old-fashioned cake
ones what it does is imagine a two at one hair one eyelash hair the mascara
wraps around it looks like a protective coating so it tubes it then you put the
mascara on what that does is it dries and acts like a waterproof it doesn’t
smudge or move or anything and then when you go to cleanse your face at night you
can just you that the tubes will slide off and that’s really important for
older eyes because our lashes become more fragile as we age so caring for
them is good so when you’re rubbing that’s why I do not recommend waterproof
mascara at all I would I recommend the tube mascara blink is another one I use
blink and sometimes what I’ve done is I’ll put blink on when I’m wearing
mascara which is very rare and then I’ll put another lengthening mascara on over
top of it because the blink mascara is is is covered and coated my eyes it’s
created the tubes and then the other mascara sits on top of it so it’s still
easy to clean off give that a try a Neely and see if that helps
let’s see people are laughing I don’t know what I said anyway Linda Gaber does
bite and help with thinning hair nails lots of people have reported that it
does one of the things that’s important to remember as we age
this is why I don’t wear bangs very often I used to wear them all the time
but um you know anyway um I did it for you guys you gals why do I keep saying
guys now what was the question something about the mascara where did the question
go biotin yes when you’re when we’re older many people are on medications
prescription medications for heart for diabetes for some and Alzheimer’s
there’s all kinds of things as we age we we tend to and this is generally
speaking of course people will be taking both supplements and medications so when
you take these over-the-counter things like biotin and other things like that
you really check with your physician first
who’s press the one was prescribed the medications you’re taking or check with
two of them if there’s two of them that are prescribed and ask them if there’s
any interaction with the biotin with your medication as an example I’m on
heart medication I cannot eat grapefruit or drink grapefruit juice who would have
ever thought right but I can’t because of the medication that I’m taking and I
checked with my doctor on the I take a large amount of vitamins and minerals I
checked with my doctor first to make sure that there was no interaction that
would be negative so I don’t recommend biotin but it’s there cuz I can’t I’m
not a doctor and none of his should be but but check with your doctor and if
your doctor feels it’s fine great don’t and don’t get me wrong I am NOT all Hail
Caesar to doctors they’ve got they’ve got a plenty of bad ones just like they
have good ones just like in every industry but search it out check check
check for you know cross negativity okay let’s see Lin rupal my undereyes are
so dirt dry I try putting oil there before conceder
by the end of the day everything is lines and looks all crackle any
suggestions I don’t know why your your under eyes are so dry I would go if
they’re that dry what are you using as a moisturizer in the evening don’t put oil
there and don’t put a concealer there and I’m gonna take and get rid of all
that stuff okay just use the dual finish powder
seriously because often times concealers are oil-based okay oil mixed with powder
is going to get crackly okay unless it’s constantly attended to so forget all
that stuff just use your regular moisturizer and make sure that you use
your serums and emollient potions and lotions for your face at night after
your face has been thoroughly cleansed that’s when you use them so in the
morning just the regular moisturizer and and then apply your dual finish powder
and stipple and what you can do is take your sponge as a second layer once it’s
on go in with a higher and then go in and press in a second coat okay press it
in that a second layer of the dual finish powder nothing else try that take
a take a selfie and and take a selfie doing it the way you do it now and take
a selfie with the way I’ve just recommended to you and see if you see a
difference in that let me know nim Pamela
Thank You Sharon I will try to get me a topper ah okay or I have very thin hair
on top it runs in my family yes I’ve never tried toppers just a couple of
weeks wig toppers would be more comfortable I think oh yeah
toppers are far more comfortable than wigs really and
and where most women tend to thin is on the top of their head okay it’s right in
through here why would you cover the hair down here
when it’s the hair up here that’s missing so yeah toppers are great and
they’re they’re making and I like the synthetic fiber that is heat friendly
and you can order toppers that have already built in curl and when you when
you wash them or Shemp or shampoo them and wring them out properly as per the
instructions and just you know flick it out hang it on a hook the all the curl
comes back in if that’s what you wanted okay so III would highly recommend that
and Anna synthetic heat friendly fiber check Godiva’s secret wigs
you know wigs they play a little bit more to the to the to the youngins but
there’s a couple of others – oh what’s her name Toni Braxton has them too so
just google them there’s there’s lots that are available and at very
reasonable prices and I think you will really like you’ll have to do a little
bit of playing around and investigating but I think that’s a good way to go
Pamela Linda Gaber thank you I will check with my doctor first then
excellent I’m glad to hear you say that John rope face primer not necessary in
my books but thank you looks like you’re wearing a tie in vest
ah thank you yeah I was some yeah this disc just to show talking about wardrobe
you see I’ve been wearing these colors this this this is probably Oh 35 years
old when something works well keep using it and even my trusty mirror just cuz
it’s old doesn’t mean it doesn’t have value in fact not only does it have
value it has a heartworm feeling when you wear it or look at it
or use it who makes the dual powder I just clicked
on others Burrell and you’ll find this information in the in the description
box below the video ladies Burrell dot-com makes it and then
there’s also the Mac Studio Fix powder foundation survey is my moisturizer
yes my sister uses that I’m not familiar with it I can’t say cuz I don’t use it
so I’m not sure but if it works for you then fine if it’s oily though it’s not
going to work as well with the dual finish powder okay well it looks like
we’ve that’s it for our questions so I just want to remind anybody or everybody you it for for the page now tuna tips if you
haven’t subscribed please do and please like I really appreciate getting the
thumbs up ladies because you know I’ve got a growing group of haters out there
and and it really helps to counter when you give a thumbs up when you like a
video I really would appreciate it for those who are interested in my advocacy
work where I’m you know I’m outspoken about issues that you need to be then
you can follow me on my advocacy channel so again please like share and subscribe
it means a lot I’m not monetized so I don’t I don’t benefit or advertised or
anything so I don’t get the same benefit as other youtubers do and in order to
spread the word about this channel it would be very helpful if you could do
that now you can also join me on my public page at Sharon danly beauty and
on my closed page for those who are aging and agreeing at the except
embracing their gray hair come join us there there is a pretty big group so
there’s rules and guidelines to follow but they are there to work for everybody
and for a make better you can go on to either page and it’s called a pay it
forward make better and I take you post a picture for me I put it through the
Photoshop Spa and give you the instructions and I’m going to be maybe
starting a new series here on YouTube where I’m going to take before and
afters and show brow guidelines of people who are interested like I showed
a little bit earlier with our our femme fatale no names will be mentioned of
course and that’s that’s part of the deal actually you know it’s the way it
isn’t photography to that the photographer owns the picture but I want
to respect people it’s going to be an automatic assumption that I will I will
use selected pictures for learning and for and for yeah for learning not
necessarily you know anything else other than that so that’s a foregone
conclusion if you don’t that then you have to let me know when
you submit your picture that you you don’t want that okay so um now let’s
take you so I just want to remind you that you
know as we get older let’s aim for the fourth for the best in classic colors
corrected in defined lines and a blended and balanced intensity no matter what
your lifestyle is the simple easy formula is is there too for everybody
okay and please remember as I said this channel isn’t monetized thanks for
joining me today as always it’s fun to be with you next week it’s going to I’m
going to be doing a mash-up of different videos I’ve done on brows and showing
guidelines and how we can make better use of guidelines to help people with
how to how to get those brows in the shape that we want them. And remember to
take good care of yourself, take care of your loved ones, the ones around you,
and a little bit of care with the world around you. We’ll chat again in a couple of weeks.
Thank you very much – MWAH

50 thoughts on “LIVEstream – Is It Time for a Makeup, Hair & Beauty Perspective Overhaul?

  1. Sharon, great seeing you this morning! Thank you so very much for all you do. Looking forward to the new channel as well. Have a wonderful week. Enjoy! Hugs, Mary 😍🤗

  2. I met an 87 year old the other day who had fiery red hair and she did her eyeshadow with a similar red tone with full sparkle and a matching lip and I’ll tell ya, I was here for it. She said I always wanted to try red hair so when I turned 87 I said today is the day! Loved it.

  3. Great show and great advice!! The sound kept going on and off. I thought it was my computer going on the fritz until I heard you talk about it.

    I was floored when you said your bangs were a topper!!! I never would of thought in a million years they weren't your own!!! They really look nice!

  4. I have been using thrive mascara and it comes off very easy, have you tried it, once it’s gone I will try the kinds you have recommended

  5. Watched your stream later in the day ( fromKitchener Ontario)…thank you for new ideas and confirmations! From stress management to red lips…thanks! Love your info and attitude!

  6. At the beginning of December I broke my shoulder. Left arm immobilised for 4 weeks. I could cope with minimal makeup, but I was really struggling, particularly with my moisturising routines, and my hair, which was long. I have had short hair before, and I really liked it, but had spent more than two years growing it out. Needs must. I had a pixie cut, I love it, I can manage it, I’m keeping it, and in the future, I can wear a wig when I want longer hair. Still struggling with moisture, but I’m doing my best. Anyway, my beauty overhaul may have been forced on me, but I have decided to embrace it. Thanks for all your words of wisdom, I love your makeup videos, Nx

  7. I love my natural gray hair. Looking at old pictures, my colored hair dragged me down.
    You are wonderful, thanks for your thoughts.

  8. My gosh Sharon, you are stunning! I think a beautiful older woman with confidence and style has so much gravitas and just attracts the eye. Even as a much younger woman I couldn’t wait to have the elegance, style, and charisma of a well put together older woman!

  9. I have been loosing my hair right down the middle of my head from my fore head to the end of the part of my hair is there any thing I can do about it or do I have to do a comb over? love your videos

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  11. My biggest problem with make up is the desire to deal with it. go days with out seeing another person. I prefer to be a recluse. I made a mixture of a light foundation with jergens lotion and use this on my face mostly for moisture and call it good. I need motivation. I love your channel here and watch the videos do it for one day then right back to my bad habits. Sigh.

  12. Thank you for all the great advice. Ive been a Paulas Choice fan for years, they are indeed a wonderful company with excellent products.

  13. I can’t believe what a vicious place YouTube can be with all these Cyber bullies…I’m sorry but people who spend their precious moments of life…with so much to be grateful for…but spend their time working really hard to hurt someone…a scapegoat…it’s sad to say but some people just love to hurt others…it’s the root of evil to me..that and jealousy and envy…no good comes from that

  14. Light lips may look better on some women, but not on me. I’m with you on lips! really appreciate your expertise and generosity, Sharon!

  15. Hi Sharon. Have to say I absolutely love every bloomin' video you have put out there. I am a 69 year old Canadian in Ontario who has no idea how to get 'live' broadcasts. How the heck does everyone know when you are on live? Is it a Canadian thing or a little old lady thing, eh? Oooops going into the shallow end of the pool, lol.. Soooooooo, If anyone out there knows what button to push in order to let me know how to be involved in the live broadcas, please let me know. It would be so appreciated. I LOVE all these amazing videos and have learned so much from you Sharon.

  16. I wish you were my neighbour and my friend. Your advice gives such strength to the soul. You really are a gem on YouTube, you are like a counselor.

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