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Hi, I’m Tobi Henney, and I’m here with Iben,
and we’re going to show you how to get this everyday, lived-in liner look. I’m going to put Laura Mercier Radiance Primer
all over the skin, and this is going to sit really beautifully under the makeup. This product really shines through under any
foundation, so I highly recommend it. I’m going to apply the Koh Gen Do Moisture
Foundation, and I’m going to start by popping it on the center of the face, under the eyes,
and pulling that outward. And I love this foundation because it’s more
like a tint. It’s very sheer. It’s buildable. And I do have quite a light approach to skin. I don’t like to use too much product. I like the girls to look really healthy and
natural. So next I’m going to come in with the Nars
Soft Matte Complete Concealer, and this is a really nice product to use just like around
the edges of the nose, where you get a little bit red. And again, using the fingers, just if you’ve
got any little blemishes. You can use this product, and just tap it
on—melt it in, buff away the edges. So next, I’m going to come in with one of
my favorite products. This is for eye brightening, and it’s the
YSL Touche Éclat. The difference between this and a concealer
is that you need to pop this more on the hollows, where you tend to get little eye bags, and
what it’s going to do is bounce that light. You don’t need to put it right up to that
lower lash line—more in that hollow of the eye. I also like to put a little bit in the center
of the forehead, just for some brightening. A little bit above the Cupid’s bow. And a little bit on the chin. And I really like to keep that part of the
face, the T-zone, really light and bright. You don’t want your whole face to be the
same color. You want to have a little bit of shading,
and then the brightness in the center to make you look more awake and refreshed. Okay, so I’m going to come in with a cream
contour product, which is the Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate, which is another one of my
cult favorites. It just seems to work on all skin tones—there’s
two different shades—there’s number one and number two. I’m using Intensity 1 on Iben, and it’s
beautiful, just to buff into the cheekbones, and then I always put a little bit just on
the temples, and just a little bit on that jawline. And I’m using my MAC Cosmetics Duo Fiber
Brush just to buff that into the skin. And you should always start at the top of
the ear, and just come down to just after where the eye ends. You shouldn’t bring your contour in too
heavy. I like to keep this part of the makeup really
soft. I’m just going to do a little bit on the
sides of the nose, just to create a little bit more dimension. It’s always nice to carry that up a little
bit toward the brow bone as well. And if you feel like you need to melt the
product in a little bit, come back in with your fingers, and just disperse the product. Okay, so now we’re going to pop a little
bit of highlighter onto the tops of the cheekbones using the same palette—the Tom Ford Shade
and Illuminate, and I absolutely love this because it’s a see-through, gloss finish,
so it doesn’t have the metallic or the sparkle finish. What it does is just make the girls look like
they have an inner glow. It’s always nice, a little bit on the Cupid’s
bow, and close your eyes, and a little bit on the inner eyes. Okay, so next we’re going to just prep the
lips for later on when we come in with lipstick, and I’m popping Mecca Cosmetica Lip De-Luscious
onto the lips. This is a beautiful nourishing lip balm. And it’s even really pretty just to wear
in the day because it enhances the natural lip shade. So we’re gonna do some work on the brows
now. We’re going to go for a really natural,
fluffy brow, and one product I’ve always had in my makeup kit is the MAC Cosmetics
Eye Brows, and it’s a crayon, so it means you don’t have to sharpen it—you just
wind up. So what I do is I just pop it through the
brow, brush it through, and that just disperses the product a little bit. I always like to square off the brow—it’s
a good place to start. Sometimes, your hair can be quite fine in
that area as well, so it’s just gonna give you a little bit more definition. Feather at the end, really softly. If you need to blend that with your finger,
go for it ’cause you don’t want to have a harsh edge, you want it to look very natural. And what I like to do is I come back in with
my Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pro Palette. I’m going to just use an angle brush and
pick up a little bit of blond, run that through the brow, and again, making hair-like strokes. Now I’m just gonna finish the brow with
Glossier Boy Brow in Blonde, and I’m slightly running that through, and this is just gonna
set all the brow hairs in place, so they don’t move throughout the day. I’m just applying Laura Mercier Secret Brightening
Powder under the eyes. I’m using a Nars Pro Makeup Brush, and it’s
a nice, dense brush, and it’s pushing the product in and setting everything that I’ve
done in place. I don’t like to use too much powder on my
girls, mainly just in the T-zone just to stop the shine. And I love to keep the cheekbones and everything
else looking really glossy. So you wanna start on the eyes now. We’re gonna begin by curling the eyelashes,
and just make sure that you get all the eyelashes into the curler. You want to make sure the entire lash line
is really even. So because today we’re going to create a
really effortless, everyday, lived-in liner look, we’re going to keep the eyelids really
soft and natural. I’m using a 217 MAC Cosmetics fluffy brush,
just to apply groundwork, Paint Pot, which is also by MAC. And these products are great just for an eye
base. You can wear them on their own, or you can
also use them under the eye shadow. Today, because we want the look to be really
easy and achievable in the mornings at home, we’re not gonna do too much eye work. So I’m going to show you how you can create
this beautiful eye just using a few products. What I love about this product is it’s really
blendable and creamy, so it goes on really easily, and then once it dries, it doesn’t
really move. So one of my favorite liners is a chocolate
or a bronzy color liner. The reason I love these shades is because
they’re quite soft. They’re a little bit more natural. They’re not as overpowering as black, and
you can wear them from day to night. And I’m just running this along the upper
lash line. Got a nice metallic finish, which I love. And then I’m coming in with a Charlotte
Tilbury makeup brush, and I’m smudging that, just so it looks a little bit more effortless. So now it’s mascara time, and I’m using
Maybelline’s Lash Sensational Mascara, and I’m putting that on with a MAC Cosmetics
fan brush. This is going to let me really work the mascara
into the root of the lash on either side. It creates volume, a little bit of intensity,
and it lasts really well. So I love using the fan brush because as an
artist, it’s a really great way to make sure that every single eyelash is coated,
top and bottom. You can also really work the product along
the lower lash line—great way to make sure that you don’t miss the little fine baby
hairs on the outer eye. So now that we’re finished with the eyes,
I like to come in with blush at the very end, just before the lips because I can gather
how much blush I want or don’t want to use. Sometimes if you do blush earlier on, you
can overpower the look too much. So this is Stila Cream Blush in Peony, which
is a classic. And this is just gonna give a little bit more
of that inner glow. And you kind of want the look to look like
you’ve just been out in the sun, a little bit of a flush. One of my secret weapons is the Becca Shimmering
Skin Perfector Liquid. I’m gonna use Opal on Iben again. It’s a cream. You can probably tell by now I really love
working with cream products over powder. Powder’s always great if you want something
with longevity. When I shoot girls for swim shoots—I’ve
shot with Tash Oakley and Alexis Ren to name a few—I always use cream products. We want the skin to look really, really dewy,
and it’s gonna add to that glow. So you wanna finish off with a little bit
of lip stain. I don’t want the lip to be too overpowering
because the eyes, we’ve got the liner—that’s going to look really lived-in, so we don’t
want to do a strong lip with this look. We’re going to use the Nars Velvet Matte
Lip Pencil in Do Me Baby, and because there’s a bit of hydration on the lips, we’re not
gonna need to use too much product. And I’m gonna go back in with my finger
and really press that product into the lips. It’s also really nice to come back in with
the Nars concealer and clean that lip liner. Another secret weapon, a longtime secret weapon
of mine is MAC Cosmetics Soft and Gentle. I love to finish with this on the inner eyes. Again, it’s going to make your eyes look
really crystal-clear and awake, and the Cupid’s bow. A little bit under the brow bone, but not
too much. Another favorite spot to put the highlight
is on the center of the eyelids. I think the secret to making the highlight
really pop is layer, so we’ve got the Tom Ford, then we’ve got the Becca, and now
we’ve got the MAC Soft and Gentle. Remember we started with the Laura Mercier
Radiance Primer, so that was really our foundation to create this glowing look. And if I was sending Iben off for a red carpet
event, I would make sure that I’ve properly set the T-zone. So this is Makeup For Ever HD Powder, which
is a great powder to use if you’re gonna be going out, gonna be photographed, and you
really don’t need that shine to pop up in your photos. And again, like I said before, it’s really
important just to stick to the T-zone and let everything else really glow. Thanks so much for watching.

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