[MUSIC PLAYING] Hey guys. It’s Rachel. And today I got the
opportunity to– not play with liquid nitrogen,
because that’s dangerous, and don’t ever do that. But there’s somebody here
making sure that I’m OK. So, I decided to
take makeup products and mix it with liquid
nitrogen, and then we’re going to smash it. It’ll be fun. So give this video a
thumbs up if you like it, and comment down below
which thing was the most fun to watch being smashed. OK. Let’s get on with the video. OK, safety first, guys. I will start with
my makeup routine. So first, I obviously do my
foundation and concealer. So that’s what we’ll
smash first, too. [MUSIC PLAYING] [LIQUID NITROGEN SIZZLING] Cool. Let’s try this now. OK. First, we start off
with the concealer. Oh, it’s like cracking. Now for the foundation. Well, now it’s a
powder foundation. OK. Now for the brushes, because we
have to blend everything out, obviously. OK. I’ve never broken a
beautyblender like that before. I feel like I’m cooking
food with oil right now. [SIZZLING] Oh, it’s like cracking. It’s like burning it up. If I could describe my
life in one scenario, it would probably be that. Round two. Let’s move on to lips. What? I’ve got to at least swatch
them before I destroy them. You know what’s weird? The Kylie one is
already at the bottom and the other ones are floating. Oh, it’s because it’s wood, duh. Like $16 down the drain. [SIZZLING] Ooh, I hear it cracking. I can’t see down there. The other one. [LAUGHTER] I might as well ruin
all of my clothes. Every single time I do
one of these things, I just hear like a
reverse cha-ching. A you’re wasting
money cha-ching. Oh. Maybe blowing on
it activates it. Science. What? Oh. I enjoyed that one. That one was fun. Time for the Kylie
Jenner Lip Kit one. Shh. Bringing out the big dogs, now. Yay for larger dogs. OK. I have eye shadow
and mascara, now. These ones are the pigments. I’m going to pour it into it. Mascara time. I have to remove
the rubber stopper. I did it. [CRICKETS CHIRPING] Now, the last thing we’re going
to do is remove the make up. I’m bad at what I do. The soap. Yeah. So this face mask
that used to be clean, but then it’s been through
some things and some stuff. Luke. I am your father. That was fun. We should also have a
bonus round of other things that just look like
they’d fun to smash. A marshmallow. [CRACKLING SOUND] Gummy worms. So, I think I’ve
smashed everything that I could possibly think of
freezing with liquid nitrogen and smashing. So, I hope you guys
enjoyed this video. If you didn’t see my
previous two video, click those down below. And subscribe right
over there if you’re not subscribed already. OK. I love you guys so much. Bye.

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