Lipstick Prince Season 1 episode 3 Shownu Cut (Eng subs)

H: Our blusherNu can do the blusher H: With handsome and cute friends H: I find them really annoying H:I like Eunkwang the most H: No.1 Eunkwang, No.2 Shownu T: Right now, it sounded like he wanted to curse SN: Thank you H: Our Shownu SN: Ah wait a minute H: It’s emmbarrsing isn’t it? SN: Ah this is hard, it’s really hard SN: Shall I cover it T: Let’s ask him. Have you seen her before? SN: Yes, in the past on the program (hit the stage) SN: She cheered on my stages N: My ideal type is a innocent but manly. I really like that. I feel for his manliness and his innocence He was very attractive SN: So.. H: Our blusherNu H: What is Shownu’s scenario? N: After drinking, I say I’m gonna go You grab me and say don’t go Let’s stay together a little longer SN: Af-after that SN: Is that the end? N: No you have to do the wall thump H: Shownu and Narae SN: Wait SN: If you drunk, you should go home quickly R: He’s like a police officer H: Show-officer H: Who made you heart flutter the most? N: Shownu-shi H: Don’t think about how to react H: Do it how you did in the first episode N: How did he react then? H: When he was picked he was like N: When he was sitting up too.. SN: Because it’s my first time SN: I thought I wouldn’t be picked SN: Thank you Today the blusher… It’s like CSI SN: when I cut it, the eyelashes go flying Shownu-shi Be careful not to breathe on them If you breathe on them they will fly away SN: How do you do it? E: The eyelashes go like this, not like this, right? SN: yeah D: The person who Narae wants to spend the most time with will get picked to do the eyelashes E: Oh Shownu you should get ready SN: Doyoung is so clever SN: Yeah Of course we will try our best SN: She really likes it SN: you picked me to do the eyelashes SN: Wait a minute N: You have a hard job SN: Where’s the thing you put on (your hand) SN: Is it this? SN: This shouldn’t touch your face N: Ah, wait N: Your gonna put it on there when your using the other hand SN: Ah you have to put it on here? SN: Why is my hand shaking? SN: I’m going pull it a little SN: I’m sorry SN: Ah, I’m sorry N: I need to prepare my heart SN: The glue is drying SN: Did I do anything wrong? N: No you did really well E: Ah its harmonious N: Ah, I’m scared SN: Why am I scary? N: Ah, wait SN: Tears, tears are coming out H: A guy who makes a girl cry is a bad man SN: I’m sorry N: He poked my eye SN: Seriously what do I do? T: He hasn’t even put on one yet, has he? SN: Wow this is really hard N: Yeah, this is really hard, I can’t even do this H: Shownu-shi if you start from the back it’ll be easier SN: From the back? H: Yeah SN: Ah, from back to front SN: I did it N: Wait H: It looks like it went in her eye N: It went into my eye SN: Really? SN: Wow this is really hard N: Yeah this is really hard D: Can he do it? N: What to do, you’ve had a really hard time SN: It was really fun N: Thank you SN: Fighting N: Fighting H: He looks like a cowboy

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