Welcome to my Legend of Zelda female Link Makeup Tutorial by Alexa Poletti. Start with a clean face and a cute Link themed
outfit. Then we will add blue circle lenses to match
Link’s blue eyes. Next we will do our base makeup. I start with concealer around my eyes, and then using clean hands, I massage foundation
into my skin. Then I use powder to set my foundation. Then a primer to prep my eyelids for eyeshadow. Next we will use a white eyeshadow to brighten
the inner corner and underneath our eyelids. We are going to use natural tones on the eyes
since Link is from the forest. So let’s add a copper eyeshadow to the outer
half of our lids. Then we will use a dark brown eyeshadow on
the outer edge of our eyes and along the crease. I bring it down a little under my eyes too
to help shape my eyes. Then we will use a white eyeshadow as a highlight
on our brow bone. Now it’s time for eyeliner. I use a liquid liner but you can use whichever
kind of liner you’re best at making clean lines with. Then we will use an inner rim brightener on
our water line. You can use white or beige or gold or whatever
your pretty little heart desires. Then we will use dark brown eyeshadow on an
angled brush underneath our eyes to mimic bottom eyeliner. Now we’ll add mascara to our lashes. Then I’m going to use a brown eyeshadow to
fill in my eyebrows. Time for blush and contouring. Make sure you hit your cheeks, your temples,
and around your chin. None of my looks are complete without Dolluxe
lashes. These are Dolluxe number six, Whiplash Attack. Put some glue on the band and wait about 20-30
seconds for it to get tacky. Place the lash as close as you can to your
natural lash line. I like to lightly dampen a Q-Tip and then
press along the lash line to make sure that my lashes are on securely. Now our eye makeup is complete. Well, it’s about that time. Goodbye t-shirt! Hello cosplay! One of Link’s most consistent and recognizable
traits is his cute blonde hair, so it’s time to shove all of my black hair
up into a wig cap. Link is Hylian, a race that looks mostly human
but has long, pointed ears link an elf. I am going to use spirit gum to attach my
prosthetic cosplay ears to bring this distinct Hylian feature to my
cosplay. Slide the prosthetic over your ear and hold
the connection points until they’re dry. If you don’t have spirit gum, you can use
eyelash glue to attach the ears, but spirit gum is just a little more secure
if you’re going to spend a long day at convention or something like that. My wig is from the Cosplay Wigs USA Princely
Linden collection. I love this collection so much. Not only is it my favorite boy-style wig because
the cut and layers are perfect, but because the collection is named after
Linden Valentine, an amazing cosplayer and one of my best friends. Isn’t it so cute? Now I just need to finish putting on the rest
of my outfit. Don’t forget to add lipstick once everything
else is done. Here is my finished Link transformation. I know Link doesn’t wear makeup, especially
not like this. But I think one of the fun things about genderbending
in cosplay is being able to use your imagination to elaborate on an
existing character. Thank you so much for watching this tutorial. I’ll see you next time! Please don’t forget to subscribe. Bye!


  1. Hi I absolutely love this Cosplay makeup and the outfit! I really want to know where you got the outfit cause it's the cutest female link Cosplay I've seen! I really want to Cosplay it just like you did it's adorable! I looked on the website but I wasn't sure which outfit it was. If you know the exact one and fabric color you used, please let me know ASAP. I have a convention in 4 months and I'm trying to get it ready ASAP. I adore your page it's one of my favorites! Anyway thanks for the awesome tutorial, I plan on using it, and I hope you can reply to me soon. ^-^ byee ~

  2. I'm surprised you aren't like those girls that make a female link version look all slutty. xD btw, I basically have became a fan, and watched your videos ALL day long, I love your videos tbh. cx and your soo beautiful, you should be arrested for being beautiful! xc

  3. Man, I love this entire video. It's so cute! I would cosplay in this. It was so cute with the ocarina, and the the potions, and  Navi! So awesome! :3

  4. I have a question! From my dp, you can see I am no where near the same colour as Link, and that's not a problem, however I wonder if anyone could advise me on if I was to cosplay him, should I go for a darker blonde wig to best suit my complexion, or stay with the same blonde he sports?
    Thanks ^^

  5. I love the video and you're really pretty but it would have been better if you'd made the costume yourself instead of having it made for you… but still, cute ^.^

  6. She is really pretty but i don't think her tattoos match her personality. Over all i love your makeup transformations

  7. did you make your cosplay or did you buy it? how long did you use to make it if you did make it? where did you buy it I you bought it?

  8. yo tambien quiero tener toda la ropa de link para maquillarme y tambien quiero esa peluca y las orejas y el maquillaje quiero vestirme maquillarme asi parecido a como lo hiciste tu quiero probar a ver como me veo gracias por este video

  9. could you do a Midna inspired makeup tutorial sometime? I'd especially like to see one imp Midna inspired. I just got a sweet midna dress from DarlingArmy and looking for tips to make the look even better!

  10. Could you do a Sheik tutorial? Or give some pointers on how to cosplay her? I want Sheik to be my first cosplay and it would help. Love you Alexa

  11. I like your tutorials but it's kinda annoying how when you have circle lenses in you look at the camera and widen your eyes as much as possible

  12. I have a bad history with false lashes. The first time me and my friend wore them was for Halloween and the glue either dried too fast or we messed up on applying them somehow. 😹

  13. Love your vidéos alexa … 😛 this one is one of my favorites…. It would be awesome if you can do one of miku hatsune…

  14. Love your vidéos alexa … 😛 this one is one of my favorites…. It would be awesome if you can do one of miku hatsune…

  15. Excellent cosplay, probably the best and one of the coolest female Links I've seen! There's one teeny tiny detail that was left out, which were his little blue hoop earrings. But still a great cosplay!

  16. Can you pretty please do a video about how you got this costume together and some information on the site that made you that Link themed corset????? I love this cosplay and I have always wanted to cosplay as Link! xx

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  18. Great job! Have you ever considered cosplaying as Merida and doing a tutorial? I think you could really pull it off

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