Lighting Design: What You Need to Know to Avoid Mistakes

Hi! I’m Paul Bauscher and I’m here at the
beautiful Ferguson showroom and we’re talking lighting design. This is a deeper
subject than we can cover in any one video and today we’re going to tackle
the various functions of lighting that you’re gonna want to consider. The three
main types of light we’ll look at today are ambient or general lighting, task
lighting, and decorative or mood lighting. So let’s start with ambient or general
lighting. This is the light that gets you in and out of a space and provides
overall light for an areas use. You typically kind of forget about this
lighting because it’s just there it just does its job.
Examples of fixtures that you would use for this would be recessed lighting, very
popular, and ceiling mounted fixtures. Task lighting is typically strategically
placed to assist you with a specific task. Think under cabinet lighting in a
kitchen or a lighted makeup mirror in your bath. It’s typically brighter and
more focused light. Decorative or mood lighting it’s going to be dual purpose
of course it provides light but its style and design contributes heavily to
the aesthetic of your space. They contribute shape color as well as their
light. As you can see around me the choices can be mind-boggling and this is
where our designers really shine pun intended.
Thanks again to Ferguson for letting us visit their beautiful showroom and if
you need more information or have questions about this or other remodeling
topics visit our website shoot us an email or give us a call. Thanks for

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