Life Changing Brushes Review – Picket Fence vs The Rest – What Should You Buy?

hi everyone welcome it’s a hedgehog
hollow so today I have another follow-up review for you so a while back I
reviewed the picket-fence brushes and you can check out that review in that
top right hand corner but today I have grabbed a load of the different Amazon
options and lots of you said to me yeah I love these pick up front studio
brushes but you can get them on Amazon are they the same as makeup brushes you
know all of those good questions so I wanted to do a follow up and talk
through some of those questions that you had in the descriptions now these are
the picket-fence life-changing brushes this is the full
set here and the ones that I used in my previous video so they look like this
and they’re silicone based and you can see here they kind of have you know this
kind of click through brush on here and you get them in tons of different sizes
so this is the picket-fence option and then I went scouting around
on Amazon there are tons of different options and I will link the ones that I
purchased in the description below for you and I’ll do them in the order that
they are in the video just to make them easy so this will be the order that I’m
about to show them to you now and I did lots of research on different ones that
are available and what I kind of felt with the best options and they’re all
around the same price point and they are a lot less than the picket-fence options
so these are one options they’re called emoji or something along those lines so
they have like a metallic piece on here and if I grab one of the picket fence
ones you’ll see they’re very very similar I mean even you know look like
the same kind of hand off again they have the same feel to them and if you
look at them from the side here they have a very similar tinting as well on
the brush and we are going to do blending with each of these as well so
you can see again I have a nice selection of different sizes I have a
thin I have the rounds I have some bigger ones smaller ones all of those
kinds of things so they’re the first ones we’re gonna be looking into
I also grabbed this five piece set that comes in a box so this one here is a
slightly more expensive option I think it was but these have a base here so you
can actually stand them up on your work surface which is one thing I really
liked about them so that you didn’t have to lay them down again the same kind of
shading you only get five in this pack but I did just like that option that you
could stand them up so we’re gonna also have a look at those on the top of their
box for now then we’re gonna look at these B’s ox or bears ox and I did slip
the Box already and the reason I picked these ones out so if I take here these
were different because you can see they’re like just silicone so I was
really intrigued how they behave with ink I have no idea we’re gonna try them
out they may be great they may not be but I thought we could try them and see
what they were like so they’re not a brush they are like silicone but we use
silicone daubers and things like that so I thought they might just give us a
different effect the other thing is with this one it comes with this little stand
that I’ve already assembled so you can take your brushes and if I was using it
a lot I would glue this in place it’s not the most stable thing I would take a
little bit of hot glue because it only fits one way like this and then you put
this on top and then you put your brushes in and it stands up as I say
it’s some hot glue I think would be the easiest way to kinda keep it all in
place because it’s very Wish wobbly but I do like the fact that they give you a
stand with it so it’s just a nice little extra and I’ve got some other storage
options to show you well collapse that down for a second so
that’s another option we’re going to explore then we have these you spicy
ones I think this is one of the bigger sets that I ended up getting so in here
you can see you’ve got a whole box with loads of different sizes I like the fact
it’s a box so we can store it really nice and easily
again if we take one out and we look at it from the side they’re really really
similar truck options you know that’s exactly the same grading on there and
exactly the same handle so I expect you behave exactly the same way and then
these ones were really fun I just bought these because hey they look super cool
who wouldn’t want to craft with these ones with the kind of pointy hand roll
so we kept those and then finally I grabbed this one which comes with a
stand and this was a stand i bought separately so this one is a stand here
that you can stand your makeup brushes in I mean the picket fences stand in
here too and again I like the idea of having a stand I’ll link the separate
stance if you already have brushes you can buy that separately but this set
comes with the stand it’s in black it has like an acrylic piece over you just
peel that off you build in it comes with the screws but this set comes with the
stand already in it as well so that’s a nice bonus so that will be linked in the
description for you as well so how do these brushes work maybe you saw my
review before maybe you didn’t so grab yourself a piece of cardstock let’s grab
ourselves some thermal web purple take two and we’ll stick it down and I’m just
gonna grab out this martini stencil this is a picket fence it’s called martini
glass and I’m just gonna stick it over the top for now alright how many pics
you spray down here so and we’re just gonna start out with the emojis and I
grab some different inks a lot of you said well what’s the difference you know
how does it blend with different inks and we’ll work through different inks as
we’re going with these different brushes so we’re going to start off with
distress ink in wilted violet and I’m just going to hold this down and I’m
gonna go over the top so you can see there I just get a really nice blend and
I can build it up to be strong and if I go down you can see how nicely that
fades out so I’ve got a really strong color at the
top but if I want to fade out my martini glasses it’s really easy which is
something I like about using these life-changing brushes and I’m working on
the tonic ultra smooth white cardstock which is a really nice cardstock for
blending too and then when I go to lift up that’s how my piece looks again
really nice effect I like the fact I can get that nice halo effect from it and
they just find it really nice and controllable with these brushes so you
can see there how that looks so we’ll leave that yeah we’ll leave this out so
that’s my emoji and I’m gonna leave that piece on the end there okay so let’s now
go I think we use this one next so we’re gonna use these ones that have the piece
on the end and I’m gonna take this honeybee mandala stencil so this is a
really detailed stencil that she has a piece in the middle that you can remove
or not again I’m gonna take down my paper I’m gonna take my stencil and you
can see it’s a really detailed stencil and I like this thermo web purple tape
I’m going to take down a stencil rather than use my pixie spray
I like this tape because it fits in a scotch tape dispenser so it just makes
it really nice and easy to use and I’m gonna start off just with the wilted
violet again just to show you a comparison that these are much of a
muchness to use and then we’ll start working with other inks so that you can
see how they all work with other rings – so I’m gonna start again just with that
same world – violet again you can get that really nice halo
effect and I can get that to come into the middle – could you see how easy and
smooth that is there’s no harsh lines it’s just really easy again I’m just
blending gently to get my nice halo and I don’t have to blend off to the side
first none of those things and I’m not a great ink blender if my England in
scales are not tip-top in general so now when I lift this off and apart from my
tape marks isn’t that great and I’ve got such a clear crisp image and such
beautiful halo effects so you can see now this isn’t going to fit in there
because they have their stand so I’m just going to stand it at number two and
we’ll put this at number two but again I love the effect that we get so let’s
move on to some different types of ink that we can work with we’ll go to that
box so these are those Bay’s ox1 these are the silicon ones I said to you I’m
really intrigued how these are gonna behave so if you’ve ever seen me work
with the tonic silicon daubers so these are the silicon daubers that we often
work with and I kind of thought well maybe these might behave in the same way
so we’re just gonna give it a go and see because crafting is all about trying out
new things and sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t
so again I’m just gonna stick this down or else I like to stick my card stock
down because it just makes it that little bit easier I’m gonna go with some
distress oxide for this one so I’m going to load it up so it’s going on to there
and it’s a weird texture hmm I’m not sure how I feel about this
I don’t think I like this so this is how it comes out it’s very kind of pinky in
effect and it takes a lot of ink you can see there it’s a very kind of painty
effect I’m not sure I like that if I was to take it off to the side it’s a weird
effect maybe I need to try it with some pace and other things but I definitely
don’t like it my ink blending so it does not behave like a silicon dauber which
if I was to use the other end of this and I was to grab my stencil back and
they did this you see I get a much smoother application on this than if I
do it with this so not a fan of using those for my ink printing but hey we
experimented and I did the experiment so you didn’t have to so there you go so
that’s that one okay we’re not a fan of that let’s try something else we are
distress oxides let’s go this really nice box that we have here in this set
so I’m gonna take out this one here and we’re going to grab a different stencil
we’re going to go with the picket fence randomness scent so this is a really
cool stencil and we’re gonna do this here we’re gonna grab a piece of tape
for a card stock and some tape frosting so and then we’re gonna grab just tres
oxides and of course oxides do blend really nice and creamy just because they
have that pigment and diffusion in them so they’re a little bit creamier than
your regular just stress inks so you can see here just how nicely this blends
together what I could do is I could blend my regular just stress into my
oxide and have different effects into them if I wanted to
and I could really kind of Halo out the edge too so if we wanted to we could now
grab one of those previous ones we used and we could go in with our other world
to violet with our regular distress and we could do that to tone purple you can
see how I could blend these two together you see how those two colors are
blending perfectly and I did grab some other inks so I can show you how other
inks Bend with these brushes as well we’ll move on to those by rather too so
now I can just slide this away and you can see there how I’ve got that really
beautiful effect on there of the two blended together it’s not cool so they
do blend really nice and they will allow you to blend different inks and
different colors together so that’s another thing that you can experiment
with so that was our third one fourth one even and now we’re going to move
into those really fun and uniform ones because baby doesn’t one unicorn in
there and I grabbed a Tim Holtz stencil for this one so I grabbed the measured
stencil again we’re just going to take down a little bit here and I’m gonna
tape on the top here and I’m going to try some garden patina so this is the
makeup blendable by wendy becky ink and I’m just loading up my brush you don’t
necessarily always see that you particularly loaded up your brush but
you can see like I’ve got a lot of ink in here and it’s just really easy so you don’t
have to do like you do with foams off to the side you can just really go straight
in with these it’s around.if to up you can see again I’ve got a really nice
impression with a different type of pink as well so they work really nicely too
and of course I love a little bit of bling and sparkle in those and I want
you to show you one other type of ink too
I’m just going to use this mini piece of mandala because I really use a different
color in here and I don’t have anything to stick this down with so so we’re
gonna use this little round one here from our last set these have a like a
little bit of a silicone II grip handle so these are a bit different they feel a
little bit more premium and I’m just going to use a tiny bit of tape up here
so we’re just gonna do the bottom of our stencil so we’re gonna use lawn fawn
carrot so this is just a regular dyeing pad this is not a speciality blending
pad or anything like that and you can still see and getting really nice
results so I can still do strong I can go out to light see nothing special
about this pad this it’s not a distress ink pad it’s none of those things it’s
gonna hold this with my nail I’m back into place I’m gonna move my
little bit tape out bravely this is why you normally have Pixy spray I’m just
gonna hope I got some of that again you can see I’ve got a really nice blend
even with just a regular dieting pad not something that’s designed to be super
special or for blending purposes and I still have a really really nice result
with that so I think all of these apart from that one that had that kind of
silicone II weird texture to it works really really nice in the same I’ll link
everything for you in the video description they all come in a really
affordable price point as well I still have my picket fences and I love to
support small stamp companies because they give us amazing designs and
everything else but I know lots of you are crafting on a budget and things and
we all like to be able to have lots of options in our craft room I also like
these ones that just have this round bottom that can sit like this and of
course it’s nice to have storage options too so again all the links will be in
the video description for you I hope you found this review useful and maybe
you’ve picked up some tips or a neutral for your craft room as well thank you so
much for joining me here at Hedgehog Hollow
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