#lgbtq #rainbow #pridemonth PRIDE RAINBOW EYE MAKEUP TUTORIAL (2019)A.MaRee Beauty

hey girl can you grab me some chips and
a soda hey you guys welcome back to my channel it is your girl
A.MaRee today’s video is a quick video that I wanted to do because I wanted to
hurry up and slide in a #pride look it is pride month so I needed to do it before
the month was over and we got this beautiful look right here hopefully you
guys enjoy it hopefully you guys follow along with it so I hope y’all enjoyed
this #pride makeup tutorial I decided to to keep the lips very peachy nude while
the eyes did all of the work so I hope you guys will consider liking this video
if you enjoy clicking the subscribe button as well as the notification bell
and I will see you babies in the next one the 99th friends they got candy and I
speak nice interior life they got drapes and they’ve got tape to touch my dick
feel like I grab crusty shit and kiddie toys and coloring books to help me find
my inspiration for these dollar store

13 thoughts on “#lgbtq #rainbow #pridemonth PRIDE RAINBOW EYE MAKEUP TUTORIAL (2019)A.MaRee Beauty

  1. Hey hey miss lady💕🌟notifcation squad 💙 loving the new backdrop..very pretty pride look.. Stunning as always🌹ur so talented..u be blending to the gods..yes! !! Thanks for sharing🌹🌟 keep growing and for sure keep shining💕🌹 have a great evening

  2. Okkkuurrttt yasss twin I see that 2k looking strong and growing love the background the look yass bihhh 😝

  3. Omg first of allllll… the thumbnail is PERFECT 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾😍😍😍

  4. living for this look! Definitely subscribing, I just started YouTube too and any support would be awesome! looking forward for more videos!!

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