Kirsty: Hi everybody, I’m Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails. In this video, we are going to do Pride Nails because it’s Pride Month in June. So yeah, Pride Nails it is. So, I’ve got load of colours. I got a load of colours. So, we’ve got Rainbow. Obviously, the rainbow is synonymous I was gonna say. Is that the right word? Andrea: Yeah.
Adam: Synonymous. Andrea: That’s the right word.
Kirsty: Synonymous with pride. Kirsty: Now, you don’t have to be gay, bi or pan-sexual or anything like that, to wear Pride Nails. You can be straight and you can also be any sexuality to go to Pride. I’ve been to Pride and I’m straight. So, yeah, we’re gonna embrace the beautiful colours of Pride. So, we have Heartbreaker, just a nice bright red, and we have Mi… Adam: Mimosa.
Kirsty: Mimosa. Like a samosa but not. Kirsty: Mimosa, nice orange. And then we’ve got Sherbet Lemon, nice yellow. And then green, we have Shamrock. Nice bottle. I do like a new bottle. And then we’ve got this colour, I have no idea what it’s called because it’s 961 and we don’t have a name for it. I’m sure it’s got a name by now. It’s a
nice, you know, bright Royal Blue and then we’ve got Glastonbury Nights. That’s purple. So, we’re gonna use those colours and what we’re gonna do is a nice Rainbow Ombre. Ombre! So, these two colours we’ll use first, and we’re gonna come down one side of the nail. So, get your side like that done first, then you can get a rough straight line, don’t need to be perfectly straight. That looks orange, it’s not orange. Kirsty: Adam don’t start with the, “that red looks orange” business.
Adam: I think it looks orange. Adan: That one looks orange.
Kirsty: That’s orange. That is orange. Look, you see the difference? Kirsty: That is orange. I’m gonna take a brush and I’m gonna pull down the centre. Top to bottom. Top to bottom. Clean the brush. I’m gonna clean up this side. I’m gonna do the same on the other side. So, it’s like a nice quick ombre. You can pop that in the lamp. We’re gonna do two coats of that. This time I’m gonna get really close to the cuticle. It was easier to get a bit of an ombre going on first before neatening up that cuticle area. And then the red. And again, I’m gonna go top to bottom but I’m gonna cap this section here, so it’s nice and tight at the cuticle. And then, I’ll just force the product to a bit closer to the cuticle and then we’re gonna come down, top to bottom. Okay, pop that into the lamp. And now, we’re gonna use Sherbet Lemon. And this is a really nice way, how to change up somebody’s design as well. You can see that Andrea has already got a set of nails on. I’m using the gel polish to create a new design is really cool thing. And again, we’re gonna
go top to bottom and that’s gonna keep blending. Now, we’re gonna do two coats of colour to give a true definition of colour. Pop me that in the lamp. So, what I’m gonna do across all the nails apart from the thumb, I’m gonna continue the ombre. I feel like this needs a little bit of yellow here, so I am just gonna blend a little bit of yellow, just to make it pop a little bit. So, the gel polish underneath is dry, so that’s set. I’m just pulling it across to spread it and blend it a little bit. I’m gonna pull a bit of yellow down this side as well. And obviously, because it’s going over the top of orange, it’s actually gonna appear to be orange as well. So, we will have like a red to orange to yellow on one nail. And I just think that stands out a little bit better. Yeah, I’m a bit happy with that. That little bit of yellow at the side. I think it’s just lifted it a bit. I’m gonna topcoat all the nails apart from the thumb. The thumb, I am going to use Snow White and paint that white. Now, I know there are other colours we could have used because there were different flags for different sexuality. So, if I’m right, I’m right now, pan-sexual is pink, blue and purple, I think. So, we could have put a bit of pink in there as well, but I wanted to stick to the traditional Pride Rainbow colours. And then we’re gonna use Snow White. Oh, we’re gonna * Snow White *. What the… Let’s get this cuticle nice and neat. And I will do two coats of white on the thumb. So, I took some inspiration from this picture that I’ve seen online, and I love the hands together making the heart because there’s something that a lot of people do. Like, my daughter is always going like that, I love you mom. She does it on Tik Tok and all that kind of stuff. Andrea: What’s Tik Tok?
Kirsty: Oh my God! You don’t know what Tik Tok is? Andrea: No.
Kirsty: You’re so not down with the kids. Kirsty: I just want…I hope and pray that this is gonna stick to this. Yes, sticking to it. So, we have the two fingers coming around, and the thumbs are at the bottom. And I can clean up with a little bit of Gel Residue Wipe-off Solution on my brush. So, this will give me a nice starting point. The fingers need to be slightly closer together. That’s all I need to do for now because what I’m gonna do is, I’m gonna add some colours inside the love heart. So, we’re gonna do the Rainbow. So, I wanted to get the gel polish on first because I could then go around this and neaten it up if I need to. Whereas, if you do it with the gel polish last, it’s gonna go over your hand-painting. So, this hand, that’s going to come around here. So, I’m gonna topcoat now. Ooh, I’ve just noticed I’ve got my grubby little finger up there. Kirsty: Can you see that little mark?
Adam: Hmm! Grubby little finger. Kirsty: My grubby little finger up there. Adam: Is that a sticky layer?
Kirsty: There’s no sticky layer, I’ve wipe it off but because I’ve got a grubby finger, I made the white a bit grubby. Kirsty: So, just got rid of that. I nearly encapsulated it in top coat. So, I’m gonna matte off this top coat after, by giving it a bit of a buff. So, it looks nice shiny as well. Pop me that in the lamp. So, I’m gonna go over with the buffer to matte it off. So, we’re gonna put some bling on just around the cuticle but I am going to use Acry Gel. So, I am just gonna buff the top surface, so the Acry Gel has got something to grab on to. And I’m just putting bling on the ombre rainbow nails. Just wipe them over with Gel Residue Wipe-off Solution, just get rid of that dust. I’ll need a little bit of Gel Residue Wipe-off Solution in my Dampen Dish for my brush, so I can manoeuvre the Acry Gel around. Now, this is It’s Clear Dear. And I’m gonna do one at a time. So, I’m using Gel Residue Wipe-off Solution on my brush to manoeuvre the Acry Gel around. So, Acry Gel is actually made to build extensions. So, you can extend the nail with the product but I also love It’s Clear Dear because it adheres the gems onto the nail very well. So, we’re gonna put that on first, then we are going to topcoat. So, I’ve got some red stones and then I want some orange. So, I’m gonna use similar colours to what is on the nail. Oh, wow! I do love the bit of bling! So, let’s finish off with a bit of Cuticle Oil. Because this one’s matte, I’m gonna try and avoid the nail because I don’t wanna make it shiny. Aww! I do love that. That is like amazing. I do surprise myself sometimes. I absolutely love those nails. Kirsty: How cool are they? Do you love them?
Andrea: I do love them. Kirsty: And I hope you love them as much as we love them. So, happy Pride Month. Is that even a thing, Happy Pride Month? Andrea: Oh, yeah!
Kirsty: Yeah! Well, celebrating Pride. Kirsty: Don’t forget, check us out on Facebook and Instagram for all of our wonderful posts. Don’t forget to give us a thumbs up because you know, you’re gonna love…don’t we… we should have, “if you love this video, please comment with a rainbow.” And I want in the comments, I want to see like, whole like, massive rainbows. Adam: Okay.
Kirsty: Cool, yeah. Adam: Mm-hmm!
Kirsty: Sorry, Adam. Adam: It’s alright. Well, I’ve just gotta sift through loads of comments of rainbows.
Kirsty: Rainbows. Adam: Because the thing is, when people do loads and loads of emojis, they get flagged. Kirsty: Oh!
Adam: So then, we have to approve them all. Kirsty: Oh!
Adam: So, thank you. Kirsty: Sorry, Adam. Sorry.
Andrea: We don’t want you sitting there twiddling your fingers. Kirsty: No, we don’t, do we? So, there you are, guys. I will catch you in the next video. Bye-bye! [Kirsty & Andrea singing] Andrea: I used to sing them, listen with your eyes. Andrea: But it’s not that. What are the words?
Kirsty: Definitely. I don’t know any of that bit. Kirsty: I don’t think there’s a listen with your eyes bit.
Andrea: I know, yeah. Andrea: Just like to sing when I was little anyway.
[Kirsty singing] [Kirsty singing]

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