Letting go of Mariel Padilla’s 42 Pairs of Luxury Shoes ( Naadik si Mariel )

Hi luxers! Welcome back to my channel again this is Anna Magkawas and I know that you are super excited in our new video today! if you saw my post in my instagram and facebook account that we went in Ms Mariel Padilla and robin Padilla’s House yesterday to get the 42 pairs of shoes owned by Mariel Gosh! even me i was shocked and after that post, I received continuous messages in my ig and fb asking the shoe size of Mariel right now, most of you guys are waiting and now I am going to reveal All of the shoes are so nice and lovely! and well taken care of by Mariel It’s our first time to go to their house Their house was big and very beautiful and I felt the excitement when I was there especially when I saw my idol Robin Padilla even my husband was so happy and ask for a photo with Robin He’s been my crush idol ever since, and I watched mostly all of his movies Ms Mariel is so lovely, even without makeup, she’s still pretty and super kind She is the same funny person as how you saw her in TV And thank you for the chocolate cake Ms Mariel, really taste good. so here! i know you are excited and i know that you are too excited to know her shoe size! And here I will finally reveal her size! her size is size 7 and here are her shoes so here!!!! Super pretty later on, we will show it one by one I will tell you the brands and to show you how it looks like when worn you can also browse Mariel’s ig, i am sure she has photos wearing them She has a lot of shoes She is not used to let go of her things, it’s just that her shoe size became bigger after giving birth to her daughter She is originally size 7, and now she is size 7 1/2 she cannot wear these shoes anymore So she decided to let go and just sell them and hopefully, whoever get a chance to own one of her shoes you also take good care of it This manolo shoes, she told me that she used this only twice and all of her shoes has sole protector One reason also is that it is anti-slip. for a safe grip at the same time to prevent the shoes from wear and tear So guys here lets take a look at each of them Lets start with her valentino shoes Mariel became a valentino shoes collector 15 Pairs of Valentino shoes! plus the other shoes left in her closet PJ: “what can you say to mariel sis? huh? Gosh, I got tired… So here luxers, we finally finish and you already saw all her shoes Guys if you’re interested, just message us in our instagram and facebook account Thank you so much Ms Mariel for trusting Luxonlineph I am sure your shoes will be well taken care of by their new future owners

73 thoughts on “Letting go of Mariel Padilla’s 42 Pairs of Luxury Shoes ( Naadik si Mariel )

  1. The shoes are absolutely stunning but unfortunately the rubber soles do not match. Christian Louboutin shoes should have red rubber soles and the rest should have beige/neutral soles.

  2. Saan po Store niyo Madam? Tsaka yung mga 2nd hand bags ba ninyo talaga garantisado na malaki ang binaba kaysa sa brand new na price?

  3. Anak ng amo ko kada anim na buwan nagtatapon ng mga sapatos puro aldo ang brand jusko kahit hindi pa gamit kung ayaw niya itatapon miya hindi ko nmn makuha kc hindi ako sanay sa mga sapatos na mataas saka wala,din ako mapagbigyan sa amin hindi kmi sanay laht😂

  4. Relate ako sa sinabi mo. True yan after pregnancy lalaki talaga paa mo. Size37 din ako before. After 2 pregnancies size 38 or 39 na lang kumakasya sakin. Ganda ng shoes but i cant afford them hahaha.

  5. woot woow walang kasya sa akin haha sayang nice collections pangmatagalan na shoes 🥰😘 ano kaya mga prices nito hehe 😉

  6. No matter how rich you are or gaano kadami ng sapatos or mga damit mong mamahalin pagnamatay ka hindi mo rin lahat madadala ang mga yan. 😂 mahirap or mayaman ka man pag oras na namatay ka sa lupa parin ang bagsak natin doon walang mahirap walang mayaman. Hehehehe 😂😝

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