Hey guys. What’s up? My name is Annika Osterlund and I filmed this video three times. So I did two different looks for Leos that didn’t turn out right, and the third one turned out mediocre. So we’re just gonna quit while we’re ahead. I definitely do not think it’s getting any better than this, and I really do not want to film this video again. So. Without further ado, this is my Leo look. Leos are charismatic and very self-confident, a little bit narcissistic, fun, warm, energetic people. So I’m really happy to be bringing y’all this look and I hope that it meets Leos’ very high standard. You know it won’t, because I never do. Enjoy! This is literally the third time I’ve filmed this video. Hopefully, this is the winning look. So today, I’m gonna be doing my Leo look. Happy Leo season. Even though it’s supposed to be the season of self esteem, I’ve been really down lately. Literally, every single time I’ve tried to do this look, I’ve ended up in tears, which is just not Leo energy. My f-ing Jupiter sign is a Leo, so I have it in me. Oh, I should turn off my a.c. I’m about to get wicked f-ing hot, but . . . Let’s just jump right into it. Let’s just dive in. So I’m gonna prime my eyelids first. It’s Leo season. That’s great. Leo season starts on June 23rd, I’m pretty sure, and it ends on August 22nd. But I cannot guarantee those dates, because, to be quite honest, I’m not sure. It’s something like that. So first, what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna take the Huda Beauty Warm Brown Obsessions Palette, and I’m gonna take this orange/brown in the top center, and I’m gonna put that in my crease with a little pencil brush. These shadows blend really well. Like, I was really surprised when I was doing this eye. It blended really quick, and I’m pleased. I do not love spending a lot of time blending my eyeshadow. I used to be able to put up with it. But at this point, it’s like I don’t even really wanna put on eyeshadow, so if I’m gonna put it on, can you do some of the work please? Leos are the second fire sign we’ve done. And we’ve also done Aries. You can watch that video up here. And then we’re gonna be doing Sagittarius in November/December. That kind of area. So this is our time to be nice and fiery, because we’re gonna have to not be fiery until December. I mean unless you’re a fire sign, then I guess you’re always fiery. But for us water signs . . . Now I’m going to take the Zulus Place Juvia . . . Nope. The Juvia’s Place Zulu Palette. And I’m gonna take the brown, and I’m gonna deepen my crease even more with that same pencil brush. Put this a little bit below what we just put down. So I personally really like Leos, because I feel like they are really just charismatic and easy to be friends with. A lot of my friends are Leos. I don’t know why. It’s just kind of how it happens. I don’t know. I feel like a lot of people are Leos. I don’t know. I feel like I just know so many. Maybe that’s just because I’m naturally drawn to them, or maybe it’s because most parents are f-ing in December. August babies are products of Christmas sex. I don’t know. I’m just saying. Also, my camera is gonna die. What the f– is new? It’s not an Annika Osterlund video if my camera isn’t on red. So that’s f-ing dope. Really excited about that. Ah ha ha . . . Okay. So now I’m gonna take a fluffy brush, a blending brush, and I’m gonna take the yellow in the Juvia’s Place palette, and I’m gonna blend all of this sh– out. I f-ing love this yellow. This might be my favorite yellow eyeshadow. I don’t know. It’s just really pigmented. I was supposed to go to the RMV today to get my learner’s permit, which I keep putting off because I just don’t want to sit at the RMV all day. I don’t know. I have an issue with putting things off. I’m the biggest procrastinator ever. It’s actually kind of a problem, and I should work on that. But . . . not today. I’m gonna take the orange, too. Mix it more with the yellow, just so I can get more of an orange-y hue in the eyes. But not too much. It’ll also help us blend that brown into the yellow. But do you see how quick it blended? Like, I feel it’s just easy. I don’t know if it’s the Juvia’s shadows or the Huda shadows, but . . . Or maybe them together. It just works, fam. Then I’m going to take more of the brown and get in there more. And also on the outer corner, bring the brown in. Now we can cut the crease. Like, it’s literally that simple. It’s a pretty simple eye look. I’m gonna do a halo eye, actually. So we’re not really cutting the crease, we’re just cutting the center. And I do my halo eyes by putting a little bit of concealer just in the center, and then looking up. Kind of difficult. It’s taken a lot of practice. But I’m still not really good at it. Bruh, this is not going well for me. Sorry this light is on. I know that makes me look really gross, but sister’s gotta see. So I’m going to see Khalid tomorrow. Very excited about that. Khalid’s definitely not a Leo. I don’t know. Let me try and guess what he is. I want to say that he’s a Pisces. And if he’s not a Pisces, then maybe, like . . . Aquarius? I don’t know. Alexa, what is Khalid’s birthday? ALEXA: Khalid’s birthday’s February 11th. He’s an Aquarius! Wait, is that Khalid? Are we talking about the same b–? I was right. He’s a f-ing Aquarius. Wow. I really thought he was gonna be a Pisces. Very close. Very close to being a Pisces. But not quite. So once we have that down, now I’m gonna take my third palette of this video. The Jawbreaker Palette, just for the shade “Lemon Drop.” You can use whatever gold you want. But I just kind of wanted a yellow gold, because I feel like it’s bold. And then I’m just gonna put that on my lid. Then you need to blend the edges, too, with the Huda Beauty shade. And then the last step for the eyes is we’re gonna take the Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Liner, And then we’re just gonna line the top of the halo. This is optional. I feel like it could look good either way. Since this is a Leo look, I wanted to have some glitter. But I hate using actual glitter, because actual glitter is literally like herpes. This sh– kind of sucks, too. But it’s better. Like, it’s not as herpes-like. Okay. So I’m gonna charge my camera while I fill in my eyebrows and put on lashes off-camera. And when we get back, we’ll work on the face makeup, and we’ll do this full Leo transformation. I’m back. We’re still looking a little whack, but these lashes are actually hella cute. These are the Jade Faux Mink Huda Beauty ones. I wore these for my eighth grade graduation, and I remember they looked so big on me. And now they look normal-sized. So I’m glad that my face has become normal sized since then. Alright. Let’s move on to face makeup. First, let me sanitize my hands with my 33.8 fluid ounce bottle of Purell. Somebody came over and they were bullying me for how much Purell I had. And you know what? I don’t appreciate that. I’m kind of offended. You know what? You can rub your germy hands on your face, but I’m not gonna do that right now. So I’m gonna use the NYX Honey Do Me Up primer. Put this on my face. Been a while since I’ve used this. What planet does Leo rule? That’s what I want to know. The sun. That’s not a planet. I feel like it works, because my eyes kind of look like suns. I’m very glad that it’s the sun. I did not know that. Also, it makes so much sense that it’s the sun, because Leo’s think that everything revolves around them. I mean . . . Where’s the lie, though? If you’re a Leo, please try and tell me that you don’t secretly think that you’re the best. Like, even if you have some self hatred — because who in the 21st century doesn’t hate themselves — you still low-key, deep down think that you’re the best. Because you’re a Leo. You can’t help it. I don’t blame you. I don’t hold you personally responsible. Maybe just acknowledge that and keep it in check. You don’t always have to be right. You’re not always the best person in the room. Usually the Pisces is. I’m just saying. [whispering] Where’s the lie, though? My Leo Jupiter is what’s telling me that my Pisces sun is the best. That’s why I keep saying Pisces are the best. Because I’m secretly a Leo. Okay. Let’s conceal. So I want to do orange blush, like, orange and yellow on my cheeks as blush. I’m very scared that it’s gonna look weird. I’m also so hungry. I haven’t really eaten today. That was a mistake. I should have eaten before I filmed this video. Ha ha ha. It’s not funny. Stop laughing at me. [burps] Another thing about Leos that kind of goes along with thinking that they’re the best all the time, all Leo’s are like, “I’m not like other Leos.” Yes, you are b–. If you’re a Leo, then you’re a Leo. Like, that’s just how it be. A lot of other signs, there are different ways that you can be, but for a Leo, I feel like there’s at most two different ways you can be. And they’re both conceited. It’s not your fault. Except it kind of is. It’s just your disposition. I feel like my mom is literally gonna come in and be like, “So you ready to go to the RMV?” I’m not going like this. I mean, like, yeah, sure. I look cute-ish right now. But once this whole look is done, it’s gonna be crazy. I’m pretty sure your permit photo is also your license photo. So I’m not trying to have this look follow me for the rest of my life. So now I’m gonna work on my cheeks so I literally stop looking like a f-ing ghost. First, I’m gonna contour like a normal person, and then I feel like I’m gonna add orange blush on top of that. Wish me luck. Are any of the signs’ planets Earth? What’s a thot to do? Think I’m gonna take Zulu’s palette. And then I’m gonna take a brush. I have an actual orange blush. I might want to try that first. It’s a NYX blush. This color. I might want to do that one first, because it’s actually the formula that I’m supposed to use on my face. Cute? Alright. [car accelerates in the background] If you heard that, I don’t know if you heard that, you probably did. But that’s my dad’s car that he had modified literally just to be louder. That’s Virgo energy right there. My dad’s a Virgo. Okay. And now I need to get a little bit of the yellow, because this is looking a little orange for me. So just a “skoch.” This is the one time that it’s okay to be orange. Okay? And Trump’s not a Leo, so he . . . I don’t know where he gets off doing that. I don’t think. No, he’s not. Obama’s a Leo, though. That’s my dad right there. That’s the number one Leo in my eyes. When’s Donald Trump’s birthday? SIRI: Donald Trump was born the 14th of June 1946, and is 73 years old. He’s 73? Whoa. And 238 pounds. Why is that on Google? Gonna be a little . . just a tiny bit of orange on the sides of my nose. Just cuz it looks kind of whack without it. I’m really hot. I wish I could turn my a/c on. Like, around the nose? I don’t know. I gotta do the lower lash line. I look crazy. So, I’m gonna take the first shade from the Huda Beauty palette. I’m gonna put that on my lower lash line first. We’re gonna do the same order as we did for the top. So the medium brown, the dark brown, yellow, and then orange. And make sure to connect it up always. Then the dark brown. And we’re gonna do that a little bit closer to the waterline. Wait. Is Trump a Gemini or a Cancer? Trump’s a Gemini, not a Cancer. That makes more sense. Because he’s a f-ing two-faced b–. What? I didn’t say anything. Okay. So I’m gonna take the yellow, blend those b–es out. Ah ha ha. So now I’m gonna put on lower lash mascara, and then we’ll do highlight, and hopefully . . . stop looking bad. I think I’m gonna use the Amrezy highlighter, because sh– pops, and I feel like it’s kind of dark. So maybe it’ll help blend in that shadow or blush or whatever. I really want to pop, because I feel like if any sign is gonna glow — besides Pisces — it’s gonna be Leo. Sorry. I love Pisces. You’re the best. They’re just so . . . They’re intuitive. They’re caring. Only Annika Osterlund would make a video about Leos about Pisces. You come to the right place. Rudolph could f–ing never. So now, we’re gonna draw the f-ing Leo sign. But I have to do it backwards. I’ll do it in brown. So, the circle is gonna be here . . . Bruh, I f-ing did it. That actually looks hella good. Wow. Alright. Alright, b–. What the f– is up, gamers? Nice. Simple. Classy. Not like Leos at all. Let’s see. What adjectives describe this look that describe Leos? Warm. Sparkly. Draining. It’s really making it seem like I don’t like Leos, but I put all this time into making a video — making a look for you guys. Not even making a video. I filmed three videos for y’all. This is the only one that you’ll get to see. Ever. This is my final Leo look. I hope that I did y’all Leos justice. Happy with it or not, it’s done. I can say I did it, and I’m proud of myself for doing it, even though it was really hard, and I cried a lot. Happy Leo season, everybody. Catch y’all next time with Virgo. Sorry this video was lame. It’s just like, when I have to film videos multiple times, it is like f-ing hell. It’s, like, all downhill from the first video. Even if the first video isn’t perfect, that’s the best it’s gonna get. So it’s like all of my content for this video has gone through a strainer three times. So I’m sorry if I seemed a little watered down. But I actually really like this look. Like, I’m really happy / pleased with how it came out. So I hope that you guys like it, too. Please comment, rate, subscribe, and keep on . . . Leo-ing.


  1. You like Obama bc you hate trump but Obama literally did nothing for the country. Trump literally has done so much. I wish he wasn’t racist but he’s a pretty decent leader. Idk But I like this look. It’s really cute

  2. "sorry if this video was lame" IT WAS FUCKING AMAZING, like really I was so amazed by how good this look and video in general was

  3. mmm i used to watch your videos like early 2018 i think and tbh you lost a lot of ur spark 🙁 i hope you feel better soon

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  6. annika: pIsCeS aRe tHe bEsT sIgN wE aLl kNoW iT
    google: Pisces is one of the dumbest signs. We all know they're way too sensitive and have no sense of logic.


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