LE ROUGE COLLECTION N°1: CHANEL Fall Makeup tutorial

hi my name is Fiona and today I’d like to show you how to create a new look from Chanel’s fall collection this look is amazing and I love it so much so let’s get started first I start by applying jewel contrast rose petal on my cheeks this enhance since the radiance of my skin and if you’d like you can mix it with a drop of leblanc and this gives you a cream blush or satin finish with cat ohm condor a experience I use the lightest shade and starting from the outer corner I blend in words all over the eyelid then I use the darkest shade with a blending brush on the outer corner of my eye this deepens the crease it helps if you look straight into the mirror next I blend the mid brown on top of the previous shade just so soft in any hard lines for a touch of romance dab a bit of the reddish brown on the outer corner of the eye and then blend it out it’s looking good also don’t worry if any eye shadow falls you can fix it with a q-tip and a drop of Eclair Lumiere just like that now I draw a thin line along the upper lashes with steelo you waterproof arrows nice to finish up my eye look I use DiMaggio the Chanel subversive from the roots to the tips of my lashes remember to apply a few more coats on the outer corner this creates a doe-eyed effect to complete this wonderful fall look I dress up my lips with Rouge eluate don’t – yawn using a lip brush if you want to get perfect symmetry always start from the center then from the outside to the inside here you go nice right I applied live an English quiz song for my cuticles Edra beauty balm thanks for watching I’ll be back with more looks from chanel bye

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