44 thoughts on “LE ROUGE COLLECTION N°1: CHANEL Fall Makeup Collection look

  1. pls mention the all products in description box no doubt makeup is stunning but we are not satisfied with incomplete video

  2. Makeup industry job is done well when they hire those Japanese skin looking woman to promote their Ads or with woman who had clear skin …job well done perhaps …

  3. are you going to show le teint ultra tenue fluid make up? i find it kind of fast-dry, any tips? I like your tutorials, simple and clear

  4. Wonderful presentations. Natural beauty can shine through all skin types, and ages love how the beauty within glows.

  5. Muy bonitos y muy buenos , los cosmeticos channel son muy buenos , y antialergicos los recomiendo mucho !!!!😍😘los amo….❤❤❤❤❤

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