1. Stunning. I don’t think I could wear this – but I did pick up the new Clair Obscur quad Maybe I could get away with this Quiet Revolution with a slightly lighter hand? 🤔

  2. Jack looks like a throwback to the 60's when girls were really pretty. She makes the eyeshadow application look so easy.

  3. Lovely hair cut.. couldn't recognise you girl ! But I have to say you always come up with the same look even out of ten million eye shadows given to u.

  4. Oh Jac, you really make ordinary things alive and beyond words. I wouldn't buy anything from Chanel again if it weren't for you.

  5. Сразу видно это ее первый макияж в жизни. Такие смешные очки себе нарисовала.

  6. She has Brad Pitt's jawline. The haircut makes her jawline and cheeks too strong, like a man's. A softer hair style would be more feminine.

  7. too much of everything on such a pretty face….. is it supposed to revive the 30's? I am no expert but delicate features such as this lady's here, should be dealt with more refined approach to enhance and not mask…. Someone should start a customised approach to makeup taking special details into consideration. For example I think this whole makeup as it is would look AMAZING on a face of a more exotic spicy complexion such as zoe saldana etc…

  8. Chanel insists to sell the same color over and over. Because I’m Chanel and beauty collector, I feel Useless to buy something similar to what I have except the shape or a print for example is different. Moreover, they are racist in regards to foundation shades. They have limited colors, only 5? The service in Chanel online is good, but in different stores, and I don’t mean Chanel boutiques, isn’t that attractive like before, I mean I can’t get the luxury of having Chanel although I spend a lot! Not even classy in dealing with customers. However, the texture of Chanel Makeup and Skincare is the best.

  9. Great for a single, successful, and skinny girl, not a great look for a married, chubbarb mom dropping off and picking up a toddler at preschooler like me😂

  10. Je suis toute contente d'avoir trouvé les beiges CHANEL. Its touche me too. Touche de teint belle mine. C'est mon produit winter 2018. 👍

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