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– You’re good. – Rose Bitch is my shade? – It is, I mean you
should change your name to Jenna Rose Bitch. – I totally should, Jenna
Rosenstein that’s it, I’m Jenna Rose Bitch from now on. (laughing)
– I love it. – I’m Jenna Rosenstein
(pop music) and welcome back to another
episode of Beauty Stash, the show that takes you inside the homes of our favorite celebrity
hairstylists, makeup artists, and influencers. Today’s episode is going to be great if you’re a Little Monster because we’re going inside
the home of Sarah Tanno, she’s Lady Gaga’s go-to makeup artist and she also just helped
launch Haus Laboratories, Lady Gaga’s new makeup line, I’m so excited to see how she stores all her favorite beauty products. Let’s go! (knocking) Hi!
– Oh my god, Jenna! (laughing)
– Hi! – Thank you so much for coming! – Of course, thanks for having us. – Of course, come on in. – Can’t wait to see your beauty stash! – So I thought before we
get into like the makeup, this is kind of where
it all starts for me, before I make my mood boards I like to actually hold and
turn the pages of a book, it’s something sensory for me
that I just really appreciate. – So you get all your inspiration from books?
– I do, but this is one that
like actually is a lot, as you can see, I mark
them up quite a bit. And sometimes I’ll bring
them on set with me, I just love the way it feels,
it’s kinda old school but, this is kinda fun, this is
one of the images I used to help like get inspired
for the Met Gala this year. – The eyelashes, yeah! – So as soon as I knew
that the theme was Camp, I knew exactly to go to this book. So, I’ll show you this too. – Yeah, do you take, oh you have them? The actual eyelashes? – Oh yeah. – Oh my god, I’m so excited. – Since we’re talking about inspiration, here is my massive mood board. – This is amazing! – It helps to really get my brain working on setting the tone for like any job or even with Haus Laboratories, before I like create a collection sometimes I’ll make a board to kind of like get me in the mood for like the color or like the vibe of it. I used to like have them just
like stuck up on the wall and I worked with Linda Koopersmith from Beverly Hills Organizer and she said it basically look
like a kindergartner did it, so she made me this beautiful
frame to go around it so, it really looks like a piece of art and keeps me inspired and she
designed this space for me, so it stays very organized and clean and that helps me like
really prepare for new jobs. You know, it takes a team so I’m really lucky I have
like a team of assistants who help me to really organize, so like all my containers
are from the container store and they’re like perfectly organized. – It’s so organized, it’s like
a Sephora in here, really. (laughing)
– It’s my dream come true. All my vanities are from
Impressions Vanities, they have the best lights too, if you ever need like vanity mirrors. One thing I was telling you about, how I prepare for jobs, when
I work with like a client and I know what they like,
I will have a makeup bag like for Priyanka’s, so now I know exactly like her favorite like
skin products and things so I don’t have to figure
it out every time– – Right, you can just grab and go. – Exactly, so I have a bag for everybody and I promised to show you– (gasps)
– The eyelashes! – The Met Gala lashes. – Oh my gosh, are these the real lashes? – Well the real ones are
in Vegas in a museum, but this was a pair I
worked with Nicki Andrea on creating for the Met
Gala, so if you see, I created this base first
because the lashes are so heavy. So if you see how long those are. – Yeah, did you have to
make that custom too? – Yeah, I just layered a
couple different lashes to create those which are really beautiful and it just wasn’t enough
so I went here afterwards, so this is like what it would,
this was the bottom piece. – That is so cool! – I wanted to keep them forever. – Yeah, and I see here you
have an Emmy award, your Emmy! This is so cool! – Thank you. You know it’s cool cause with Gaga, I get to work in like
different medias of makeup, which I think a lot of people
don’t get to experience because I get to do, you know, TV and film and you know, stage makeup, red carpet makeup, I mean
everything you can think of so I’ve learned so much
throughout all this and this is just like such a blessing. – And what’s this photo, right here? – My dad was an artist too, he was a jeweler so
this is a picture of him at his workbench because my
workbench is right here– – That’s really sweet!
– So I always wanted to keep that in here. – That’s sweet. – Yes, thank you. And here, I keep all the products that I’m testing for Haus Laboratories. So right here–
– Give me a sneak peak, maybe? – Off camera! – Off camera, okay, you guys
can’t see, you guys can’t see. – But this is where I
would keep the lab standard so that’s after it comes back to me to make sure it’s perfect. – This is the labs of Haus labs. – Oh yes, we do a lot of product
development meetings here and go through color, this
would be product testing, so these are all the products that I’m in the middle of testing. And then, this one is final approvals, so anything that I’m about to close and just final sign to go–
– Good to go, yeah. – That’s where it goes so, (whispering) I’ll show you later. – Okay, I can’t wait to see! So this is my vanity where I
do a lot of like my practicing and creating before a big, maybe
in like a red carpet event, like I’ll actually do my makeup here, what I’m gonna do on Gaga and practice it and send her photos. And that really like, helped
us when creating these products for Haus Laboratories, and here- – Let’s see some of the products. I mean I’ve seen them a couple days ago, but they just launched– – They did just launch, well it’s so quick I might as well just show you them on. – Okay, sure. – This is Glam Attack, this
is a liquid shimmer powder. Super easy to use, don’t need
a makeup brush to use it, just make sure you shake it. And it’s easy to take
your look day to night, you just use the applicator. And it literally just goes on like that, you could throw it on the lips, isn’t it beautiful?
– Yeah. – And you could like just
blend it with your finger, you don’t have to be like a
perfect artist to do this. And then this is our Le Riot lip gloss, just a touch-up here. – God that’s so pretty. So I have some questions for
you from some fans on YouTube. – Oh yeah, let’s go for it. – Rihanna wants to know, which item is the most
essential from the makeup line? – Well, for me– – The eyeliner. – The eyeliner in Punk.
– Eye-lie-ner – Yes.
– I love that name. – It’s matter than matte,
felt-tip, black pen, it goes on beautifully and
even if you’re not an expert at liquid liner, it makes it so easy. – And you just did that in five seconds. – I love it, it’s the best. – And then we have to
talk about the stickers. – Oh the stickers. – Cause I think that’s I think my favorite like new launch of the year. – Thank you! This is something that Gaga was like she loved the sticker makeup that I’ve always created for her, like during the Jazz tour and I had to do things really fast and I was never happy with
the way like it would look because it wasn’t symmetrical
and it would drive me crazy, so I had to figure it out and I called Phyllis Cohen from Face Lace and that’s where like our
relationship with Phyllis started, so she really wanted to bring
something to the consumer and every woman I feel like has problems with getting great winged liner so– – It’s like an excuse everyone uses, like I’m sorry I’m late I
was doing my winged eyeliner, now you don’t have that
excuse anymore, thanks! – And all of a sudden it’s like
covered in your entire eye– – Yeah, now we can’t use
it anymore. (laughing) – So just grab your
tweezers and peel it off, you could use your
fingers too if you want. And sometimes I like to
do it with no eyeliner on, but if I’m wearing this during the day and I wanna amp it up tonight, you just look directly into
the mirror, line it up. – Wow, oh my god. – That’s it. – It looks, I mean,
even in person up close, it looks so convincing. – Yeah and we really worked hard to make the formula blend perfectly, so I don’t really need to blend it, but if you did, you would just go over it and like get any spots that you
need to or fill in your line if you wanna do that first.
– That’s unbelievable. So I have one more question for you, and Glenny from the
Philippines wants to know, throughout the years, what is the most memorable makeup look that you’ve done for Gaga? – Oh my god there’s been so many. – So many. (gasps)
– I have something to show you that will answer that question. – Okay, let’s go see.
– Okay, okay, let me show you. So one of my favorite looks,
I think you might remember, was the Superbowl mask. – The Superbowl, so iconic. – So iconic, so this is
one of the custom pieces that Phyllis did for us for the Superbowl, so it went through a bunch of
different stages and shapes and colors and working
with different adhesives to make sure that it was like perfect and it would stay on while she
was flying down, but also– – Cause she flew from like
the top of the stadium down, and then she took them off and then there’s makeup underneath, like how did you do that? – I was like crying on the field. I didn’t know what was gonna happen. I love crystals though, it’s something that’s like evident in new makeup.
– Oh my gosh, I’m like such a magpie, I’m like look at those shiny things! – And they’re beautiful. So this is just a small
portion of the crystals that I would travel with in
my kit, I have so much more, I collect like really
weird things like chains and spikes and studs and things that I work into my makeup.
– Where do you find them? – Like art supply stores, even like Michaels sometimes,
I go downtown LA or New York. – I love it! – And then something else fun, just to show some of the history
that I’ve had with Phyllis. As I was telling you before
with like the Jazz tour, she would make some custom pieces so I could do quick change
makeup, so this is some of them. – So we’re talking quick change, like how long did you have to
change her makeup backstage? – Like seconds, like
she would be back there for maybe a minute, a
minute and a half tops, changing, getting a wig change,
getting touched up by me, drinking, maybe breathing
if she has time (laughing) so, she used to want to
quick change her makeup but I couldn’t do it,
cause like getting in there with the liquid liner, I’m
like I’m gonna poke her in the eye, this is not
gonna look attractive, it would look all wonky, so
like, this is kind of where, here’s some ones that I
used to use all the time. Something like that, and see
I would always cut the pieces, and that’s what I want
people to do with ours too, is just to like custom
cut them for their face and get really creative and– – Cause you did create a mask,
– express themselves. – For Haus Labs–
– We did, we did a custom one with Phyllis. And it’s in four pieces so
you can wear just the top or the bottom or make it a full mask and it fits every eye
shape and face shape. What else is in here? Oh these are fun, the sticker eyebrows that Jackson Maine peeled off Ally- – In A Star Is Born. (gasps) Those are them! – Yep, these are them.
– Oh my gosh, movie history. That is so fun. I mean you’ve worked on so
many now, TV shows, and movies like, how do you keep track
of it when you’re on set? – Oh my god, it’s something
I had to learn the hard way and it’s actually right here,
it’s a makeup continuity book. – Continuity book. – So this is the holy grail of
how you keep track of things and in Horror Story, we created
68 original makeup looks. – Which is why you won an Emmy. (laughs)
– It was a lot of work. Where is a good one? – Okay, so you have, you
took these photos yourself? – Yeah, so basically, before
they, she leaves to go to set, I would take a picture from
every angle of the makeup, the you know, both sides and straight on, so here I would write the
episode, the scene number, and like what night or day it is because the makeup would have, you know, different progressions, and then I would write down
every single product I used and where it went because with TV and film you usually don’t shoot in order, so it’s really fun, you have
to like remember a month later what you’re doing so if I
didn’t have this amazing book, I would never know what I was doing. And they originally wanted only one look for the whole show so– – Whose idea was it to go for 68, was it? – Well, I wasn’t counting, but I did want to do different
makeup for everything but some days it was challenging, it was like four looks a day I had to do and going back and forth, but we really decided we
wanted her makeup to progress with every love interest, so that’s why she would have
different vibes of makeup, I don’t know what I got myself into. – How did you learn how to
stay organized like this? – This was the first TV
show that I ever filmed so Erin Krueger Mekesh and Mike Mekesh, they had like all Brian Murphy shows, they really like took time with me and helped me to learn the
best way of keeping track of all this and how vital it is and also, how to cover tattoos, that was something I
never had to do before, Gaga has a ton of tattoos, so everyday it was like a process of not just getting the Countess ready, but also for her to be in character, she wanted all her tattoos covered, and she really likes that when she acts, so for Ally, same thing,
tattoos were completely covered and that’s not my favorite
part about makeup. – Well cause for A Star Is Born, there was all this like impressive like oh she wasn’t wearing a lot of makeup, but she was wearing body makeup. – A ton of makeup on her body. Just none on her face.
– Just none on her face! – None on her face. – So this is where you
keep all your makeup for jobs and TV shows and movies but where’s your personal stash of makeup? – I’ll show you my sanctuary. – Okay. (instrumental chill music) So this is your bathroom? – Yes, this is kind of like my sanctuary. Like after a long day of work, I like, I need something to really
like turn my brain off. So, I take an Epsom salt
bath, pour a glass of wine, and I watch old episodes of like Friday Night Lights or something. – Okay, first of all,
this is called the Sipski, that’s hilarious. I love it. – Keeps my wine safe, it’s important. – Gotta stay safe when
you’re sipping wine. – Gotta stay safe. – Do you have a favorite bath product or something you use?
– I do. I actually really love Lord Jones, they have bath salts that I really love, as you see I have a whole
plethora of things to relax. This is my favorite though,
this is a Hypervolt. – Oh my gosh, a Hypervolt! – I bring this on set with me all the time because I have like the
worst back problems, that’s the non glamorous part of being a makeup artist is– – Is it from like hunching over and like doing makeup or?
– Yeah, I’m literally in so many
interesting positions trying to like reach my
clients faces, literally. – That looks so nice! – Do you wanna try it? – Yeah. – It’s life-changing. – Oh my god, I need one of these. – I know, it’s my favorite thing. – That’s amazing. – Everyone always loves it. – All her dancers,
everyone has a Hypervolt. – That’s a great holiday gift, just like gift it to everyone. (laughs) – I have some hair
products in here, the ones, the major ones that I use are right here, Linda Koopersmith, she kinda designed this so it was very zen in here for me, cause I go through a
lot of product testing, this is kind of where I do it so now it just feels so much
more clean and organized. – And that skincare over here. – Skincare, I’m super into, this is like where I
test a lot of products so I have a lot of different masks, I’m really into masks and skincare and just knowing everything
I possibly can about it. – Do you test stuff that you can then use on your clients too? – Yes, if it’s skincare I like to test it for at least like a week to two weeks before I put it in my kit, the
foundation, again same thing, I go at least a week
just to see how it wears throughout the day. So I know what I’m in for. But skincare is something I really love and I’m super passionate about, Marc Jacobs Youthquake is a new one, this is great for like– – The first ever skin product. – The first ever skin product, it’s taken him like years to make this but the reason I love it, it
has pineapple enzymes in it, so you’re not hydrating dead skin cells, it actually exfoliates and
moisturizes at the same time. – And it wears nice under makeup, right? – It wears amazing under makeup. Dr. Sturm, Dr. Barbara
Sturm, I’m a huge fan. – Everyone we film with is
obsessed with her products, I mean I am too– – I mean I’m not surprised.
– They’re so good! – She’s wonderful and such a genius so
like I use all her masks, I use the blood cream at night, I use her hyaluronic acid, the glow drops, Lanalips is an ointment
that I like for all over if I’m super dry but for lips. And then another serum
I love is a C E Ferulic, it’s like incredible
to prep your skin with cause you have like a beautiful
glowy skin, it looks– – It’s like a super high dose of vitamin C but it smells a little funny
but you have to get past it and then once you do–
– Yeah you have to get past it but it works beautiful with makeup–
– But then your skin looks amazing
– I’m always like damn, that– – I did a good job today, yeah! (laughing) – So I love it, so that’s
kind of like the way that I kinda take care of myself is I like to take some
time for myself everyday, whether I’m ending it,
ending my day with my bath and my stupid shows or
if it’s getting ready cause like with my own skincare or with my own makeup
routine, I’m pretty simple so I could show you what I use, it’s pretty basic.
– Yeah, and what about makeup remover? – Makeup remover, I like
to kick it old school, I like the Lancome Bi-Facils. – It’s so good! – Yeah.
– Like why need– – Like argan oil is actually,
Gaga taught me that for eye, like if you have heavy eye
makeup or waterproof products that just straight up argan
oil is like really great to just remove everything– – Melts it all off. – Yeah, melts it off.
– Genius. Thanks Gaga. (laughing) – I learn so much from her. So this is kind of where
like I like to get ready, I don’t spend a lot of time on my makeup, I really do it with the skincare, so I kind of just have like a
couple things in this drawer. If I’m in a hurry, I love my liquid liner, have to have my Velvet Noir
mascara, it’s my ride or die, I have to have so many of them because every client wants to steal them. – Oh my god, I’m sure. – Yeah, so can’t live without this. Anastasia brow pencil, my ride or die, as you see it’s like
broken, I’ve abused it. I love the Accomplice
concealer from Marc– – They’re new right, newish?
– Yeah, yeah, yeah. Have you tried these? – Yeah, it’s so good. – It’s amazing formula. So it comes in like a touch-up stick so it’s really easy to
touch up throughout the day, it’s also really creamy so you
can apply it under the eyes and it doesn’t really crease, but most times I don’t wear
foundation if I have this– – Cause to me, this is almost like– – So you could build it up– – Yeah, it’s almost like foundation, like you could sort of sheer that out and wear it all over your face. – It’s kinda like yeah, like the old school
foundation sticks, I love it. And I do love the La Mer’s
powders for touch up, so sometimes I’ll take
one of those in my bag. And then for lips, I’m pretty simple, I’ll just use one of the Haus Labs colors, I mean since we developed them, one of my favorites is Myth, it’s kind of, that’s what I’m wearing now. It’s what I wear all the
time, throw on some gloss and I’m pretty simple, but
I do love the Skyn Iceland when I’m getting ready, so if I’m like doing my eye
makeup, I might stick the gels, the cool gels–
– Underneath your eyes? – Yeah, and I love that.
– Genius. – And that’s about it, I’m
pretty simple as far as myself, I mean I guess I don’t
look that simple today but we did do a quick change makeup so– – We did, and it only took
you like 10 seconds so– – Isn’t it amazing–
– That’s the genius of Haus Labs.
– It’s like changing. – I can’t wait to get Rose Bitch on you. – Oh yes! – Let’s do that. – I’m going to be a Rose
Bitch, okay let’s go– – Should we go do it now? – Yeah. (laughing) – On your way out, glam change. – I love it. We can be matching. It feels so nice. – Does that look good? (gasps) I can see it already. – Do you love it? It makes your eyes look so like neon. Doesn’t that feel cool, the liquid? – It feels amazing, it’s
like cooling on my eyelid. – And then just blend
it out with your finger. – That took literally like 15 seconds. – We’re good. – Rose Bitch is my shade? – It is, I mean you
should change your name to Jenna Rose Bitch. – I totally should, Jenna
Rosenstein that’s it, I’m Jenna Rose Bitch from now on. (laughing)
– I love it. Well thank you so much.
– Thank you Sarah. – So awesome to meet you.
– Thanks! – I appreciate you. – Bye guys. (upbeat music)

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