Lady Gaga Bad Romance Look

every one I’m gonna show you how to give this crazy GUI Lady Gaga eyes in Hermes if you stayed too near the end of the video you’ll see how I computer-generated the googly eyes you see here for the dress I used a clear table cloth I cut out a pattern and turn it into a transparent dress Lady Gaga wore in the bathtub scene we’re going to do something a bit different where the false lashes first so get a bunch of the lashes ready and apply a thin strip of glue apply the lashes closest to the lash line Pat it and secure it in place the reason why we’re applying the lashes on first is because it’s easier to build the shape and the silhouette of your eyes before creating and exaggerating the whites near the lower lash line so now I think I’m wearing around four lashes that’s a lot but it helps create the exact look that I want now using a liquid eyeliner line right above the fake lashes to redefine the line it’s time to redefine the brows if you’re going to wear a wig especially if this is for a Halloween costume be sure your brows are lightly defined you want your eyes to stand out not the brows I always recommend coating clear brow gel over the brows so the hair stay in place it looks much neater see time to use purple eyeshadow similar to her look in the video apply the eyeshadow along the hollows of the eyes follow through and use a windshield wiper motion the purple will actually help by creating shadows giving your eyes more depth taking my white shimmering eyeshadow apply and center the lids this will make your eyes pop also don’t forget the brow bone highlight all the high points on your eyes time to break out the eyeliner and of course line the waterline this will open your eyes and help with the exaggeration we’re going to do I completely forgot to do this because my eyes are usually right when I wake up in this case I need to use wrote a V to reduce the red eyes and always use ro to be 15 minutes before way in your contacts I also don’t recommend using this often because it’s not really made for constant uses so you can see how red it looks two minutes later see how white my eyes are now pretty amazing moving on to exaggerating your eyes using a white cream based eyeliner exaggerate your Heights by extending it this will give an illusion of larger looking eyes also see how applying the lashes on prior helps provide a guideline on where to start and end the white line take your time on this part it should be thinner towards the tear ducts now apply purple eyeshadow below the white line you created this will create a shadow that will give it that three-dimensional look helping it look more realistic this is the hardest part for me applying lower lashes because I always find that it’s so hard to get them to fit so definitely take your time in this part applying the fake lower lashes will make the exaggerated eyes look more realistic time to wear a matte peachy blush similar to how Lady Gaga warned in the video using a flat blush brush really get in there and literally scrub on the blush you want your cheeks to look very peachy finish off at nude pink lips this is Maybelline’s lipstick this part is optional of course wearing the blonde wig get your hair ready always wear hair stocking to keep it in place here’s the wig I had to boil it to make it look more curly style accordingly okay I know we’re still missing something that’s right circle lens to complete the look circle lens will make your eyes appear larger you can get them in cute little packages like this comes with contact lens tweezer to pick up the contacts and carefully not tucking on your eyes where the contacts see how big they look now now you’re finished so how did Lady gaga really get those gigantic eyes computer-generated of course but we all know it’s no secret just dot your face for tracking make sure it’s even and enlarge the eyes by using programs like after effects or nuke I know it’s super creepy but you have to admit it looks pretty awesome lady gaga is definitely innovative I love this look have fun with it you’re probably wondering what do I do afterwards I just remove everything in sleep good luck

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