words and video Amiri doing makeup a
great year this look is inspired by this picture of Kylie Jenner that was posted
on her makeup artist Instagram page should oppose all of the information of
the look down below on that picture but I don’t have all those products so I
decided to improvise in kind of makes a bunch of stuff together and create this
look so you don’t have to do is original products are used in this video because
I was just having fun and trying to get as close to that look at possible
everything comes up if you do and subscribe so my eyes are already primed and a min
ago in with my favorite color ever this is peach smoothies for makeup geek and
an even 40 brush from Sigma I’m just going about this into the crease this is
how I start every single video because it’s the closest to my coloring on my
face oh I was watching TV and something crazy
happened this is the closest to my skin tone so it helps to planned out all the
other colors without being too apparent that there then I’m taking cupcake this
is also for make a peek in on that same me forty brush gonna put this into the
crease in its just going cue rosy it up a little bit gonna add a little bit of
pink and almost like blush to the eyes I really loved this color next time adding
purely make it also from makeup geek and this is like a light brown color but it
has a little bit of a sheen to it this is just gonna warm up the crease area
usually we don’t put sheen kind of colors in the crease but I don’t care
how I’m adding simply marlena to the crease just a touch of it because we
don’t want to go overboard now I’m taking yoga at this is a jumbo stick
from nicks and I’m gonna put this all over the lid area and then I’m going to
blend it out with my finger this isn’t necessary but I haven’t used this in a
while so I really just felt like using it but it’s gonna be a great base for
this color which is whimsical this is a foiled shadow for makeup geek and I’m
applying it with the 242 brush from Mac this is my favorite brush to apply any
kind of foiled by shadow because it doesn’t give you any fallout goes on
super super pic now I used this eyeshadow this is pink
champagne from Anastasio Beverly Hills they’re very similar colors I was trying
to get as close to the picture as possible so you don’t have to use both
colors you can use either one that you want and then I’m just busting out that
line with an E 35 brush from Sigma with nothing on it now I’m going to play
mascara this is one of the new mascara is from sickness this is my first time
trying it out and so far so good moving on to the faith and going to
prime with the Smashbox primary water I’ve really been loving the stuff once I
figured out how to use it and you can also use this as a makeup setting spray
as well so that’s very nice for my foundation I’m using be too Faced Born
This Way Foundation I’m in the color nude and applying it with this kabuki
foundation brush from makeup geek this is practically the same thing as an FTE
from Sigma form I can see where I’m using the light warm shade in the Urban
Decay Naked skin weightless Chris this concealer and I’m gonna blend it out
what this dome shaped kabuki brush from Sigma then I’m going to contour the crap
outta my face I have a full in depth highlighting and contouring video I’ll
post it down below but I’m using this Bobby Brown cream contradict or
foundation stick and then blending it out with this brush from crown brushes
my favorite favorite way to cream contour and I always planned out my nose
contour with my fingers because for me it’s just the easiest again something
crazy happen TV so now I’m gonna go back again with my computer and I’m going to
sculpt out that contour area because we all know that the Kardashians are known
for their crazy country faces so I’m just going with that trend right now and
then I’m gonna black out that line because honestly it look like I had a
straight line on my face and I’m not a fan of that look I’m going to set my
under eye area using this tapered highlighter brush from Sigma which is my
favorite brush to set the under eye area and I’m using the Mac Pro emphasize
shaping powder and then I’m gonna take this Laura Mercier translucent powder
with a damp Beauty Blender sponge and going to bake or cook this is like the
new trend to the makeup world it basically just said so high later areas and helps you to not get oily at
the same time now I’m going to browns and using the Makeup Forever programs
fusion I 22 and using those big powder brush from Sigma do this and says she’s
going to warm up my skin give me just a mean they’re just give me some more
thats all anytime pal and then I’m going to contour so I’m mixing all three
shades from the Anastacio contour kit with this either brush from NARS and I
am chiseling chiseling shoveling because again we want to comment or like crazy
because that’s what they’re known for again I will have all that info down
below if you want to know exactly how I cream and powder highlight and contour
and all that jazz then I’m gonna go back in with that high later brush and I’m
just going to you basically just blend out all of that powder that we had in
the face cooking and I’m also planning on the
lines that they’re not super harsh or anything like that for my black I’m
using the color called gleeful this is a mineralized blush from a thin it’s one
of my favorite colors this is one of those colors that I always use in my
eyes or eye shadow its beautiful then I’m using this high later from Ofra
cosmetics this isn’t the color pink sapphire she didn’t look super glittery
and this is a pretty glittery highlight but I don’t care I love this highlight I
think it’s really pretty if you have the pink mosaic thing highlighter from Laura Mercier
it’s very similar to that then I’m taking this eyeliner pencil from Sephora
forgot the name of it I will post it down below and I’m just putting it in my
waterline because she had kind of a pinky purple Eve eyeliner in there and
then on my eyeliner brush from Sigma and mixing whimsical and Shima Shima from
makeup geek to put into my inner corners then I’m taking Corey from a
thunderstorm shaped brush from Sigma and I’m just warming up the under eye area
and then layering with daydreamer this is another failed shadow from Egypt week
because it looked like she had a little bit more purple in there again these
steps are not necessary I was just taking a lot of things he steps to try
to do alright I’m adding these lashes from
mosquito these are not your violin for that matter but these are left Lirette I
really like these because they’re very with be inspected at the same time
they’re just very very flirty in my opinion I love them I’m applying mascara
to the bottom lashes and then moving on to the whipped I’m using my favorite lip
liner which is a dramatic this is a rosy kind of lip liner it’s kind of like my
lips but better for my coloring and then she had a little bit more warmth in
there and this is a very cool totally planner so I’m layering over top of it
the lovely liquid lipstick from manifest in beverly hills and says also map
because her left with also very much as well I’m going to set the whole face
using the all nighter makeup setting spray from Urban Decay letting that dry
and then I realized that I had to take my hair out and it was a hot mess
express so I curled it with a new me thirty two millimeter one and the look
is now finally complete everything for this lucky I really hope you guys enjoy
this video and learn something new if you have any questions at all that I
didn’t answer this video or in the infobox let me know down low in the
comments section and also let me know and so halloween is right around the
corner it’s less than a month away let me know all of your home request on top
of it down low in the comment section I will see you guys in actually go and I
hope you guys have an awesome day

52 thoughts on “KYLIE JENNER MAKEUP TUTORIAL | Brianna Fox

  1. I'm grossly obsessed with this look. Her makeup is just too amazing πŸ˜­πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»

  2. Ugh I love this look!!:)) Definitely looks great and beautiful on you. Ugh I really want a lot of makeup geek eyeshadow. πŸ™ lol love ya. Keep being yourself girly!!β™‘β™‘

  3. If you put your smashbox primer water in the fride its an amazing refreshing mist it says it on the bottle that you can do that if you want. I do and its amazing. I don'r use it as a setting spray becausw i like to use the Model In A Bottle setting spray. I really want to try the skindanavia idk how to spell that correctly lol. But you should try to put it in the fridge atleast once and see if you like it.

  4. I feel bad that it annoys me so much that you said Halloween is less than a month away when it is actually 4 days less than two months away lol

  5. I need to get on to WAGS! Everyone's obsessing about it! (Stalked your comments πŸ™Š) such a gorgeous look!!! I love how glowy it was β˜ΊοΈβ˜ΊοΈπŸ’—πŸ’—

  6. Is it possible for you to do a look were the shadow on the lid is a neutral (like brown or gold) and you could add like a pop of color (like blue, purple or a foiled pink) on or near the lower lash line?
    I think that would be a cool party look lol.πŸ’πŸ»πŸ˜Š

    You are the bomb dot com!!! BriannaπŸ™ŒπŸ»

  7. beautiful as always. I always look forward to watching your videos. Can you do a birthday look? My birthday is coming up and idk what to do!

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  9. Thank you so much for this makeup tutorial, I love Kylie Jenner's looks. You looked amazing just like in ALL your videos. ILYSM😍

  10. You should try Nyx Soft Matte Lipgloss in London… PERFECT lip color for this look and almost a dupe for Kylie Jenner's lips!

  11. Question!!! How do you get a great color out of eyeshadow that is say… Maybeline?? I love the eyes!! Thinking of going out and getting the Nyx stuff 😍

  12. Love this! So question! How do you get the false lashes band to not look to obvious? When I wear them I just feel like they are so obvious that I always pair with a thick band of liner.

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