1. EPIC! Sitting here, just watching this video, playing on my phone as well when suddenly I hear him say something about being obsessed with a Korean boy band named BTS and it immediately made me drop my phone and I just had to go back to confirm. Talk about an affection erection hahaha! Welcome to the Army my friend 🙂 Once you are sucked in, you are never climbing out lmao

  2. If you wanna do a double palette, what about a lunar and solar palette?
    The lunar palette obviously would have the darker, more cool tone shades. Maybe a cool tone red because of the blood moon, and then maybe an iridescent white with a pink or purple reflect for the moon. And then the solar palette would have the more warm tone and brighter shades. And maybe you could have a shade named solar flare that's a vibrant orange with a yellow reflect to it. Maybe you could make a Night and Day collection. And you could have two lipsticks named Solar Eclipse and Lunar Eclipse.

  3. Am I the only one who thinks they all look the same? Like most of the lip stuff she comes out with is just the same with the very slightest difference maybe. I want some fun colors not just red, pink, nude and berry.

  4. i shook when manny suddenly mentioned my fav kpop group, BTS 😭😘😘 one of my favorite beauty influencers stans bts 💞💞💞💞

  5. Kylie Cosmetics is so far behind in the makeup game in my opinion. Her lipsticks dry out WAY too fast, they flake off the lips. Her eyeshadows are pretty, don't get me wrong, but her pallets are NOT worth 40+. Even Kylie herself isn't that great at makeup. She always does very basic brown looks with one of her lipsticks. She isn't creative whatsoever. Colourpop is much better in my opinion. Shit, I have seen drugstore products work equally as good as hers. Never been impressed tbh. I love Kylie, but she needs to either drop the price or up the quality, cause this shit ain't worth 40 bucks.

  6. Hey Manny!! 💜 I’ve been watching your videos and you’ve gained a new subscriber! Will you do a review of her new 2018 Winter Holiday Collection please and thank you? 🍀

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