Kush Weed Mascara First Impression + Review & Demo | PART 1 🌿💚

It’s 4/20 which means a lot of different
things but right now it means that milk makeup mascara – Kush mascara just came
out and I’m going to be doing a first impression on this. Definitely stay tuned
because it’s going to be a three part series it’s going to be this video which
is my first impression my second video is going to be a follow me throughout
the day to see how long it lasts and the third video I’m going to have been
wearing it for an entire week so I’ll update you on my final feelings after a
week of use. Keep watching if you’re interested in seeing how I feel about
this mascara. If you’re new to my channel my name is Chris and I do videos about
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the hype. Let’s just go ahead and get started.
Alright first impression. So let’s start with just not curling my lashes I’m
gonna start on this eye and let’s see how I feel about it overall I like how
hefty this guy is like this packaging it’s like super metal I don’t know how
biodegradable that is so I don’t know how sustainable this packaging is but I
I do like the way it feels but let’s go let’s start off with what you actually
care about which is probably the mascara itself so without curling my lashes this
is what it looks like with the first coat so its coating really nice and it
actually does make my lashes look a lot thicker look at that
Wow! I’m very impressed! Whoops, got it on my face alright let’s try the bottom
lashes I’m so bad at applying bottom lash mascara. I get it everywhere. Okay so
so far I’m actually very impressed by this also the fact that it’s vegan it
doesn’t have beeswax in it. Just the way it…not clumps up because clumping is a
very bad word when it comes to mascara but it definitely adds that like fibrous
look to it. Wow that is impressive these lashes do look spidery so I feel like if
these spidery lashes aren’t your thing this might not be for you but my lashes
do look so much thicker like this is insane
alright I’m going to actually wait for this to dry just a little bit and then
I’m going to apply a second coat and then the third coat and then I’m going
to curl this eye and see how much better it looks while it’s curled because you
know ya girl’s got Asian lashes so I feel like there’s only so much that you
can do with this. All right let’s go in for a second coat. So thick – with five C’s.
It is starting to clump it is looking a little bit like woo! This is definitely not
like for people who want something more natural-looking – but what is happening
here?! I feel like I would probably not wear more than one application because
it starting to just look like a bunch of clumps. Third application! Wow this is crazy let’s go ahead and curl this eye. I
mean see that already helped – just that. dang guys dang! That looks so good! would
you would you just look at it like just look at that! If this can hold my Asian
lashes up for at least five hours I will call this probably one of my favorite
mascaras ever. IF – if it can hold a con about this so far is that it’s not
waterproof but I guess you can’t really have everything. All right so yeah it
obviously looks so much better than this one
but this one has three layers so let’s go in for a second layer. You definitely
have to do the curling of the lashes at least if you have zero lashes like I do.
so because it just looks so much better when you actually curl it let’s give this one more application. All
right! Look at that would you just look at it. Let’s do a water test. I filled this little
water bottle spray thing with just plain cold water and we’re just gonna hit my
eye with it. This is a look. So don’t get caught in the rain and don’t cry while
you’re wearing this mascara. I mean obviously it’s not waterproof like I
wasn’t I wasn’t expecting it to be waterproof I just wanted to see what
would look like when you got it wet. This is what it would look like. I’m gonna go
ahead and wash this off this this off now and then I’m going to reapply it and
then tell you guys my final thoughts I’ll be right back oh my gosh mind blown
I have not been this excited about a mascara in a very long time and this
definitely I feel like lives up to the hype at least for my first impression.
Definitely stay tuned for the next video where I am going to wear this the entire
entire day I’m going to be flying from the east coast to the west coast and
then obviously doing stuff throughout the day and I’ll update you on how it
holds up if it holds that curl or if it just falls down flat and if it stays
as thick throughout the day. Then after that I’m going to do a follow-up video
where I’m going to have like worn this thing for an entire week so yeah I’m so
excited about this, guys! It’s definitely worth it so far. My cons are that this
while I love this packaging and I feel like it’s really hefty I don’t think I
can recycle it and it’s just it’s not sustainable um but I don’t know I
haven’t really done research on like what it’s made out of but it’s kind of
heavy but I kind of like it like aesthetically I think it’s very pleasing
and I like the weight of it. It doesn’t feel cheap at all and that’s actually my
only con at the moment like I would like for it to be waterproof at some point
but I think that would change the formula a lot and I just I like the way
this is – I’m not gonna ask for much I’m really happy with this guys
definitely stay tuned for the next two videos like I said it’s going to be a
video about how long it’s going to stay throughout the day while I’m doing stuff –
and then I’m going to wear this the entire week that I’m in LA
and then I will update you guys on how I feel about the mascara after one week of
use. Because obviously right now I’m hyped because I’ve just tried it on and
it’s super exciting and they’re their marketing spot-on.
Milk Makeup you guys do amazing marketing and let me just say that I have not been
this hyped for a mascara for a long time and that’s saying something. So good job -I can’t wait to update you guys on the rest of these videos so stay tuned and I
will see you in the next video. Bye!

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  1. I was just gonna ask what eyelash curler you used than I saw the close up lol….I have been wanting to try that brand bc I have kinda flat eyelids and literally EVERY curler pinches my eyelids. Spraying your face ❤🤣

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